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Chapter 1:"I was there" in "Pilot"

(A/N: This whole seires is dedicated to my friends Brianna and Allison. Brianna, the Smallville Queen, inspired me to write this. Allison, who is like about 12 years old and somehow smarter than me, wanted me to get her in one of my stories. So, as a token of my apprictiation of them, they're gonna be in this story about how Sarah Marie Kent went through life having a brother from another planet...Yeah. Some of you may have noticed that the name Sarah always appears in my stories. But, hey, a girl can dream right? Anyway, enjoy!)

A warm, bright, and sunny morning shone through 12 year old Sarah's window, as it casted a mixture of golden-yellow on her sleeping form. Her brown hair covered her sleepy eyes, and the covers of her bed hardly covered her legs.

"Sarah Marie Kent! Get out of bed! You'll be late!" shouted the voice of Martha Kent, her mother

Sarah groaned as she heard the cry of her mother. Slowly opening her light blue eyes she looked at the clock. 6:30. She only had 30 minutes to get ready for school. Usually she woke up around six, which allowed her to take a shower, get dressed, and eat a good breakfast. Right now to her, it looked like she'd be skipping breakfast. She dragged herself out of bed, putting on her red robe and going to the bathroom door. She turned the knob, but realized it was only a short turn. It took her moments to realize that it was her brother, Clark Kent, in there and she let out and exasperated sigh.

"Clark! Get the heck out of the bathroom! I do not want to be late!" she yelled through the door

Sarah put her head against the door as she waited for Clark to come out. For as long as she could remember, there was something about Clark that she didn't like. That was why she always raised her voice at him when he did something to annoy her. Clark did the same thing. Their parents tried everything to make them get along but soon realized that someday the would get along without their help.

Clark came out of the bathroom with wet hair, and his clothes on. He had a smirk on his face.

"Don't tell me you used the hot water," Sarah said. "That's like pure gold out here on the Kent farm,"

"Hope you're feeling hot, cause you're gonna get all the cool water you can get," Clark said walking to his room

"I'm gonna get you, Clark Kent!"

And with that, Sarah slammed the bathroom door, and locked it. She threw off her bathrobe and turned on the water for the shower. She drew her hand to the water, and drew it back quickly. The water was ice cold. She groaned. Oh yes. She was going to get her brother for this.

A few minutes later, Sarah was walking downstairs to the kitchen. She was wearing a red shirt with a blue jean trench coat, jeans, and her white tennis shoes. Her wet brown hair was tied up in a relaxed pontytail, a strand of hair running down the side of her face.

"Morning sleepyhead," said Mr. Kent as she came in the kitchen

"Morning dad," said Sarah as she sat down across the table

"Ready for another day of Jr. High?" asked Mrs. Kent

"After weeks of it, I think I'm ready,"

"Well eat an apple, and get a quick glass of milk. I don't have time to make you breakfast,"

Sarah nodded and got up to the fridge, but when she opened the door to grab the milk, another hand grabbed it. She looked up to see Clark smiling as he drank out of the bottle. This time it was her turn to smirk.

"Mom!" she yelled. "Clark's drinking out of the bottle!"

Mrs.Kent walked forward to Clark and grabbed the milk bottle from Clark's hands.

"It tastes better out of the bottle," he complained.

"Where'd you learn your manners?" asked Mrs. Kent

"On a farm,"

"Is that why you always hog the hot water?" asked Sarah

"That's enough out of you, young lady," warned Mr. Kent

"Well it's true,"

"Well next time, you can get up earlier than usual. That way you can get all the hot water you need. But right now, you need to catch the bus, or you'll be late."

Sarah sighed as she grabbed her blue messenger bag, and headed for the door.

"Sarah!" shouted Clark. "Think fast!"

Sarah turned around just in time to see an apple heading her way. She caught it just in time.

"What was that for?" she asked glaring at her brother

"Just getting you ready for next year's Smallville softball team," grinned Clark

Sarah rolled her eyes, and ran down the road as the bus came up to her family farm. The doors opened, and she climbed up the steps, searching for a place to sit.

"Sarah!" shouted a voice. "Over here!"

Sarah looked up, and smiled. There was Chloe Sullivan waving her hands, gesturing for her to come sit with her and Pete Ross. Chloe and Pete were Clark's friends, and hers. Quickly she walked over to sit across from them.

"Where's Clark?" asked Pete

"Don't know. And I don't care," griped Sarah

"Another one of your sibling rivalries?" asked Chloe teasing. "What happened this time?"

