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"(Talking into other languages)"

Dreams sequences, flashbacks, memories–


The Way You Feel

Chapter 07: Meetings

Kai stared in wonder as Rei stood up and left the kitchen without a word; he couldn't understand what was happening… first Rei was all nice and smiling, and the moment he shoved this small black thing on the table, he started acting strange.

Crimson eyes observed quietly the Phoenix on its surface, marvelling at the fine details, even in such small thing.

At first it had looked part of some child's toy, but now he wasn't certain of it, since it wasn't a sticker on a piece of plastic, but a metallic piece with a drawing carved on it; looking closely at it, he could almost swear he saw the red eyes of the phoenix flicker with life.

Shit, it was realistic.

He wondered again why Rei was gone, and if he'd done something wrong. Really, getting so uneasy around a simple piece of metal…

Blinking, Kai retrieved the small phoenix and put it back in his pocket, standing up and leaving behind the half–finished pancakes to move to the living room where the BladeBreakers were; he really wanted to ask a few things, and it seemed like this was the best moment.

Entering the living room he was soon faced by four sour teens, staring at him with dread–filled expressions that did nothing to ease him out. On the opposite, he was starting to feel cornered, and he didn't like it.

"Ah… what's happening?" he asked, his voice coming out a bit more determined than he felt inside.

Tyson was the one who spoke, standing up from his seat and walking towards him.

"Can I see… it?" he asked seriously. Kai thought it was strange to see such dark expression on the bluenette's face… after all the stupid things he'd done before, he wasn't expecting it.

"… it?" Kai knew what he was speaking about, but that didn't mean he would give up this easily. They were speaking about something that apparently was his, so he wanted to see things more clearly.

"Black Dranzer" Tyson hissed out.

Kai shuddered.

Yes, that was the name of the chip… why a chip should have a name was still unknown to him, and he didn't feel like asking.

He pulled out the small chip, showing it to the four teens, raising one eyebrow as they paled and took a step back –like it would stand up and burn them all any moment.

"What's wrong with this thing?" he dared to ask, really curious.

Tyson bit his lip, reminding himself he was speaking to another Kai, not the usual one.

"It's something you are not supposed to have, Kai, it will only hurt you more than you are already" he stated clearly, lifting his hand with his palm up. "Give it to me, it's better to burn it… or throw it away now!"

Kai felt a sudden wave of protectiveness towards the chip, even if he didn't know why, and curled his hand around it, backing away from the four teens that now looked vaguely worried; what could be so bad about a simple metallic thing? Why were they acting so strange? It didn't add up to their behaviour from before, and Kai felt confused.

But he didn't want to give up the chip, not at all; he felt protective over it, much like it was something from before he cared for at least, plus…

Tala had given it to him, and now the group of Tala was still the one Kai trusted the most.

"I think I will keep this, I don't think it's something you should bother with" he replied hastily. "I can take care of myself".

The BladeBreakers shuddered instinctively at his words, since they had already heard him speak in such a way before, and none of them had liked it one bit. Kai needed to understand the dangers of keeping the dark phoenix with him, especially since it had been Tala the one who had given it to him.

The Demolition Boys were really up with something, and Rei felt his heart clench with seething anger; he would not let them take Kai to the dark side once more…

A thought passed through his mind, and he widened his eyes, looking back at the slate haired teen in hurry.

"Kai! Where is Dranzer!"

The others tensed up as well, now wondering the same thing.

Kai blinked once, wondering about that name; it felt vaguely familiar, and his mind recalled an unfocused picture of something big raising in front of him, a sharp cry –a bird one?– echoing in the air as he sent the creature to the attack…

Kai shook his head forcefully, not understanding.

"What… what is Dranzer?" he asked, but as he was asking he already knew the answer. It was probably another chip like the one he held in his hand.

Tyson took a deep breath, but found it hard to calm himself down; he felt like he'd entered a nightmare, and even though this time it wasn't something Kai had done consciously, he still wanted the slate haired teen to understand.

To hear him ask such a question about his closest friend… it hurt.

"Dranzer is a red phoenix" Kenny decided to intervene, being the one to explain things better within the group. "It's the opposite of the one you are holding, and the good counterpart of it… Black Dranzer is the evil part, something corrupted and morbid" he shuddered at the thought of it.

Kai blinked.

"Er… it's just a metallic piece… you guys make it sound like it's something about life and death…" but his entire body was fighting his words as he spoke, clearly disgusted by his own speech.

What was wrong?

Why he felt so bad after saying this?

It felt wrong.

He shook his head, trying to fight off this feeling. He didn't want to get another series of painful twinges, and by how his head was aching already he was getting close to it.

"Listen" he stated, his voice cold. "I will keep this thing. I don't know why but I feel like it, and you should not try to stop me".

