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"(Talking in Russian in company of non Russians)"

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Chapter 8 – Aftermath

Tala tried to pull away, but his resistance against Rei's seduction was running on empty and he kissed him back passionately.

Rei undid his seatbelt quickly and leaned closer into Tala, though in the car it was proving difficult in the cramped conditions and so was beginning to feel increasingly frustrated with the restrictions.

He pulled away from the kiss and took Tala's hand, "Come inside…" he urged, "My bed is big enough for the both of us…"

Without a second thought Tala also undid his seatbelt and got out the car, following Rei to the front door, which he was slammed against and kissed repeatedly, drunken hands roamed his toned, masculine chest and began attempting to crawl up his shirt to explore his skin, but Tala grabbed them before they had the chance.

"Frisky are we?" Tala asked teasingly with a smirk as he saw Rei's flushed cheeks, the younger Chinese man glanced up at him with glazed eyes, he clumsily reached for his keys in his trouser pocket and forced the door open before hastily dragging Tala to his bedroom and shutting the door.

The sound of the door shutting woke his sleeping flat mate, who sat up tiredly, rubbing his eyes as he stood up and peered round the doorway and saw Rei's keys on the shelf as usual, meaning he was definitely home.

He jumped slightly when he heard the sound of movement within Rei's bedroom…the sounds belonged to more than one person, so Lee guessed that his time had come to retreat back to the living room and turn up the TV…

"Well…I always knew he'd end up needing some loving sooner or later…it's been a while." He thought to himself as he turned up the TV and continued watching his program and eating potato chips.

Back in the bedroom, Rei had attempted to remove Tala's shirt with his drunken hands but began to feel disgruntled as the fumbling meant that the buttons stayed fastened. To Tala's surprise he violently tore it open, sending buttons dropping to the floor in all directions and suddenly pounced on him, sending the two of them crashing onto the double bed.

Rei quickly but unsteadily straddled the red head triumphantly and with a sexy smile threw off his top, revealing smooth ripples of muscle covered by silky soft, tanned skin.

Tala couldn't help but feel aroused, his body was telling him he was lucky and should go for it, wanting nothing more but to please Rei and be pleased by him in return, but his heart was struggling with a dilemma.

Rei leant down and began leaving trails of sloppy kissed on Tala's skin, moving lower and lower, his hands doing the same and pulling down the zipper to Tala's pants.

Tala couldn't deny it felt good, but as his body felt the pleasure, his heart felt the pain, as Kai's voice popped into his head that for a moment haunted him.

"…I think I love him…"

"…Rei, wait a sec…" Tala pushed his shoulders gently, the young Chinese man sat up and tilted his head in confusion, "…what's the matter?" he asked in a soft voice.

"…I'm sorry, I have to go…"

"What? Why…what's the matter?"

"I just can't do this ok?" Tala explained softly as he started to sit up.

"But why not?" Rei asked persistently, starting to feel like maybe he'd done something wrong, after all…he was horny.

"…Its not that…its just…it's nothing but I have to go." Tala answered awkwardly as he got up and headed for the door.

Rei stood up quickly and swayed, "You can't just walk out on me without givin' me a proper explanation!" he slurred angrily.

Tala turned and sighed, "Look Rei, you're a great guy bu-"

He was cut off as Rei fell to the floor.

"Shit…Rei are you alright?" Tala asked in a concerned manner as he went over to him and picked him up.

Rei groaned tiredly and muttered to himself, Tala couldn't really make out what he was saying.

"Ok…bedtime…" Tala whispered as he placed Rei in his bed and covered him up with his blanket before leaving his room.

"Well…at least I get to make an easy escape…" Tala thought to himself, feeling cowardly.

Lee heard the bedroom door open and got up, looking through the doorway to see a red head heading towards the front door.

"Leaving so soon?" he asked suspiciously.

Tala jumped, "Oh, Hi…yeah, Rei drank a bit too much so I put him to bed."

"I see…" Lee said plainly, "And I suppose you've got to run?"