"He hogged the hot water, he drank my milk, and he nearly took off my head with my own breakfast. That's what,"

Pete chuckled as he looked out the window. He saw Clark running from the house as the bus pulled away. Chloe sighed and held up a 5 dollar bill between her fingers.

"I can't believe you bet against your best friend," she said shaking her head.

"Statistical fact," said Pete. "If Clark moved any slower, he'd be extinct,"

Sarah laughed at Pete's joke as the bus stopped again, and more people came in. She looked up and saw her friends Brianna Arkin and Allison Harper.

"Hey guys!" she shouted.

Brianna and Allison walked up and sat by their friend.

"Where's your brother?" asked Allison

"Missed the bus again," mummbled Sarah in her "I don't care" tone

"Uh-Oh," said Allison and Brianna in unison.

"Sibling Rivalry?" asked Brianna.

"Yep." answered Sarah.

"Your brother and my brother should switch. At least your brother talks to you. Mine just mopes around with his bug collection,"

"You want him? You can have him,"

"Greg? Your brother?" Allison asked Brianna. "I thought he was at military school,"

"Ugh. My mom says that, but she doesn't mean it. She hasn't gone over it with my dad though, even though they're divorced," said Brianna. "But whatever happens he'll know what the reasons are,"

The bus stopped in front of the schools. Sarah, Brianna, and Allison's Jr High Schol (Smallville Jr. High) was right across from Clark, Chloe, and Pete's school (Smallville High). Which was really bad for Sarah because, since she started Jr.High, Mrs. Kent wanted Clark to pick her up from school and take the bus from there. They walked up the steps and went inside. Practically everyone was inside and it took them everything they could to get to their lockers. When Sarah opened her locker, a balloon fell out and crashed on the floor. Yellow paint splattered on her clothes and her face. Everyone around her laughed. Allison looked at her face and pointed at her clothes.

"That's a good color on you," she joked.

"Ali!" shouted Brianna

"I was just kidding,"

"Come on. Let's go to the gym and ask the coach for some P.E. shirt,"

"Excuse me," Sarah stopped Brianna. "I'm not gonna go around wearing an old P.E uniform,"

"Would you rather walk around with paint on your shirt?" asked Allison.

A few minutes later, Sarah sat in class listening to her language teacher teach them about America's first authors and poets. This is the worst day ever! she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt something hit her head. She looked back and saw a short brown haired boy, with freckles that ran across his face and over his nose. He had an evil looking grin on his face. She turned around ignoring him. This was the worst day ever.

After a hard day at school, Sarah stood outside the school with Brianna and Allison sitting on the steps

"Why are we here again?" asked Allison

"We're waiting for Clark to get Sarah, so we can go with her to study for the stupid Geography test for next friday," said Brianna.

"Well it looks like we're gonna miss the bus,"

"Why?" asked Sarah

"Smallville High is having football tryouts today,"

"What does that have to do with Clark,"

"Well lets see. Your grandfather played football, your dad played football, what do you think Clark's gonna do?...By the way Bri. Is your brother playing?"

"I told you!" Brianna said. "I don't care what my buggy brother does as long as the creep stays away from me,"

Sarah, not wanting to listen, ran across the street to the High School. Brianna and Allison followed her, running behind her. Sarah stopped on the edge of the field. There were freshmen in red and yellow football uniforms, making passes, hitting tackle dummies, and doing agilities. Her eyes gazed toward Clark, who was sitting on the stands. She shook her head.

"Let's go home guys," she said.

"Are you going on the bus?" asked Brianna

"No, I'll walk,"

"OK. See ya later!"


Sarah watched Allison and Brianna go to the bus that was waiting for them. She started walking away from the field, and onto the side of the street. She walked for about two miles, when she saw a speeding car drive past her. It was a black Porsche. She curiously looked at it as it drove away, and looked up towards the bridge. She groaned. There was Clark again, overlooking the river.

"That kid is everywhere!" she said to herself. "Why can't something bad happen to him?"

Suddenly, as if her words were magic, the black Porsche started swerving. Clark looked behind him, and before he knew it, the car crashed into him, and they bother fell off the bridge and into the river.

"CLARK!" shouted Sarah, involuntarily

Without realizing what she was doing, Sarah ran to the edge of the bridge, to search for Clark. The car the crashed into him was sinking. She threw off her messenger bag, and her blue jean trench coat, and jumped into the freezing cold water. Underwater, she saw someone swimming into the car. It was Clark, trying to get the driver out of there. She didn't understand. He was hit by a car, and still alive? That could've killed him. She watched as Clark pulled out an unconsious bald man out of the Porsche and swim up to the surface. Sarah followed him, and gasped for air as she came out of the water. She swam as Clark gave the man CPR.