Tyson, Rei, Max and Kenny shuddered at the strength of his words; they were suddenly aware they didn't know how this new Kai would react to their words, not to mention he couldn't really remember all the things that had happened during the World Championship.

They were scaring him, Rei realized with a start. This would not go in their favour.

"We only want to protect you," he muttered, relenting.

Tyson seemed like he didn't want to shut up and accept the fact (even though Rei knew they would try to find another moment to try and take Black Dranzer away) but Max muffled his enraged comments, blocking his arms behind his back with the help of Kenny so he wouldn't flail them around and free himself.

"I don't care" Kai glared at them, and for a split second he was back being the Kai they knew from before the incident. "I didn't hurt myself to death, I only lost my memories… I can still look after myself, and I don't need you all to tell me what to do".

Rei sighed in defeat, whilst Tyson and the others stared at him in shock. After all, they had really thought they would need to help him, but had never stopped to think about it.

"I am sorry" the raven haired teen mumbled out. "I didn't mean it like this… it's just that… we lost you once, Kai, and I don't want this to happen again".

"Lost me?" Kai's fury melted away in confusion. "What do you mean by that?"

Tyson had calmed down a bit, and in the minds of all the BladeBreakers appeared the same conclusion –they would not tell Kai about the tournament.

It was not the time, he seemed off already as it was, without anything to hold onto, and scaring the shit out of him about things he could not remember would only make him more angry at them.

"Nothing, just that we are your friends, and we only want you to get back your memories" Max smiled brightly at him, thumbs up and teeth shining.

Kai blinked, not sure about how to react to this.

Turning away from them Kai walked towards the front door; he felt in need to be away from them, and he wanted to get out. There wasn't a better way than taking a walk around the city, to see if he could remember whilst relaxing a bit.

After all, no one could say the last few hours hadn't been stressing for him.

"Kai! Where are you going!"

The glare Kai reserved to them made the BladeBreakers shut up. Kai would be able to take care of himself, alright.

It was only after some minutes that the BladeBreakers realized they shouldn't have let someone with amnesia to walk out of their apartment like this… but it was too late, Kai had already disappeared.


Spencer and Ian sat silently in the kitchen, slightly fidgeting under the icy glare of their red headed captain, not liking the situation at all; Kai was gone with the BladeBreakers, and the adults believed they had caused the incident and called a fake doctor to ensure Kai would stay with them.

The blond and the midget had returned from their trip, holding three bags of food, only to find Tala slamming his fists on the wall and Bryan seething against a poor chair that was doing nothing wrong, and Kai gone.

Now, the situation had dropped even lower, as they had to find a way to show the adults they did nothing to hurt Kai.

This was absurd, they would never do that.

Of course, they had been with Boris all their lives, so it was understandable Mr. Dickinson and Bruce and the BladeBreakers would not believe them, but still it was unnerving.

Kai was their friend, they would never hurt him.

Not after everything they went through with him.

"(So what?)" Spencer asked quietly, nod looking up from his clenched fingers.

"(I tried to call the doctor,)" Bryan replied, his anger vibrating in his barely contained voice. "(Mr. Dickinson was right… it was the wrong number)".

Ian bit his lip, "(we should go directly to the hospital then, and find out the doctor!)"

Tala nodded, blue eyes flaring with sharp determination. He wanted to have Kai back, and he would wait nothing and no one.

"(There's no need for all of us to go,)" Bryan commented offhandedly before nodding to Spencer and Ian.

"(I will go)" Tala growled, daring them to say anything against it. Bryan simply nodded. "(It will be me and Tala, you two can stay here and relax, we won't be gone for long)".

Spencer nodded, not one to protest, even though he had wanted to go as well. Ian instead started to whine, not liking the fact that he could be of no use to take Kai back there, but was soon calmed down by Spencer –the blond had a great gift with the Snake wielder, after all.

Bryan grabbed the keys for their apartment and took off, Tala on his heels. They had to get to the hospital as soon as possible so to clear everything and get Kai back to where he belonged.

Watching them go, Ian turned towards Spencer and frowned, "(do you think we will be able to show the old bat the truth?)"

Spencer stared down at him and nodded with determination, "(Bryan and Tala will do anything to get Kai back with us, don't worry… but we have something else to do now, you and I)".

Ian blinked, "(what?)" he asked eagerly, wondering if this could be a way to help Kai, even if indirectly.

"(Tala said Dranzer wasn't there when he took Kai here)" Spencer's face was dark. "(We have to find her)".

Ian blanched, realizing his friend's words. Dranzer was lost, somewhere in Moscow, and now they had to find it.

"(Don't worry)" he smirked, placing his hands on his hips. "(We will find her!)"