"As a matter of fact I do, but it's not what you think…" Tala could spot a protective friend a mile away, "I'm not here to get into his pants, infact Rei wanted us to sleep together but I pushed him away, now excuse me, I'll call him tomorrow to see how he is…"

Lee watched him leave and then automatically went to Rei's room to see Tala was right…he'd drunk way too much.

Tala drove home feeling plagued with guilt, in a way he'd broken his promise to Kai and he'd also left Rei, feeling like he'd treated him badly.

He made his way into the house tiredly once he'd arrived back, shutting the door and leaning against it, sighing.

"How did it go?" a jealous voice asked him.

"Kai? What are you still doing up? You've got school tomorrow!" He scolded as he looked up at his young cousin, who stood in the doorway.

Kai crossed his arms, "Couldn't sleep, now how did it…go…" he asked as he looked upon Tala's ripped open shirt.

"I see…" he said in an upset tone.

Tala looked down, "Kai, wait it isn't what you th-"

"I can't believe you'd do this to me! YOU SLEPT WITH HIM!"

"No wait! It wasn't l-"

"EVEN AFTER WHAT I TOLD YOU!" Kai shouted as tears made their way down his face.

"You've got it wr-" Tala tried to explain.

"DON'T EVEN TRY! I HATE YOU TALA! YOU'RE A SELFISH PRICK!" Kai shouted feeling his heart break.

"What's going on here!" came Sergei's voice as he heard all the commotion.

"Nothing…" Kai said in a quiet voice before running upstairs and going into his room.

"Tala what did you do this time…" Sergei asked in a monotonous voice.

"Why does everyone assume I've done something wrong! I didn't do anything, he's just over reacting about something and won't listen to me!" Tala answered in an annoyed tone before also making his way upstairs.

Kai's P.O.V



Ohhh…why did I have to fall for someone I can never have…I guess he had to find someone sometime…but why can't it be me? This sucks…

Just…oh the thought of Rei and Tala doing…THAT makes my skin crawl! The thought of Rei with anyone else whatsoever makes my stomach feel queasy…

I guess Tala was right…this infatuation does have to end otherwise I'm just going to feel like I do now…hurt and stupid and…just generally crap.

But I can't just stop feeling this way! If I could I would…but I can't so…I guess I won't.

There must be some way of us being together without him seeing like a pervert and me being the stupid child…and not loosing my family's approval…but now Tala's slept with him, oh why did he have to ruin everything! …Wait a sec, what did he ruin exactly? We aren't together…and we're not going to be…nope…never…

Jesus why do I have to cry so much? Why was I cursed with emotional weakness?

I wish I were one of those people that could simply brush away their feelings and just get on with life, one of those people that always seem happy, like Rei…

Damnit! He's all I can think about! Why can't I just get over him and do what Tala said and find someone who isn't totally out of my league!

How am I going to face him tomorrow? Or ever? Whenever I look at him all I'll see is him and Tala…

And I can't believe Tala would stab me in the back like that! Why would he do that to me?

Guess Rei and me are just never meant to be…

Normal P.O.V

Kai gradually feel asleep through his heart broken tears that night and only a few hours later was cruelly awoken by his alarm clock.

He lazily rolled over and shut it off before rolling back into his sleeping position.

"Maybe I can just say I'm sick today…I can't face him…"

He lay there for a few minutes, his mind frantically thinking through the whole situation, his heart sinking even further, he desperately wanted to fall back to sleep merely to escape his uncontrollable thoughts on the subject.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Kai! Are you up yet? You'll be late for school!" came Katya's muffled voice through the wooden door. "…I'm not feeling well auntie…" Kai said in a depressed voice. Katya opened the door straight away and walked in, instantly feeling his forehead. "You don't have a temperature…what's the matter?" She asked. Kai stuttered, he hadn't thought that far ahead. "…I just don't feel well…" "Ok, but where?" Katya pushed. "Stomach ache, headache…" Kai said quickly. Katya looked at him suspiciously, "This wouldn't have anything to do with your argument with Tala last night would it?" "Of course not…" Kai lied. "…I'm sorry I don't believe you, come on…out of bed, you'll be late." "But auntie…" Kai whined. "Sorry but you seem fine to me, now come on! If it gets worse then come home…" Katya said finally before leaving.