"Clark! Wait up!" she shouted as she came out, water dripping from her clothes.

Clark looked behind him, and was shocked

"Where'd you come from?" he asked

"I fell in, and saw what you were doing," she explained.

Clark ignored Sarah's response, and continued giving the man CPR. He woke up coughing. He looked up and saw Clark

"I could've sworn I hit you," he whispered

"If you did, I'd be...I'd be dead," Clark said.

An hour later, Sarah sat beside Clark with a red blanket over her shoulders. Police were swarming over the place, and they were bringing the wrecked Porsche out. Sarah saw Mr.Kent come running up.

"Clark! Sarah!" he shouted as he came up. "Kids. Are you allright?"

"We're fine dad," Sarah said slightly annoyed

"Who's that maniac that was driving that car!"

"That would be me," answered the man that Clark rescued. "Lex Luthor,"

Lex put up his hand as in a gesture to shake Mr.Kent's hand. Mr. Kent just looked at him

"I'm Jonathon Kent," he said instead. "These are my kids,"

Mr.Kent took off his jacket and draped it around Sarah's shoulders.

"Thanks for saving my life," Lex said to Clark.

"I'm sure you would've done the same thing," Clark answered

The Kents started walking away, but Lex stopped them

"You've got extraordinary kids Mr. Kent," he said. "If there's any way I could repay you..."

Mr. Kent turned around and said "Drive slower,"

On their way home from the accident, Sarah sat in the back of the truck, as Jonathon talked to them in a stern voice.

"Why didn't you two come home on the bus?" he asked.

"I was busy," Clark said.

"Yeah right!" shouted Sarah. "I saw what you were doing. You were at tryouts!"

Jonathon looked at Clark with a stern look. Clark glared at Sarah, and looked at his father.

"I didn't try out," he said. "I just went to support Pete,"

"But you know you're supposed to pick up Sarah and take the bus from her school when it stopped there,"

"She's a big girl dad. She can walk home, and take the bus by herself. I don't need to babysit her everyday,"

"But you're mother doesn't want her walking home by herself. It'll make her feel relaxed if she knows that you'll be there to pick up Sarah,"

Sarah said nothing as Clark and Jonathon continued arguing. They stopped on the farm, and Mrs. Kent came out of the house with a worried expression. Sarah came out of the car, and her mother engulfed her in a hug.

"I was so worried," she said. "Are you two all right?"

"They're fine Martha," Jonathon explained. "Clark, Sarah go upstairs and change into warm clothes. You're mother and I are gonna talk,"

Clark and Sarah went inside the house. Clark was clearly angry for turning him in to Mr. Kent at Sarah.

"I can't believe you told him I was there," he said. "He thinks I was trying out,"

"Well it woudn't have happened if you were there to pick me up. Then I wouldn't have snitched. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a shower filled with hot water with my name on it," Sarah said going into the bathroom

That night, Sarah sat on her bed reading Bram Stokers "Dracula". There was a knock on the door, and she slightly jumped.

"Come in," she said.

Mrs. Kent came in with a smile on her face. She had a bowl of chicken noddle soup, crackers, and a glass of milk.

"You and Clark gave us quite a scare today," she said.

"Sorry," Sarah apoligized.

Mrs.Kent sat by Sarah's bed, and gave her the tray of food.

"Mom," Sarah started. "Is there something you and Dad know that I should know?"

"Why?" asked Mrs. Kent

"Because I saw Clark get hit by the car at 60 miles per hour. And when I saw him after that, he didn't have a bone broken or a scratch on his skin,"

Mrs. Kent was silent at Sarah's response. She put a hand on Sarah's cheek

"You're still too young to know things about your brother. Even he doesn't know what goes on around him," she said softly. "You'll know when the time is right to know what goes on in life. Now eat your soup, and get to bed...and no more horror books. You'll have nightmares for weeks,"

Sarah smiled.

"Sure. Night mom," she whispered.

The next day, Sarah and Clark were on their way up the road home from school. They hadn't said a word to each other since yesterday. But that was off Sarah's mind when she saw something that glued her eyes permanetly. There was a red electric scooter with a black helmet sitting on its seat. Behind it was a red and white truck with a bow on its grid.

"Whoa!" she said. "Mom, who's stuff?"

"Yours and Clark's," Martha said coming up

"Which one's mine? The truck?"

"Very funny Sarah,"

Sarah laughed, and looked at the card that was stuck on the helmet on the scooter

Dear Sarah

Careful with this, and always ride safely with a helmet. And be thankful it only goes to 15 miles per hour


The maniac from the Porsche

Sarah smiled as she read the note.

