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"(Talking into other languages)"

Dreams sequences, flashbacks, memories–


The Way You Feel

Chapter 01: Beware of the dark

Kai sighed loudly as he strode down the street towards the house where the Demolition Boys currently resided, not paying attention at his surroundings since he knew the way well enough to not care about it.

He walked quietly in the shadows as not to be seen like he usually did, his footsteps not making any noise as he went by; he had no intention to attract any unwanted attention on himself, thus he tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

It was not just the simple desire not to be bothered by strangers anymore, nor his distaste for people in general… Kai had never been one to like huge gatherings. It was his need to protect his privacy and his life, and he would fight hard for that.

Having to take care of the many fan girls who obsessed over him ever since they start seeing him on TV, Kai knew well enough how things worked; assaults during any time of the day, people crying out his name in a heavenly bliss, running to get a part of his clothes (or himself).

For God's sake, it looked like they thought of him as their will–be–date, by the way they reacted upon seeing him in the streets… or maybe as their soon–to–be slave… Kai shuddered at the thought.

Giggling, pointing, staring, whispering unknown things to each other, then drawing awfully near, eyes glinting, teeth glinting like a vampire's canines, as if craving for his blood… or pieces of his clothes and body.

He didn't like fangirls. Not to mention, there were fanboys as well, and those were even more scary.

So he was even more cautious than ever as he walked down the alleys, knowing no matter what, fans could pop out from nowhere in the blink of an eye.

But right now everything was silent, and no one was around; after all it was pretty late in the evening, and normally nice people would never wander around at such ungodly hours, especially in a city like Moscow…

The only sound heard was that of a cat meowling at him from above a car before scurrying away, but other than that, the streets were barren, empty and deserted.

The way to go was still long, so Kai could let his mind wander, unknowingly relaxing at the sound of his own heartbeat; Kai thought of the latest weeks, his attention falling once again on his team–mates. Their faces when he told them he was going to the Demolition Boys' house for some time.

It was all so damn complicated, life was complicated… but there again, his life had never been simple before, he could not expect it to be now.

Right after Tyson defeated the mighty captain of the Demolition Boys, Tala, Mr. Dickinson called the police, making it raid the Abbey. With the evidence left by Boris and Voltaire in their rush to disappear, the president of the BBA managed to get the two arrested by the end of the day, nullifying their attempts to escape.

The BladeBreakers were sure that their rival team, the Russians, would be punished as well for their behaviour, or at least sent in some kind of rehabilitation house somewhere, not to be heard about anymore… but they were wrong. Instead, Mr. Dickinson decided to rent a house for them to live in, not far from the one the BladeBreakers were currently staying for their vacation (the BBA allowed them some months due to their performance in the beyblade tournament).

Of course, after the little problem involving Rei, Bryan and the whole 'World Domination' episode, the BladeBreakers were pretty uncomfortable with the fact that the four 'killers' were staying less than a few miles away from them, and that caused them to react at every little noise for a while, believing the Russian teens would suddenly pop out from nowhere to get revenge on them.

They knew for sure that the Demolition Boys, if given the opportunity, would try to hurt them all, thus couldn't relax and enjoy their vacation.

So it did not help much when Tala suddenly appeared at their front door, a dark look on his face, and asking to see Kai.

The four boys, overprotective of their captain after the whole Boris thing, stood up against the cold blader, demanding to know why he was here, accusing him of wanting to persuade Kai to return to the Russian team. Tala, of course, didn't deny the fact, after all this was exactly what he wanted to do, later on; right now this wasn't his top priority, but he was ready to prove them his own strength by fighting with them all.

Rei especially was about to start a physical fight with him, when Kai decided it was enough and stepped between the two, sending a glare of his own towards the BladeBreakers and a similar to the redheaded teen, telling him to drop the icy acting and stop being stupid.

The four were somewhat astonished when Tala just shrugged his shoulders and let himself in the apartment, falling on the nearest seat as Kai sat down in front of him, starting a polite conversation in Russian, as if it was the most normal situation in the world. As if they were friends and not enemies.

What Kai forgot to tell his current team, was that he and the D-Boys were actually friends, or had been years before. He and the Demolition boys shared a deep bond, one that was only broken when Kai lost his memory after trying to wield Black Dranzer's power.

But the moment he regained it completely, remembering the familiarity with the Demolition Boys and their past together, the bond returned just as strong as it was before.