Kai unwillingly rolled out of his bed and got ready for school before leaving straight away without going to the kitchen to see anyone.

Katya frowned when she heard the front door shut.

"Tala, what exactly were you arguing about?"

Tala rolled his eyes, "Nothing, he got the wrong end of the stick about something, but don't worry I'll straighten it out when he gets home."

"Well I hope so! We've been able to avoid teenage hormones so far! We'd like to keep it that way!"

Meanwhile, Kai wandered lazily from lesson to lesson, trying his hardest not to think about anything, but was failing.

But Kai's daydreaming soon came to an end; "Kai! Will you tell the class what X equals?" An irritated math teacher's voice brought him back to earth.

Kai stared blankly at the teacher and shook his head, he didn't have a clue what X equaled, he didn't even know what the equation was.

"No answer? Well then I suggest you focus or find yourself in detention!"

Kai nodded half-heartedly and went back to what he was supposed to be doing.

Finally, came the dreaded moment, English.

He sat in his desk, this time really feeling sick, he just wanted to run away and be alone.

"You ok Kai? You look a little pale…" Tyson asked in a concerned voice as he looked at his friend.

"…Fine…" Kai answered back quietly, and he looked straight at the desk when he heard the door open.

"Afternoon class…" Rei greeted tiredly.

Kai's eyes remained on the table; he couldn't even face looking at him and blanked out his voice as he spoke to the class.

"Ok then class! Everyone clear on what they have to do?" Rei asked.

The class nodded and got their books out, while Kai sat staring at the desk.

Rei sat at his own desk at the front of the class and looked around, watching the class work and made frequent glances at Kai as he noticed he was simply staring at the desk.

He got up and walked over to him, kneeling down slightly to be at his level and smiled.

"Do you understand what you have to do, Kai?" He asked nicely.

"…Hm?" Kai asked as he reluctantly looked up and met his teacher's gaze.

"Do you understand what you have to do?" Rei repeated.

"Uhhh…yes…" Kai lied, just wanting him to go away.

"Then why are you just staring at the table? Is something wrong?" Rei asked.

Kai remained silent.

Rei sighed, knowing perfectly well he hadn't listened to a word he had said.

"Ok then Kai, what is it you have to do?"

Again, Kai remained silent, not knowing the answer and frankly just not wanting to talk to him.

Rei frowned, not feeling particularly patient today.

"Kai, I want an answer…"

"I don't know." Kai said bluntly.

Rei nodded, "Ok, well I just want you to write a tiny essay on Juliet's character…only about a page long."

"Ok…" Kai answered monotonously.

Rei looked at him before going back to his desk and rubbing his tired eyes.

Rei's P.O.V

Urgh, who's stupid idea was it to go out drinking on a school night? …Oh yeah…mine!

My head hurts, I have no energy and I just feel irritated and annoyed…I want my bed…

But no, it was self inflicted so I guess I'll have to stick it out…But I can't believe I just threw myself at Tala last night! He must think I'm so cheap…that isn't me at all!

And Jesus…Tala must have told Kai what happened and now he assumes his teacher is a bit of a tramp…the kid confided in me and now I just appear to be not all that trustworthy or the man he thought I was.

I know it's common for teenagers to rebel…but if he wants to pass English he'll have to do the work and he's still just staring at the table.

Maybe I should talk to him and try and explain myself, but what do I say? "I was really drunk and came on to your cousin…" I'd still look bad! Hardly a good example! But I guess if I reinforce that it was a totally one off thing then maybe I can earn his respect back…

It's odd, usually I don't really care what people think of me, but I guess I have to be careful now I'm in teaching…

Oh well, I can at least try I guess, I'll talk to him after class.