"Where're the keys?" asked Clark

"Your father has them," answered Martha

Sarah's smiled faded into a frown. Something was wrong, and she knew it had something to do with her father and Lex Luthor. She followed Clark, and found Mr. Kent putting wood into a large wood chipper. Mr. Kent noticed them watching, and he stopped.

"I know how much you want it kids," he said. "But you can't keep them"

"Why not?" asked Clark "I saved the guys life"

"So you think you and your sister deserve a prize?"

"That's not what I meant. How about I drive the old one and you drive the new one. Everybody wins,"

"This isn't about winning Clark,"

"Well it's not like the Luthors can't afford it,"

"Uh, I'm gonna go up to the loft and do my homework," said Sarah going upstairs

Clark and Jonathon didn't even seem to notice Sarah leaving, and they continued their disagreement. But Sarah stayed and listened, just to be entertained

"Do you know why that is?" asked Jonathon. "Do you remember Mr. Bell? We used to go fishing on his property. How about Mr. Guy? He used to send us pumpkins every Halloween. Well Lionel Luthor promsied cut them in on a deal. He sent them flashy gifts. Only once they sold him their property, he went back on his word. He evicted them son,"

"So you're judging Lex for what his father did?" asked Clark

"No Clark, I just want you to know where the money came from that bought that car,"

Clark looked at his father in a disapproving way. He started to go upstairs to the loft.

"Clark, I know you're upset," said Jonathon. "But it's normal..."

Sarah watched Clark throw down his bag on the stairs, and come back down.

"Normal?" he asked.

Clark turned on the wood chipper and held up his fist.

"How about this? Is this normal?"

Without another word, Clark plunged his hand into the wood chipper. His father, in a panic, tried to stop him. He turned off the machine, and dug Clarks hand out. But, to Sarah's amazement, his hand was still attached. Only his shirt was tattered.

"I didn't dive in after Lex's car," he said. "It hit me a 60 miles an hour. Does that sound normal to you? I'd give anything to be normal,"

Clark ran upstairs to the loft. Sarah hurridly went up to the couch, and quickly took out her books to make it look like she was studying and didn't hear a thing. She didn't even say anything mean to him the whole time they were even up there. In fact, they didn't say anything to each other at all. She still couldn't believe it. Her parents were keeping a secret from her all these years. Her brother, Clark Kent, had superpowes. It all made sense. The crash, how he didn't get hurt, everything.

"I'll be right back," she said quietly getting up and going downstairs.

"Sarah," Clark started. "Did you dive in after me yesterday, or did you really fall in?"

Sarah took a deep breath, and looked at Clark, almost in a loving way.

"I dove in after you guys, because I thought I was going to lose a brother that was the only thing that kept me going through my life," she said silently. "Would you have done the same for me if I was driving 60 miles an hour and drove off a bridge?"

Clark was silent, but then he nodded. Sarah smiled, but she turned back.

"Oh and Clark," she said. "This conversation, never happened,"

Clark laughed a little bit as Sarah went outside that led the way to the house. When she opened the door, she saw her parents in the kitchen.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked as she walked in. "Why didn't you tell me that Clark had these abilities? It would've answered all my questions,"

"We wanted to protect you and Clark," said Jonathon calmly.

"From what? Aliens? FBI agents? Wacked-out scientists? Tell me. I'm tired of lies. I wanna know the truth and I wanna know it now!"

"Sarah, the reason Clark has these abilities, is... well his biological parents weren't exactly from around here,"

"Really? Where were they from? Another planet? Did you stash Clark's spaceship in the attic?"

"Actually, sweetheart, it's in the storm cellar,"

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. She shook her head as she went upstairs

"I'm spending the night at Allisons." she said defiantly. "I don't wanna stay here for the night,"

"Sarah..." Jonathon started.

"Jonathon, let her go." Martha said. "It was bound to happen one day. You knew this day would come. Besides, there's no school tomorrow. She just needs to get this off her chest. She'll understand. Beside's, I think this will help Clark and her get along,"

Sarah walked briskly upstairs to the loft to get her bookbag. Clark was there, and he knew something was wrong.

"You okay?" he asked.

"No I am NOT okay," she said as if she was hurrying to go somewhere. "Something's horribly wrong, and right now I'm officially freaked out,"

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. But I have to get out of here. I'm going to Allisons for the night. Brianna will be there. Sort of like a sleepover you know?"

"Sarah, something's going on. Maybe I can help,"

"No! If you want to help me, you can just leave me alone. I don't need anyone's help,"

Before Clark could stop her, Sarah was out of there.