For Tyson, Kenny, Max and especially for Rei (who thought proudly of his own close friendship with the slate haired teen), finding out that your team captain and friend, was actually an acquaintance of the opposing team, who were once planning to take over the world, lead to an unpleasant confrontation with Kai.

Even if he had stated a hundred times that he wasn't going to return to the Russian team, the BladeBreakers were still suspicious of the Demolition Boys and would never forgive them for what they had done. So every time Kai tried to go to the Russians' house, the Japanese teens would always pout and scowl, and speak lowly about the Demolition Boys.

Not that the Russian team was any better; they despised the BladeBreakers just as much as the BladeBreakers despised them.

That had not been an easy month for Kai, not at all. The whole event of the tournament started in June and ended early in July (even if it was winter time in Moscow), so they had the entire month of August to enjoy the city before returning to Japan, to their normal lives.

It was not a secret that the BladeBreakers were waiting for that moment, to put distance between themselves and the Demolition Boys.

Kai, on the other hand, had just 'forgotten' to mention to the BladeBreakers that he was up to take the Russian teens to stay with him after the vacation ended, to finally be free from Voltaire and Boris' clutches, forever. His mates were already angry at the Demolition Boys for the tournament, he didn't need another thing to add at his break-your-sanity list.

This was already hard as it is.

The BladeBreakers were his friends. He was finally able to call them that, after many troubles and untrusting thoughts. They had trusted him when no one else had; they relied on him, and he relied on them. They helped him discover his true self, they were his first friends after the Abbey. But there were things none of them could understand; the training at the Abbey, the punishments. These were the things only someone who had endured them could understand.

Tala, Ian, Bryan and Spencer endured the same treatments. Their friendship was as strong as steel, they were brothers in all but blood, they shared life experiences and pain together.

He just wished the BladeBreakers could accept them. They knew what they had done was wrong, but they were under Boris' control ad it was either slavery, or death. Besides, they had already forgiven Kai for his own betrayal… why couldn't they do the same for Tala and the others?

Breathing in the cold air of the night, he shuddered slightly as a sudden surge of cold winds washed over him. He wanted some peace, and he could only find it by standing alone on a desolate street in the middle of the night.

When he was with the Russian Team, they were always complaining about how much time he was spending with the BladeBreakers, and when he was with the BladeBreakers they were always whining about how much time he was spending with the Russian Team.

It was like a never-ending circle. He needed some time to relax and get some peace of mind.

He had thought that Rei, of all people, could understand. He was always the calm one, the one who always brought peace to every fight. He developed a strong friendship with the slate haired teen, but every time the Demolition Boys were mentioned, he was the first to scowl.

Kai had thought that Tala would understand. He was his best friend and had been through much with him; but he too was the one to disagree first when it came to the BladeBreakers issue.

Kai looked down at the glowing Red Phoenix bit in his blade, and grimaced.

'What can I do?' he mused. 'I can't go on like this all month, let alone all my life.'

The chip glowed back in response and Kai wished he could talk to the Phoenix, like Kenny could do with his own Beast. Though if Dranzer showed up being a talker like Dizzi was, Kai would happily trash her in the nearest river.

The BeyBlade became hot suddenly, scorching Kai's fingers slightly and he frowned.

'I was just kidding' he sighed. 'You know I will never leave you again'.

His thoughts moved from his current problem to the second one on his personal list, as he pulled out the second bit-chip in his possession. This one completely black and seemed to emit and aura of unlimited darkness.

He felt Dranzer's bit pulsating beneath his fingers, as his eyes trailed over the shape of the Black Phoenix. This was the other thing he conveniently 'forgot' to mention to the BladeBreakers.

The Black Phoenix was still in his possession.

It was taking time, but with the help of Dranzer, Kai was starting to manage to dissipate the darkness around her heart, making her as pure a creature as she once had been, before Boris landed his eyes on her.

Her colour was black because she was the dark side of the Fire element, like she was meant to be. Phoenixes had always been part light and part darkness, symbolizing the Tao –the Ying & Yang– of life. A creature that could see both the good and the evil side of things. But darkness doesn't always mean evil. Both light and dark need to co-exist in order to keep balance of nature.

She, like Dranzer, was a part of the total, Hikari and Yami, Life and Death.

What Boris did to her was cruel, he ruined the part of her whole being by corrupting her with evil, and all she wanted was to return to her usual life and she tried to do that by stealing other's BitBeasts. In order to finally free herself she needed a counterpart, and Kai was glad to give her the help she needed so much.