…And I'll never look Tala in the face again either…I'm such a dolt sometimes…no wonder I don't have a boyfriend!

Normal P.O.V

Rei carried on doing his own work before looking up at the clock; half the lesson had already gone.

"Good lord…is that the time? Ok class, pens down!"

The class instantly settled their pens down and looked up at Rei.

"Ok, who wants to read theirs allowed?"

Everyone remained silent…

"…Anyone?" Rei asked, but still the class stayed still.

"…Anyone at all?" Rei asked with a sweat drop. Nothing.

"So we're all being shy today? Ok…well I'll be mean and pick someone…hmmm…Kai, how about you?" he asked, wondering if he'd actually done anything.

Kai looked up in an impassive manner.

"No thank you…" he answered in a stoic voice.

Rei smiled slightly, though was starting to feel a little annoyed, "Well I'm afraid I'm telling you to…or would you prefer me to read it out for you?"

"You won't understand it…" Kai replied.

"…Why not?" Rei asked curiously.

Kai sat back in his seat, "Because I write it in Russian."

Rei cocked his head, "…But Kai, this is an English class, you're supposed to at least try and do your work in English…"

Kai shrugged indifferently, "Well…I can't think of anything…"

Rei frowned, "…ok, I'd like to have a word with you after class if you don't mind Kai…" he said in a monotonous voice.

The class looked at each other, this was the first time they had seen Rei in a mood other than cheery, and especially towards Kai, he was the one everyone would least expect to be in trouble of any kind.

Kai sat through the rest of the lesson feeling very confused and dispirited, what did he really want? Why was he attracted to Rei anyway? And how could he have such strong feelings for someone he hardly knew? He just didn't understand his mind at all.

The end of the lesson finally came, and the other kids were out of the room quicker than you could say 'class dismissed'. Though both Kai and Rei remained in their seats, Kai suddenly not feeling that confident.

Rei stared at the young Russian for a moment before composing himself.

"…You know Kai, I can't blame you for being angry with me…"

Kai looked up, listening.

"…If someone treated someone in my family as badly as I treated one of yours, I would be angry too…"

Kai's eyebrows furrowed, he was confused. How had he treated Tala badly?

"I want to make it clear that it was a total one off! I swear I never drink but last night I drank just way too much…I made a fool out of myself and I'm really sorry…I'll be telling Tala that too…"

Kai thought for a minute, "…sorry, but I don't understand, why you apologize?"

Rei skin paled, "…Tala didn't tell you what happened last night, did he?"

Kai sniffed, "It is none of my business…but he come home with broken shirt…so I assume you had fun…" he said jealously without realizing.

Rei frowned; "Broken shirt? What's that meant to mean?" he quizzed himself, not recalling anything about a shirt.

"Look Kai, nothing like that happened! I stupidly came on to him and he pushed me away…I'm ashamed of what I did so that's why I'm sorry…"

Kai merely looked at him, speechless.

"Are you ok, Kai?" Rei asked, seeing his shocked expression.

"…So you and Tala…didn't…" his face turned a familiar shade of red and Rei knew instantly what he was trying to ask and also blushed.

"No…no we didn't."

"But…you wanted to?" Kai asked openly, causing Rei's blush to darken.

"Well…I…you see…" Rei scanned his brain frantically for an appropriate answer to tell his teenage student.

Kai sighed sadly, "It's ok…I know you did…and it's your life, you like who you like…"

Rei couldn't help but observe his gloomy expression.

"You do have a problem with me and your cousin, don't you?"

Kai shrugged, "Even if I did, what does it matter?"

"It matters because if you had a problem with it then I'd back off, but anyway, I'm going to back off as it is…" Rei said in a quiet voice, his mind was a muddle and wasn't making a huge amount of sense.

Kai looked at him, "You are not going to see him again?" he asked in a surprised voice.

"No…it's for the best, I mean I don't want to make things awkward between me and you, and plus, he's going back to Russia soon, so it's a little pointless to try and start anything now."