At Allison's house, Brianna and Allison were laughing and jumping around to music. Sarah just sat on the couch in her pajamma's hugging her pillow.

"Hey Sarah!" shouted Brianna. "What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing," said Sarah.

Brianna and Allison looked at each other. Allison turned off the music, and she and Brianna sat down by Sarah.

"Are you homesick?" asked Allison. "Do you want me to call your mom?"

"No, it's not that," Sarah said.

"Hey I know what'll cheer you up! Brianna, if you had to choose one person in your family to kick out, who would you pick and why?"

"It doesn't take a genius to know this one," Brianna said in her 'duh' voice. "My brother Greg, because if he was out of the house, I can go through a night's sleep without worrying about his spiders coming into my room. I hate spiders,"

"That's good. Sarah, if you had to pick one person in your family to kick out, who would you pick and why?"

"It doesn't take a genius to know this one either, Ali,"

"I don't know," answered Sarah.

"You don't know?" asked Allison and Brianna in unison.

"I don't get it," said Brianna. "I'd expect you to say Clark or something, and that he gets on your nerves 24/7."

"Well...can you guys keep a secret?" asked Sarah

"I'm the Fort Knox of secrets. Although I don't know about Allison,"

"Hey! I can keep a secret, as long as it doesn't involve family members that'll totally ruin their lives,"said Allison

"How many secrets went into that criteria?"

"None so far,"

"Well you better keep this one," said Sarah. "Because it involves family members,"

"What is it?" asked Brianna

Sarah wiggled her finger, as a gesture for them to huddle around.

"Okay," she whispered. "Yesterday, on my way home from school, Lex Luthor was driving down the street 60 miles an hour on the bridge by the Talon,"

"You mean that coffee shop that's been closed for what? A century?" asked Allison.

"Actually it's been closed for about 56 years I think," Brianna said.

"Yeah, that coffee shop," Sarah said. "Anyway Clark was by the bridge, and when the car went out of control, it crashed into him, and they both fell off the bridge,"

"And you saw the whole thing? What'd you do?"

"I dove in after them,"

"That's a side I never saw...Wait a minute. Clark got hit by a car that was speeding 60 miles an hour? That would've killed him."

"That's what I thought! But he was still alive, and he did save Lex Luthor's life,"

"Oooh. Did you guys get presents? I heard if you get on a rich guys rich side, you strike it rich,"

"Yeah. I got a scooter, but dad said I can't have it cause he doesn't like Lionel Luthor...Hang on. We're getting off the subject. Quit doing that!"


"Anyway, I decided to leave that accident alone, because I thought Clark just got lucky to get out of there with no broken bones, and no scratches. But this afternoon, he and my dad got into an arguemant, and he put his hand in the wood chipper,"

"Your brother's nuts!" Allison said. "What happened to his hand?"

"Nothing. Ansolutely nothing. It was still there when dad pulled it out. And right before I left, I got into an argument with my parents, and they told me that they got a spaceship in the storm cellar, and that Clark's from another planet,"

"OK," Allison said. "Let me get this straight. Clark got hit by a speeding car that was supposed to kill him but didn't. Then he saved Lex Luthor's life, and you two just got flashy gifts that your dad won't let you have. Then, your brother decided to commit suicide and put his hand in a dangerous machine that should've left him handless, but it hardly left a scratch on him. Then you find out that he's from outer space, and now you've got a brother that's an alien?"

"Yeah...Do you guys believe me?"

"Well, since you've never lied to us before, and you're brother does have some weird streaks in him..." Brianna started.

"Like what?"

"Like how he got to class in time yesterday when he missed the bus,"

"How'd you know that?"

"Chloe told me when Allison and I took the bus yesterday afternoon,"

"So Clark's some sort of alien?" asked Allison. "I always thought of him as some sort of geeky person,"

"He's not like that,"Sarah answered. "So are you guys gonna keep a secret, or bring the circus to my house asking for a teenage boy who can lift anything at any weight beyond avergae?"

"We'll keep a secret," said Brianna. She turned to Allison. "Won't we Ali?"

"I won't tell a soul," grinned Allison

A week went by, and the girls were sitting in science class listening about Genetics. It was ironic for Sarah since genetics was mainly the problem of the week for her. When the teacher wasn't looking though, she felt something tap her shoulder. She turned around and saw Brianna, hunched over her desk toward Sarah's back.

"Look out the window," she whispered.