Wandering around the city of Moscow, not exactly remembering anything about the crowded roads around him, Kai felt for a moment relieved; it didn't matter the people walking was closing on him, almost chocking him.

He was alone, because no one here was talking to him, asking him how he was, trying to force him to remember.

He could relax and think a bit.

Walking down the main street, Kai looked around curiously; he could not remember anything of that place, but inside him there was something that was telling him where to go, much like some inner sense of direction, and this alone told him he was familiar with his surroundings.

He was a bit surprised the bunch of Japanese teens had allowed him to go outside alone, after all their speeches, but he supposed he's scared them a bit unconsciously.

Well, that was better for him.

After all, everything around him was new, and all the things that had happened had confused him completely; waking up without any memory of who he was, or anything had scared him to death… had it not been for Tala, Bryan, Spencer and Ian, he would have hyperventilated and broke down.

Even now he could feel something press in the back of his head, as if all his memories were trying to come back to him all at once, but he pushed them away. He had a sinking feeling that if they were to return all together he would break down just the same.

He preferred to wait until the pain in his head would calm down, and try to access his memories little by little.

As it was now, Kai found himself with nothing to do. He felt empty, as if he was missing something, but could not understand what he was feeling the loss for…

Pulling Black Dranzer out of his pocket, Kai looked at it again, thinking about what the BladeBreakers and Tala had said about another one, a red phoenix; he didn't remember what those chips were for, but he felt a strong protective pull for this one and wondered if it held some sort of affection towards it.

Maybe that one Tala could not find had been important for him as well, in some way. Was it… dunno, a gift from someone close? Or maybe it was something precious to him?

Blinking, he wondered what his past had looked like, for him to dress with scarves and face–paint –had he being some sort of criminal?

By looking at the BladeBreakers he thought this was not a possibility, besides they spoke about teams.

Wrestling maybe? Or some sort of gang?

It had something to do with BeyBlade, but he didn't know what that was, either.

He felt at loss.

Walking around, he suddenly heard some noise coming from an alley not so far, and peering inside –feeling a vague sense of fear he could not understand– he noticed some kids playing with something.

Kai frowned, the clashing sounds he could hear were damn familiar to him; moving towards the kids, he finally saw what they were doing.

There was a small crowd of children around a small red dish, and two of them were holding a metallic rectangle with something that looked like a ripcord; in the dish there were two spinning tops that once in a while clashed against each other, and the two children were cheering them on.

Under the surprised eyes of Kai, one of the two spinning tops managed to push the other to a stop, making the crowd of children cheer the winning boy, whilst the other dropped his shoulders in defeat.

Crimson eyes followed the battle of the small blades, watching with something akin to fascination the child's game in front of him… there was something inside him burning up, almost choking him with its strength.

It felt like he was not there anymore, the laughter and the voices of the kids melting into the background as he remembered a much greater crowd, and again, the fuzzy image of the giant beast at his command.

It was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving behind a struggling feeling of need he could not understand… a strong emptiness and… longing.

Kai didn't understand why he was feeling this way, but he wanted… he wanted…

"Let's BeyBlade!" two more kids placed themselves at each side of the red dish, preparing themselves and their launchers.

BeyBlade… this was what the Japanese teens and Tala had said was important for him? A game of spinning tops?

Kai felt an ashamed blush cover his cheeks –it sounded much like a childish game. But still, if Tala said he also liked it then it couldn't be this bad, couldn't it?

Steeling his resolve to get his memories back, Kai left the kids to their playing and moved outside of the alley again, feeling his heart lighten considerably.

Looking around, he was about to continue his walking when…


He froze, looking behind in search of the one who had called him, and his gaze settled on a couple of teens that were making their way towards him, one waving his hand and one following calmly and looking pretty stuck up.

He looked around, but those were the only two that were looking at him. Some part of him groaned.

The teen that was waving at him had magenta hair sticking upwards and defying gravity, and he definitely didn't look like a Russian, mostly because his clothing indicated he would freeze in a matter of minutes.

The other teen was tall and had dark violet hair, a strange face and was properly dressed for the weather, staring at him with mild and unreadable eyes, but giving out the distinct feeling of self–pride.

Kai felt a deep revolting sensation looking at the first, and something akin to respect for the other one.

Maybe he did know them.

"Ka…" the magenta haired teen stopped dead in his tracks and almost fell down on his face, too shocked by the sight in front of him to find the strength to speak again.

The other teen behind stopped as well, blinking rapidly but never losing his cool aura, even though his eyes now were shining with surprise and… concern?

"Kai, is that you?" the purple haired teen asked, not moving from his still position.

Kai grimaced, not knowing how to speak with those two. He was alone there, no one to tell him who those two were, so he guessed he had to improvise a bit.