Kai couldn't help but smile, he noted that Rei had considered HIS feelings before Tala's, it may not have been the case, but that was what he was choosing to believe, and felt a lot happier.

Rei noticed his smile and gave him a small one in return, "…So you're not angry with me?" He asked, worried that he'd ruined the relationship they had.

Kai shook his head, "No, not at all."

Rei gave a small sigh of relief, "Good…now how about I give you a ride home? I need to see Tala as it is…"

Kai nodded and thanked him before following Rei out to his car once again before getting in.

"So…" Rei said, trying to change the subject, "How are you feeling about the test next week?"

"Ok I guess…I will work hard for it."

Suddenly something dawned on Kai, "…Uhhh…Mr. Kon…I'm supposed to have detention for two weeks…"

Rei didn't seem bothered by this, infact he smiled softly, "Take it as my way of saying sorry, the least I can do is let you off detention for a day or two…if anyone asks I can just say I was helping you study."

"Thank you." Kai said with gratitude, "But you don't need to do anything for me."

"I know, but it's ok! We'll start this detention thing tomorrow and I can help you out with studying for this test."

Kai only wished he could just cuddle up to him at that moment, just lay together and hold each other close…but of course it wasn't going to happen.

They arrived back at Kai's house and Kai opened the door and gestured for Rei to follow.

"(I'm home! And Tala, Rei's here!)" He called out as soon as he got in the door.

Frantic footsteps were instantly heard thumping down the stairs and the redhead soon appeared.

"Hey Rei…how are you feeling?" Tala asked.

Once again Rei felt the embarrassment of the previous evening and cringed to himself.

"Look…Tala, can we talk?" He asked gently.

"Sure…want to come upstairs?" Tala asked, Rei nodded and followed him upstairs.

Kai watched them go, and couldn't help but feel ecstatic, Rei wasn't going to be with Tala, which would have been bad for Tala, but he didn't like Rei in that way so much, which made it ok for Kai to feel that way, or that was Kai's reasoning anyway, but his main reason for feeling so happy was because now he had a slightly higher chance of being with Rei than he did, it was still a miniscule chance, but a chance all the same.

He bounced into the kitchen, "Hey guys!"

"Hello Kai…my your mood has sure improved!" Katya remarked.

"Yeah well…it's too nice a day to be down!"

"Well…it's good that you're thinking positive…" Katya said in a bewildered voice as she exchanged glances with Sergei, considering Kai's behaviour as strange.

"Yeah! Anyway, I have work to do! Ciao!" Kai declared cheerfully and went up the stairs and heard the voices of Rei and Tala, which made him walk more slowly and quietly.

"I'm sorry about last night Tala…" He heard Rei say, "I didn't mean to just throw myself at you…and I don't usually drink."

"Don't worry about it Rei, I know you don't usually drink and I know it was a one off, no need to apologize to me!"

"So no hard feelings?"

"None at all!" Tala replied in a sweet voice.

"Good, well…I just wanted to apologize and be on my way, so I'd better go…it was nice meeting you!"

Tala laughed slightly, "Yeah, you too."

Rei nodded, still feeling a little awkward but turned to leave.

"I'm sure there's someone for you, maybe even right under your nose!" Tala commented.

Rei turned back and smiled, "Same to you Tala, and thanks! Good luck!" and with that he left the room.

Kai heard him leave the room, so pretended to be casually coming up the stairs, he smiled at him softly as he came out.

"I'll see you tomorrow Kai!" Rei said to the young Russian with a smile.

"Yes, until tomorrow…" Kai replied and watched his teacher leave.

He sighed and walked into Tala's room.

"…I'm sorry, I didn't mean to jump to conclusions…" he said quietly.

Tala smiled softly, "Oh don't worry about it, lets just forget about it."

Kai grinned and walked over, hugging his cousin, feeling even better now the air had been lifted between the two.

That evening at dinner, the whole family was astounded by how much Kai was talking, his whole life he had been pretty quiet and only really spoke if you spoke to him first, but tonight he was just talking, talking, talking.

"And did you know that they thought Shakespeare was gay?"