Sarah did what Brianna asked. Out the window was an ambulence and a crowd. Suddenly, the bell rang, and before everyone else could get up, Sarah, Brianna, and Allison ran out of the school and down the street to see the comotion. There was a man on a stretcher, and people were putting him in the ambulence.

"What's going on?" asked Allison.

"Some electrical storm went up through the guy's body," said Pete as he and Chloe came up behind him. "That's the third one this week,"

"And they're all former jocks of Smallville High," Chloe added.

"That's strange," Brianna said. "Who would send electricity through former jocks?"

Sarah shrugged. "Who knows?"

The girls looked around everybody. They all had worried expressions on their faces. Except one. One had light brown hair, and his eyes were narrowed. Brianna tapped Chloe's shoulder

"Who's the weirdo?" she asked

"I don't know," said Chloe as she took a picture of they weird guy. "Let's check him out,"

Later, everyone, (Clark, Sarah, Brianna, Allison, Chloe, and Pete) were in Smallville High's Publications classroom where Clark and Chloe work on that Torch, Smallville High's school newspaper. Chloe was searching through an old School Yearbook she picked up from the library, until she stopped on one page.

"Here it is," she said setting it down on the table. "His name's Jeremy Creek. This is a picture of him twelve years ago," Chloe pointed to a picture in the yearbook

"And this is the one Chloe took four hours ago," Brianna said showing another picture on the computer.

"No way." said Allison. "That's impossible. This yearbook was what the 1989 edition? The guy should be 26 years old today. It-It has to be a kid that looks just like him. It can't be him,"

"My money was on the evil twin theory," said Pete. "That is 'till we checked this missing persons,"

"Jeremy from the state infirmary a few days ago where he'd been in a coma for twelve years," Chloe explained. "They say he suffered from massive electrolyte imbalance,"

"That' why he hasn't aged a day," Pete pointed out

"So you're telling us he just woke up?" asked Clark

"Well, no, there was a huge electrical storm, and the hospital's generator went down, and when the power came back on, Jeremy was gone," said Chloe

"So the electricity must've charged him up like a Duracell," said Allison getting the picture

"And now he's back in Smallville putting former jocks into comas," Sarah said

"Why?" asked Clark

"Because twelve years ago today," Pete said. "They chose Jeremy Creek as the scarecrow"

Allison took a newspaper clipping from Chloe's hands, and Brianna looked over her shoulder.

"'Comatose Boy Found In Field, Twenty Miles From Meteor Strike'" Brianna read aloud.

"The exposure of the blast must've done something to his body" Allison said

"No, this can't be right," Clark said.

"I think you ought to show Clark and Sarah," Pete said to Chloe

"Show us what?" asked Sarah

Chloe led everyone to a room. Pete turned on the light, and Sarah gasped. There were newspaper clippings everywhere completely covering one wall

"It started out as a scapbook and it just kind of mutated," Chloe explained

"Cool!" said Allison

Brianna smacked Allison upside the head.

"What'd I do?" Allison asked innocently

"What is it?" asked Clark

"I call it the 'Wall of Weird'" Chloe said, standing in front of the wall. 'It's every strange, bizzare, and unexplained that happened in Smallville since the meteor shower. That's when it all began. When the town went schitzo. What do you think?"

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" asked Clark moving toward the wall

"Do you tell me everything happens in your life?" asked Chloe. "We all keep secrets Clark,"

Sarah watched Clark look around the wall, until he stopped at one picture.

"Lana?" he whispered to himself. "My fault. It's all my fault,"

Sarah looked at Clark as he rushed out of the room. She knew he had a crush on Lana Lang, the girl next door, but why was he saying that it was all is fault? She looked at everybody else, and went out to find him. But when she went outside, she couldn't.

"Clark?" she called out. "Clark!"

But no answer came. Brianna and Allison came out behind her.

"Where is he?" Brianna asked.

"I don't know," Sarah said shrugging.

"I think he used one of his abilities to get out of here as fast as he can," Allison pointed out.

"In the middle of broad daylight Allison?" asked Sarah. "I've gotta find him,"

Sarah started running across the street to her bike. Allison and Brianna looked at each other, and almost instantly started running with her

"Wait up!" shouted Brianna. "We're coming with you!"

Soon, Sarah, Brianna, and Allison were running their bikes full speed down the streets of the small Smallville town. They sped past cars, and other people that were crossing the street. Suddenly, Brianna stopped her bike. She saw Jeremy walking down the sidewalk briskly.

"Hey!" she called out to Sarah and Allison.

Sarah and Allison rode their bikes down to where Brianna was. She pointed at Jeremy

"Let's follow him," she said.