The sensation he felt while clutching in his hand the dark chip, was totally different from the previous times; she was free of most of her evil powers, and soon she would be free from it completely... it was just going to take some more time, because Kai had to work hard on purifying her spirit.

Kai wondered what the BladeBreakers would say if they knew. He also wondered if anyone of them could really understand the real meaning of all the Hikari/Yami thing.

Sighing, he noticed the building he was headed to standing tall against the backdrop of the red sky and picked up the pace. The little walk had helped and now he was ready to face another night of complaints and scowls, wondering if he could just work around it and have a nice night.

He walked down the alley and was so caught up in his thoughts that he failed to notice the dark shadow lingering behind the bend.

As he passed by, the shadow lunged forward. Within a split second he found himself being pinned to a wall by two strong hands that held his own arms high above his head. He felt a cold shudder run up his spine as the shape slammed his head hard against the wall, preventing him from reacting, and squeezing one hand on his throat, effectively stopping his protests.

The hit caused his sight to blur for a moment as the blinding throb in his head continued to grow, making him feel dizzy and nauseated.

It was only then that the horrible stench of the man's breath caught on his senses, making him realize he was drunk.

Kai felt his legs collapse as the man hit his head against the stones again, harder this time, the loud noise echoing with violence in the silence around them.

A trickle of red liquid ran down his temple and he groaned in pain, sensing the stench of his own blood, feeling the hands of the intruder roam on his body in search of money.

He hated it, the calloused touch of the man made him sick inside, violated, disgusted. He heard a growl, as the thief was unable to find what he was searching for; after all, Kai didn't need money to begin with.

Then he was released and he fell on the ground; the pain in his temples doubled as dots of light appeared before his eyes. Slowly, he felt his body grow numb, as more blood left his body and pooled on the ground. He was trembling now, cold gripping at his frame like icy chains; waves of pain hitting him regularly causing his breath to come out in gasps.

Apart from the yelps of pain of Kai and the growl of the thief, the whole thing occurred in the complete silence. It happened so suddenly that Kai didn't have the time to fight back, and now the pain was too overwhelming to allow such a thing.

"(Fuck)" the man hissed, "(no money, young kid... well, that means old Serg' has to punish yah…)".

He picked Kai up and slammed him against the wall, again. This time the hit knocked Kai out cold. The man, satisfied of the pain he caused, walked away, leaving the injured teen to drown in his own blood.


Tala glanced irritably at the clock as he paced back and forth in the kitchen. Spencer and Ian sat at the table, their attention fully concentrated on their chess game.

Ian was trying to cheat every time he could, but Spencer always ruined his attempts, because he was used to it and knew how to prevent it. Maybe someone would have been surprised of their game choice, but they loved chess. It was like their national sport after all.

Not to mention Spencer won three games in a row. It was obvious he would want to play again, and Ian was too stubborn to declare defeat without winning at least once.

"(Would you please calm down?)" Bryan growled in a cold tone as he stepped in front of the red haired teen, attempting for the hundredth time to prevent his team mate and friend to create a hole in their kitchen's floor.

"(I bet his team–mates stopped him again,)" Tala said harshly, not bothering to stop, or even look up as he spoke. "(I know they hate us. I know they want Kai to be with them, and them alone. I hate them. I can't believe Kai likes being in their company! They're just a gang of freaks!)"

Spencer looked up, glancing at his captain with weary eyes. He was, despite what his appearance said, the one with the most reasonable instinct among the group, and could see the reasons the BladeBreakers had to hate them, even though he hated them just as much.

"(They have a very good reason to hate us. Bry did a pretty low job when he fought against the Tiger,)" he said, gripping Ian's hand as the smallest teen tried to swap his pawn with Spencer's Queen in a not–allowed move. "(Besides, Kai is their captain… Checkmate)" he added as his knight promptly dethroned Ian's King.

Ian growled and shot Spencer a grimace as he stood up. "(You cheated. I'm better than you at playing chess, any day! I'm going to play with Game Cube!)" he stomped off, followed by Spencer's amused chuckles.

Since the day Kai showed up at their doorstep with the latest game console in hand, Ian had started to worship the red-eyed teen. And you'll always be able to find him in front of the television, joysticks in hand; usually losing games against Bryan, Spencer, Tala or Kai himself.