"…No I didn't…" Sergei answered as he just stared, bewildered.

"And when he died apparently he only left his wife the bed! How cheap is that? The guy is one of the most famous writers in the world and he only leaves his wife his bed? I'd at least let her have the garage so she could live somewhere…"

"I'm sure they didn't have garages in those days Kai…" His grandfather replied, amused.

"…Oh yeah…well…whatever the equivalent was! Horse and cart room or…something! Just basically a roof over her head!"

Bryan was just laughing while the family looked at each other, "You alright Kai?" Sergei asked.

"Yeah fine, why?" He asked.

"You're just abnormally talkative tonight."

"Oh well! It's just a good day is all! And it's good to talk…" Kai explained happily.

"Right…" Sergei nodded.

They continued to listen to the happy teen as he cheerfully chatted away for the rest of the dinner.

They were actually quite relieved when he went upstairs to do his homework; finally they had some peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, Kai had his head in a Russian version of Romeo and Juliet, hoping to understand it more.

"…This is so boring…" he thought to himself as he wrote little notes down on paper, "But I have to study hard…I have to pass this test!"

And that's exactly what he did, he went through every line and tried to think of things he could write about in English.

Kai looked up sleepily at the clock.

"Man, is that the time already? I should hit the sack…" he said to himself before putting his books away, brushing his teeth, stripping to his boxers and climbing into his bed.

His eyes stung from all that reading and concentrating so his mind shut down easily and his eyes closed, soothing the sting and he quickly fell asleep.

Kai knocked on the classroom door, "Mr. Kon?" he called out before standing back a little.

The door flew open and the stunning Chinese man stood before him, all his skin exposed apart from his boxer shorts covering his dignity.

"Kai…I've been expecting you, come on in…" he said with a seductive smirk and dragged him in, slamming the door shut behind him.

Kai looked around confused, and attempted to avoid staring at Rei's incredibly tempting body.

Rei smirked, amused by his shyness, "Go ahead and look…and touch…" Rei said huskily as he quickly grabbed the bottom of Kai's shirt and yanked it off before taking hold of the younger boy and pulling him into an embrace.

Kai gasped, feeling Rei's warm, bare skin against his was enough to turn him on.

"Awww Kai, don't get so riled up yet…we haven't even started!" Rei insisted sexily as he ran his hands up and down Kai's pale, silky skin.

Kai closed his eyes, Rei's caresses felt so good, he snapped and pulled Rei into a needy kiss.

Rei was taken by surprise by this sudden act of passion, but was only too happy to respond, and as they kissed he worked his hands down to Kai's belt and skillfully managed to remove it.

Kai broke away from the kiss, "Rei…what are you?" he asked in a timid voice, though he didn't finish his sentence due to Rei unbuttoning his pants.

"I want you…" Rei declared as he pulled the zipper down and eased his pants off the younger boy's body, leaving him just as exposed as Rei, "And I know you want me too…"

"B-but Rei!" Kai stuttered, "What if we're...Ahhhh…" a deep moan escaped his lips as Rei slipped his hand into Kai's boxers and gently rubbed his erection.

"Just…don't think…don't do anything but focus on us…" Rei soothed in his ear, the warm breath brushing against his ear, sending shivers down Kai's spine.

Rei gently pushed Kai back onto his clear desk, still rubbing and exploring the younger boys previously untouched areas.

Kai moaned furiously, feeling intense waves of pure pleasure brought by Rei's strokes, he arched his back and rocked his hips into Rei's hand, craving more.

Rei could sense Kai's need and felt happy to oblige, his removed Kai's boxers completely, leaving the timid boy naked as the day he was born.

Rei gently kissed the boy as he sat the younger boy on the desk and spread his thighs open, settling between them.

Kai looked down and shuddered slightly, this was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.

Rei looked up to meet the younger boy's lust filled eyes before smirking once more and lowering his head down, teasing the tip of Kai's penis with his wet tongue and felt satisfied when he heard Kai cry out in ecstasy.