"I don't think that's a good idea Brianna," said Allison. "Come to think of it, you've never had any good ideas. Besides you know what he did to those guys. You wanna get fried by a freakishly weird guy who electrocutes people into comas?"

"I don't care. I've got a hunch."

"Brianna may be right," Sarah said. "Come on. Let's go,"

"Argh! But it's nearly six, and it's almost dark, and I'm hungry," Allison complained

"We'll get you something to eat when we find out what he's up to," Sarah said. "Come on,"

Sarah and Allison followed Brianna. As they rode their bikes, Sarah took out her cell phone and called her parents

"Mom?" she spoke in the phone

"Oh my gosh. Sweetheart we were worried sick. Are you all right?" came Martha's voice

"I'm fine. Is Clark home?"

"No. We thought he was with you. Is he with you?"

"No. But I'm with Allison and Brianna and we're looking for him. I'll be home soon. I promise. I love you. Bye,"


Sarah didn't get to hear what Martha had to say when she hung up the cell phone

"Did you tell her that we're following a maniac into Luthor Corp fields?" asked Brianna

"I figured if I told her that, my dad would hit the roof," Sarah said, as she set down her bike on the curb by the field

"We shouldn't be here guys," saide Allison turning on her emergency flashlight. "This is government property. You know what they do to people who sneak around here? They experiment on them. Question them like 'Who are you working for' or 'What was your motive if you succeded in invading my corporation'"

"That's just a figmant of your imagination, Allison," Brianna said. "Before my brother became a 'buggy' person, he used to scare the heck out of me saying stuff about monster spiders that took over the world. None of that experimentation is real,"

The girls walked through the corn stalks in the dark. A couple of times they tripped, but they had each other for support. Suddenly, Sarah heard something rustle in the stalks. Allison let out a short scream, and tried to shine her light on something, but it dropped and that glass shattered.

"Nice one Allison!" shouted Brianna."Now we can't see a thing,"

"It's not my fault, I get easily freaked. I'm not the one with a brother who's obbsessed with freaky bugs!" Allison shouted back.

"Hey!" shouted a voice. "What are you kids doing here?"

The girls turned their heads, and saw Lex Luthor with a flashlight.

"That's it!" shouted Allison. "I told you we were gonna get caught! We're done for!"

"Hey," Lex said, waving his flashlight around. "I'm not gonna hurt any of you...Sarah Kent?"

"Hi Lex," Sarah waved

"What are you doing in the middle of the night of my company corn field?"

"We were tracking down someone. You haven't seen anybody out of the ordinary have you?"

"I did see someone walk past here. I thought he did something around here, and I went to investigate. But I never thought I'd find three teenage girls in the middle of the night walking around my cornfield,"

"Help me," a voice sounded

Lex flashed his light behind the girls. Sarah knew that voice anywhere.

"Clark," she whispered

Sarah started running through the field, with Lex, Allison, and Brianna behind her. Sarah skidded into a clearing, and could not believe what she saw. There was Clark, tied to a scarecrow post, in his boxer shorts, and a big red "S" painted on his chest. Lex came up behind her.

"Oh no," he whispered.

Lex went behind the post, and started to untie Clark while Sarah got his clothes that was right down beside them

"Who did this to you?" Sarah asked defiantly.

"Doesn't matter," Clark whispered as he jumped down and grabbed his pants.

Clark suddenly drops to his knees, and something fell from his neck. It was a necklace with an emerald gem. Almost instantly he got up, feeling more strong.

"Clark you need to see a doctor," Brianna said as she and Allison came up

"I'll be okay," Clark said quickly

Soon Clark was running through the feilds. Sarah started running after him. She'd get her bike later, and she knew that Brianna and Allison would be safe getting a ride home from Lex. But she was worried about her brother.

"Clark!" she shouted. "You are not leaving me out here by myself!"

Suddenly, Clark came up behind her. She turned around, and looked at him with a stern face.

"Listen," she said. "I know you have these abilities. So do Brianna and Allison. But I'm not gonna tell anyone. They're not gonna tell anyone. You know why? Because they're your friends, and my friends, and I'm your sister, and I don't tell anybody anything, unless it's okay to tell. There. I said it. Even though you are sometimes annoying, you are my brother, and I love you...And I don't want anything to happen to you,"

Clark couldn't believe what he was hearing. There was his little twelve-year-old sister, that despised him, and he did too, saying that he loved him, and didn't want anything to happen to him?

"I don't want you leaving me behind, like you always do," Sarah whispered. "I'm going with you,"

"Well," Clark said finally. "You're gonna have to ride my shoulders the whole way. Because you don't have the same speed as I do,"

Sarah smiled as Clark bent over a bit. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and Clark put his hands under her thighs.

