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Poetry in Motion

Chapter 1 – Mondays - Humiliation

Kai's POV.

Great, Monday… I hate Mondays! The first of the five days in which I get pestered by morons and dumb-asses who refer to themselves as 'teachers' and worst of all I have English! I hate English! My teacher basically thinks I'm retarded; I moved to America two years ago from Russia and didn't know a word of English, so I didn't really speak to anyone for, well…a long time, my English is still quite poor, and I can only just write in the English alphabet.

I know what you're thinking; surely I must have learnt it by now! Well, truth is I only started school in my second year of moving here, the first year my grandfather insisted I was home taught by a Russian teacher, so I wasn't taught English, but of course things didn't work out… My grandfather had to move back to Russia for business reasons, and he made me stay here with my Aunt and Uncle, don't get me wrong, I love them both, but I do miss my grandfather, at least I could be taught at home without anyone else bothering me, my grandfather was more than willing to keep paying my tutor, but my Aunt said I could only stay with them if he agreed to go to school, something about enjoying my childhood like a normal kid…huh, why she's calling a 16 year old a kid I don't know…

Anyway, back to the point…I hate Mondays.

Normal POV.

Kai walked through the large halls of the school, ignoring the annoying sounds of squealing and laughter that flooded them, his legs carried him automatically to room 101, and he walked in and sat down.

There were several other students in the room, most of them giving Kai a kind smile in greeting as he entered the room; Kai gave a very small smile in return.

The only thing Kai liked about the school was the students attitude towards him, even though he found a lot of them to be immature, he still appreciated it that he wasn't made fun of by many of them, and most of them treated him the same as the other kids.

Ten minutes later the classroom was full and the kids where sitting in there desks casually talking among themselves.

That is, until the door slammed against the wall as it was forced open, and an irritated man walked through the door.

'Ok, quite down class!' came the annoyed voice of the man, he was short and had a large build, and he had short brown hair, which looked as though it was glued down to his head.

The class became silent, and the man straightened his tie.

'Ok, first things first, I would like to collect your homework, which was to read the rest of To Kill A Mockingbird and write an essay on the character of Atticus Finch…'

A hand was raised instantly.

'Yes Tyson?' came the man's reply.

'Uhhh Mr. Harris, I left it in my locker…'

'Again? Ok well go and get it.'

The navy haired boy got up and left hurriedly.

Mr. Harris got up and walked around the room collecting the essays, his final collection was from Kai.

He scanned through Kai's essay and frowned, 'What do you call this?'

Kai swallowed, he knew that essay was full of mistakes, 'My essay sir…'

'Mr. Hiwatari, do you know how frustrating it is to try and teach someone when they won't even bother listening? I've explained this to you many times and you still manage to get it wrong…'

'I'm sorry sir….' He said with a very think accent.

'Maybe it would help you if the class helped you… Class, would you please explain to Mr. Hiwatari what is wrong with the following sentence?' he got out a pen and copied one of the sentences Kai wrote on the board.

'Atticus Finch is a verry respektd member of Maycomb, he is a loyer and father of too children, he is also verry hily thought of by the blak communitee.'

Kai burned red, this happened every time they had to write essays.

The rest of the class felt sorry for him, they knew it wasn't his fault, and thought Mr. Harris was being a little over the top about it.

One pupil raised his hand and Mr. Harris pointed, 'Yes, Kenny…'

The small boy stood up and walked to the board, 'Kai has only made a few spelling mistakes sir…' he said as he corrected the sentence, '…it's not too bad…'

Kai just stared down at his desk; he really wasn't in the mood to let this get to him.

After the whole ordeal was over, the class continued, today they were focusing on the ending of the book.

'And that class is the last thing we're going to cover on this, next lesson we will be starting Romeo and Juliet, however I have an announcement to make…'

The class looked up, intrigued.

'This is the last lesson you'll have with me as your teacher, I am leaving tomorrow to teach at a new school…'

He carried on talking, but it didn't register in Kai's brain, all he could hear were those sweet words, '…last lesson you'll have with me as your teacher…' he felt as though his mind was going to explode with joy.