"I am Kai," he replied, fingering the bandage he still wore on his forehead; the two stared at it, frowning and turning to look at his eyes, as if searching for something.

"Kai, what happened to you?" the magenta haired teen lost all his arrogance (that had been up to now clear in his stance and acting) and looked simply confused out of himself. "What's the bandage for?"

"I am sorry, I don't know any of you" Kai replied evenly, shrugging at their helpless faces. "I woke up this morning not remembering anything, and I am currently staying with a group of Japanese teens".

The magenta haired teen staggered back in shock, whilst the older one looked obviously surprised, but less incline in losing his composure. "You have amnesia? Bloody Hell! How did this happen!"

"I don't know" Kai replied, now sure he knew those teens. He felt towards them something akin to the familiarity he had for the Demolition Boys, if not exactly that strong, and he knew he'd once trusted the purple haired teen at least, and that he would not hurt him. "All I remember is waking up, nothing before that".

Said teen moved forwards, unceremoniously holding out his hand for Kai to shake.

"If that's the case, I will have to present myself once more… I'm Robert, a friend of yours" Kai hesitantly shook his hand –he was surprised this guy was taking everything so lightly.

He was cool.

"I am part of an European team yours had to fight," Robert continued, stepping backwards. "And this is Johnny, he's part of my team as well" Johnny blinked owlishly, not replying as Robert spoke.

Kai blinked, surprised once again by his acting, and felt a smile tug at his lips.

"I'd prefer to go somewhere else as I explain, if you don't mind" Robert continued. "We can go over there to that café, so you will be able to tell me why you're walking alone in Moscow without anyone with you".

Strangely enough Kai didn't feel offended by what this guy was implying as he had with the BladeBreakers. Robert looked like he was treating him not like a weakling but as someone that could need a hand moving around the city, and he liked this.

Finally snapping out of his stupor–induced trance Johnny followed the two teens towards the nearby café, where they sat down.

Out of all the teens Kai had met after his awakening, Robert was the only one that he could see willingly to ask just as much as answer, and he couldn't wait to finally get some answers from someone instead of simply having to find everything by himself.


Tala and Bryan were utterly devastated when they reached the hospital.

To say shocked would not be enough, because they felt like they could be swallowed fully by the ground.

The doctor they had asked to come home wasn't there.

It had been hard enough trying to describe him to every single nurse they could meet in the hallway, especially since many of them (as well as many patients and visitors) kept asking them for their autographs, but when they had finally found out the man's name, a horrible news was there for them.

The doctor would be gone visiting another hospital for the next week or so, and there was no way to contact him since he left his cell phone in the hospital.

To their chagrin, they found out Kai had been visited by a genial doctor that unfortunately enough was also clumsy and with his head on the clouds, as the old nurse they spoke to lastly told them, her face twisted into a sad and worried grimace.

She knew this was going to happen, and after being told everything she unhappily admitted she could do nothing for them.

They would have to wait for the doctor to come back.

"(But at least this will make Mr. Dickinson believe us)" Tala said, hope brightening his blue eyes; this could have the adults let them have Kai again!

Bryan bit his upper lip thoughtfully, before shaking his head slowly. "(No, it won't)" he replied sternly.

Tala's face turned towards him in shock.

"(How so!)"

Bryan grimaced again, "(The old bat would probably believe we went searching for a proper excuse, since the doctor won't come back in a while… he won't trust us unless we take the doctor with us to them)".

Tala slammed his fist on the nearest table, earning a glare from the old nurse.

"(Then we can't do anything as long as this Leykin comes back!)"

Bryan nodded, grim faced.

"(Yeb vas!)"


"(Anka!)" a young girl that couldn't have been older than nine started at the sound of her name, almost dropping what she' was holding in her hand.

She'd been playing with her ball and some friends near an alley, when the ball had fallen too hard and had disappeared down the alley.

Leaving behind her friends, Anka had moved to retrieve it, only to find something shiny next to the red ball.

Frowning cutely, the brown haired girl kneeled down, picking up the cute shiny object and noticing it was a small metallic BeyBlade with something carved upon its surface. Blinking with curiosity, she smiled happily as she recognized in the drawing a fiery red bird –it looked so cute!

So this was a BeyBlade, she thought amazed. Her brother had some, but she didn't like the sport too much…

Why had someone thrown away such a cutie thing anyway? It looked so pretty and new to her, that she wondered why she'd never observed her brother's beyblades before. It didn't look bad at all…

"(Anka! Where is the ball!)" one of her friends called out for her again, making her shake the thoughts out of her mind.

Pulling up the shiny thing, she pocketed it happily, secretly planning for her brother to give her lessons on how to use it… after all, if the spinning thing moved, it would be even more shiny!

Picking up the ball as well, the brown haired girl ran away from the alley.


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