He continued to tease him, running his tongue ever so gently up and down the length and randomly sucking on the tip, enjoying the sounds of pure delight coming from the young Russian's shy mouth.

He grinned with satisfaction when he felt Kai's legs start to shake, his moans becoming frequent and increasing in volume and intensity, his body starting to sweat and his breathing now coming in sharp pants.

Rei had had enough of foreplay, not only was it satisfying to know he had that kind of effect on Kai, it was also sexy and incredibly arousing, he wanted the boy now.

He pulled away from Kai's erection and stood again, loving the boy's confused and protesting look.

"I can tell you're a virgin…so don't worry, I'll be gentle with you…" He said as he turned Kai around and bent him over the desk.

He quickly leant over and opened the drawer of his desk and pulled out a bottle, squeezing the clear substance onto his fingers before gently pushing against Kai's entrance.

Kai's eyes were fixed shut, his hands gripping onto the edge of the table, bracing himself for what he knew would be a painful experience.

Rei slipped one of his fingers in, stretching him for the very first time, he was gentle but even still pain was inevitable.

Kai instantly tensed, it felt strange and was uncomfortable.

Rei leaned forward and whispered to him as he slipped is a second finger in, "Just relax…I promise it won't feel so bad once you've relaxed…"

Kai tried his best to do as he was told but found it difficult, especially when Rei inserted more of his fingers and stretched him more, he grunted in discomfort and Rei removed his fingers and squeezed more of the clear substance onto his own throbbing member before positioning himself.

"Are you ready for this Kai?" He asked softly, his voice laced with need and desire.

"Yes…" Kai panted, he too wanted this, he was more aroused than he'd ever been, and his love for Rei was finally about to be returned.

Rei nodded and slowly eased himself inside Kai, letting out a deep moan as he felt Kai's warm and tight entrance surround his needy arousal.

"Ungh…Kai…" he moaned as he started to slowly thrust in and out of him, holding on to his hips to steady himself.

Kai threw his head back, his mouth couldn't stay closed and he simply panted and groaned in bliss.

'It feels so strange, but at the same time he feels so amazing…' the young Russian thought to himself as he felt Rei push in and out of him.

Soon, Rei's resistance shattered, no longer could he thrust so gently, it simply wasn't fulfilling his needs, he wanted to slam into him hard, so he began to thrust faster and harder into him, crying out Kai's name as he did so.

He slipped one of his hands from his hip round to his erection and pumped him to the rhythm of his thrusts.

"Oh Rei…Rei...Reeeeei…" Kai groaned frantically as he felt the spot Rei was hitting release intense and powerful pulsations within his lower body, almost feeling like he couldn't take anymore, his mind became clouded with ecstasy.

Suddenly Kai felt a surge of thrilling intensity as his body shuddered violently, he yelled out Rei's name over and over as he came, covering Rei's hand in white fluid.

Rei panted loudly and with a few more aggressive thrusts he too was calling out Kai's name, feeling the same pleasure Kai had experienced moments ago, releasing deep inside Kai.

After a few moments, Rei pulled himself out of Kai and pulled the now exhausted young boy into his arms tenderly.

"I love you…" he told the Russian as he held him, kissing his lips delicately.


Kai woke, startled by the sudden return to reality.

He viciously slammed the alarm clock to shut it off and lay back for a moment.

"…Now that is one dream I pray that will come true…" he smiled to himself, "Not only having amazing sex with Rei…but him to tell me he loved me."

He sighed contently and sat up to get out bed…but his pants felt a little sticky.

"…Ah shit…" he grumbled to himself before hastily going to his bathroom, thankful that he had his own.

"…I wonder if Rei could ever love me…" he thought to himself as he cleaned himself up, "I mean…at the end of the day we're just two guys…gay guys…title and age should have nothing to do with it…I guess we'll find out…"

After cleaning up and dressing, he left his bedroom and went downstairs, ready to face his day and Rei once again, and on the upside, he had detention with Rei after school…and as odd as it seemed, he couldn't wait.

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