Hopeless as he was, he tried to cheat all the time, resulting in him losing even more badly and scowling at them for the rest of the day.

It was just a normal day in Demolition Boys' house.

"(I'm going to ask Kai to sleep over,)" Tala announced loudly. "(Maybe we can stay up all night talking –like old times…)" he lost himself in his thoughts, a faint smile on his lips.

Spencer and Bryan sighed dramatically at their Captain and shook their heads before walking away, following Ian in the other room. They both knew the red head was a hopeless case.

"(Hey!)" Tala complained, after realizing that he had been left behind, and followed them.

Ten minutes later, the situation was not that different.

Ian had lost to Bryan in five straight games and Tala was upset again. Kai still hadn't arrived and it was getting late.

"(I'm going to see what's taking Kai so long to get here,)" he decided "(I bet the damned team–mates of his found a way to keep him with them)".

What he hadn't bothered to mention, was that one of Kai's team–mates in particular, wanted to keep Kai with him, and that he was perfectly aware of that.

It was Rei, the Chinese boy. The raven haired Tiger had a crush on the slate haired captain, and Tala could tell it had been like this for a while now; the Chinese surely thought no one realized it, but Tala knew better, since he too, was in love with Kai.

It wasn't just a simple crush, one of those childish things that people deemed as young love and that was going to vanish if given some time; Tala and Kai had lived together for years in the Abbey, training together and sharing punishments, pain and pleasure, and all the while Tala felt a deep attraction towards the younger boy, a feeling that grew even when Kai hadn't been with him, and exploded the moment he saw him again.

Love, something he was deprived off for such a long time, was what he felt for Kai, and he wasn't going to call it any other way. It was love. He was determined to make Kai love him back, and he wasn't going to let some stupid Tiger ruin it all.

Spencer was the only one who acknowledged his departure, since the other two were busy fighting over a new game. Spencer couldn't but smile and shake his head.


Tala looked around, clasping his white coat tightly around his frame, glad he'd decided to wear it. The cold didn't affect him that much because he was used to it, but the warmth provided by the coat was nice.

It was a gift from Kai, the first after Biovolt's defeat, and Tala used it often, keeping it clean and soft, not daring to ruin it. For all he knew, Kai never gave presents to Rei, so this was his most prized possession –after Wolborg.

Kai wasn't anywhere to be seen, so Tala, all the while sending angry and enraged thoughts (and curses too) at the BladeBreakers' expenses, walked down the street in search of Kai. While passing by a deserted alley, he noticed a form in the shadow, some few feet away from him.

He was suddenly hit by a dark feeling, a foreboding sensation of impending danger. Something was wrong here. He was used to see drunk people sprawled in the dark alleys, then why did he feel compelled to go and have a look?

Frowning, the red head slowly moved towards the frame, wondering why on hell he was following his instincts (even though they helped him a lot usually). It was sprawled on the cold pavement and at first, Tala thought he was asleep; but his confusion soon turned into shock as he suddenly noticed something familiar hanging from the shape's neck.

It was a scarf.

Kai's scarf.

His breath caught in his lungs and his heart skipped a beat. Wishing desperately that he was mistaken, Tala crouched down near the unmoving shape and he turned it towards himself, revealing the pale face of his secret crush.

He was unconscious and Tala noticed a trail of blood that was pouring out of a deep gash Kai had on his temple, staining half of his face, scarf and neck, completely crimson red.

He looked so pale that Tala freaked out, thinking he was dead. He felt his legs weaken as tears started to cloud his vision.

He couldn't be dead. No, Kai would never die that way. Not like this.

'Not like this!' his mind screamed, as he reached out with a trembling hand, in fear of what he could find.

He pressed his fingers against Kai's wrist, and a second later he was absolutely relieved to find a slow but steady pulse. He let out a breath that he hadn't realized he had been holding in, before realizing that Kai's body was freezing.

He surely had been here for some time, in the darkness, and if it hadn't been for Tala's sharp eyes (and his instincts), he sure would have remained here all night… or…

'I have to take him home' Tala thought worriedly. 'He needs assistance, now!'

Not knowing if Kai was injured elsewhere, he trailed his fingers all over the teen's body, from his legs to his arms, to his chest, but fortunately, found no broken ribs or blood apart from the one coming from the wound on his head. He dared to pick Kai up in his arms, bridal style.

While holding Kai as close to his chest as possible, in order to keep him warm, he darted back to his house.

'Don't worry, Kai, I'm here'.


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