'I can assure you that your new teacher is just as qualified as I am, so don't worry about that…thank you, you are dismissed…'

The next day, Kai awoke with a small smile, 'No more Harris…' he mumbled to himself.

He dressed in his usual clothes; baggy dark-gray pants, blue roll-neck sweater and long fingerless gloves, and naturally his face had his blue triangles painted on (A/N V-force!).

He went down the stairs of his Uncle and Aunt's house, and left for school.

When he got there he went straight to his locker, which he opened and searched for his books, which he'd left there.

'Hey Kai!' came a voice

Kai looked around in surprise, hardly anyone spoke to him outside class, it was Tyson and the small boy who 'helped' him yesterday, Kenny.

'Hello…' he said shyly.

'Are you ok? I mean after yesterday, Harris is a right ass when he wants to be…'

Kai looked at the navy haired boy and nodded, 'Nothing I can't handle, anyway he's gone now…'

Tyson smiled, 'Yeah, and according to the rumors our new teacher is pretty damn hot…'

Kai smiled, 'We have lady teacher?'

Tyson smiled wider about how cute and naïve he sounded, 'No, guy…'

Kai looked confused and then his eyes widened 'Ohhh you're uhhh…. umm…'

'Gay.' Tyson helped, 'and proud, you know it's quite cool that people are so cool about sexuality here, shame there aren't that many gays here though….'

Kai smiled and nodded, he didn't want to say anything, as he was unsure about his sexuality anyway.

Two lessons had past, and everyone was curious to know who there new teacher was, they all waited curiously for his arrival.

They were silenced when the door opened, and Kai felt his throat go dry.

A tall, slim Chinese man entered the room, he wore a short-sleeved blue shirt and smart, black pants, his hair went down to his knees and was tied back in a wrap, he wore a dark blue bandana to keep his long raven bangs out his tanned face, basically he was gorgeous.

'Good afternoon class! I'm you're new teacher, my name is Mr. Kon.' He looked around at the sea of faces and smiled, 'Any questions?'

Tyson's hand went up and Mr. Kon gestured to him, 'Do we have to study Romeo and Juliet? It's so lame and boring!'

Mr. Kon laughed, 'Yes we do, but I'll try my best to make it a bit more fun, How's that?'

The class cheered which made Mr. Kon laugh more.

'Ok, I'm going to go round the room, I want you to tell me your names, and just a little about yourself.'

He went round the room, everyone giving there name and description as he requested, Kai looked round, he was almost at him, he felt himself get nervous so he just did like always, stared at the desk.

He felt a hand on his shoulder which made him jump, he looked up and saw the cause of his nervousness standing over him, 'Heh, Sorry, didn't mean to scare you, so what's you're name? What are you into?'

Kai continued to stare at the teacher, he realized how beautiful his eyes were, sort of gold and amber mixed together, he was about to answer but for a moment he couldn't remember what his name was.

'Uhhh I'm Kai…' he managed to get out.

Mr. Kon smiled at him, 'A shy one I see…well don't worry I won't bite.'

Kai blushed even more and looked down at his desk.

'Hey, you haven't told me what you like yet!' Mr. Kon said pleasantly.

Kai looked back up, finding it impossible not to make eye contact.

'I like…music…. and I like drawing…' He said.

Mr. Kon tilted his head, 'that's cool, say you have a pretty thick accent, where are you from?'

Kai blushed, 'Russia…'

Mr. Kon smiled, 'Oh wow, hey let me see if I say this right, Dobre dyen, minya zavoot gaspadeen Kon, Ochin Priatne…'(good afternoon my name is Mr. Kon, pleased to meet you.)

Kai smiled, 'Pleased to meet you as well.'

The rest of the class smiled, finally there was an English teacher the kid could get along with.

Mr. Kon walked to the board, 'Ok! Now we've done the introduction, it's time to get serious! Everyone get out their copies of your beloved Romeo and Juliet!'

The class groaned, all that is except Kai, who sat watching the teacher, he watched him as he laughed softly at the classes reaction, his smile made Kai smile.

'Maybe English isn't so bad after all…' Kai thought.

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