"Ready?" he asked. "One, Two, Three!"

Clark lifted Sarah off the ground, and put him on his shoulders.

"Hang on tight," he warned

Sarah nodded, and Clark took off in a flash. Her hair was blowing hard in the wind, and she was laughing with happiness and joy. Maybe having a super brother a brother wouldn't be so bad. Before she knew it they stopped, and Clark put her down.

"That was fun!" she said. "...Hey. Where are we?"

"The ally behind the high school," explained Clark.

"Where's Jeremy?"

"I don't know. Let's split up. Hopefully we'll find him,"

Sarah nodded, and walked to the other side of the building, while listening to the sound of hip hop from inside the gym. The high school-ers were having their Homecoming Dance, and it sounded like they were having a good time. Soon she saw Jeremy opening up the fire sprinkler system box.

"You have to stop this Jeremy," Sarah said coming up to him as Clark came up behind her

Jeremy looked up and saw Clark with a serious look on his face

"I don't know how you got here," he said. "But you shoud've stayed away,"

"I won't let you hurt my friends," Clark warned

"Those people in there aren't your friends. The sprinklers will get them all nice and wet. I'll handle the rest,"

"Electrocuting innocent people isn't going to solve any problems," Sarah said. "You need help."

"What happened to you was my fault," Clark said. "I can understand your pain,"

"I'm not in pain," Jeremy almost shouted. "I have a gift, and a purpose, and a destiny,"

Jeremy turned around, only to find that Clark was still staring right into his face

"So do I," Clark whispered

Jeremy started to get angry, In order to electrocute him, he put his hands on Clark, sparks shooting from his fingers.Clark, using his super strength, threw him into a car

"Give it up Jeremy!" he shouted.

But Jeremy wouldn't listen. He put his hand on the truck and sprung it to life. He got in and tried to run Clark over. He smashed him into a wall that also smashed a water hydrant. The water bursted out, and got onto Clark and the car, electrocuting Jeremy. Sarah could only watch in shock. She went over to Clark as he pulled the drivers car door off it's hinges. Jeremy looked at them in confusion.

"You okay?" asked Sarah

"Who are you?" asked Jeremy. "Where am I?"

"I'm Clark Kent," Clark said

"And I'm Sarah Kent," Sarah said.

"And you're in Smallville,"

"I wanna go home," Jeremy whispered.

Clark and Sarah looked at each other and nodded.

An hour later, Clark and Sarah arrived home. Once they entered the door, Jonathon and Martha stood up from the couch.

"Where were you two?" asked Martha "We've been up all night since Lex Luthor returned Sarah's bike,"

Clark and Sarah looked each other to see if one of them had any ideas to get out of this situation.

"Well, we got a little tied up on some things," Sarah said.

Jonathon crossed his arms

"Like what?" he asked

"Uh...we went out for some ice cream, and it was a long line, so we had to go to another ice cream parlor, and it also had a long line. Right Clark?" asked Sarah

"Right," Clark said. "But we're home, and that's the important thing. Night guys,"

"Sweet dreams mom and dad," said Sarah as she and Clark went outside to the loft.

Martha and Jonathon looked at each other in confusion.

"I have the strangest feeling that something happened, and it was not ice cream," Jonathon said.

"Well, look on the bright side," Martha said. "At least they're getting along,"

Clark and Sarah sat by each other laughing.

"I cannot believe you and your friends went all the way across the town on your bikes looking for me," Clark said smiling.

"Well, like I said," Sarah explained. "You're my brother, and I love you...You know this was fun. We should do it again,"

"What? Spend more time togethor, or fight people who put others into comas?" joked Clark

"I'd take both anyday,"

"Clark! Sarah!" Martha said as she came up. "Come on in the house and get in bed!"

"Uh Mom," Clark said. "Is it all right if we sleep in the loft tonight?"

Martha looked at her two children and smiled.

"Okay," she said. "Is there any blankets and pillows up here?"

"We'll be fine mom," Clark said.

"All right. Good night,"

"Night mom," said Sarah

Clark looked at Sarah with a grin on his face. When Sarah looked at him, she shifted uncomfortably.

"What are you thinking?" she asked

"Just one thing," he said.

"I don't like it whatever it is,"

"Too late!"

Without warning, Clark started tickling Sarah

"NO! CLARK! STOP IT! THAT TICKLES!" she said laughing, and trying to get away from his grasp

Clark still tickled Sarah, and they both ended up falling asleep, their heads tilted togethor. They both new this was the start of a great friendship