Title: Without Love

Author: Jaime

Rating: R, (this chapter)

Characters: David Bautista, Anastasia Conard (O/C)

Contents: language, sexual content, sexual innuendos, mild violence

Summary: Anastasia, Vince's god-daughter tries desperately not to fall back in love with David. Because without love on his part what would they have?


Anastasia Conard looked around the crowd of people in the meeting room before Monday Night RAW. Most of the people Anastasia knew, many she wished she hadn't. Especially him. David Bautista. The one that got away. Well more correctly the one that ran away, sprinted even. After they'd been dating for over a year Anastasia had made the mistake of saying those three little words. You know the one's, the one's that bring the world tumbling down. When they come out it's almost as if you yelled FIRE! Everyone starts running like crazy people. Yep those words. I. Love. You know the last one.

Anastasia had managed to stay away from him for two years now, being transferred to Smack Down as a member of Stephanie's creative team there and a fill in announcer when Tazz or Michael went on vacation. She'd been quite hurt when she'd found out that David married not long after they're break up but couldn't help but laugh when Stephanie informed her they divorced because David told her he didn't love her. What was with men? Could any of them love?

"Ladies and Gentlemen." Vince said, clearing his throat. "Please welcome back to RAW's creative team, Anastasia Conard."

Anastasia stood up briefly and smiled for everyone before taking her seat next to Stephanie again. She tried, to no evail, to keep from looking at David. When she did look into the piercing green stare, she could see the same heat and want that usually was there. She could feel the pounding in that soft spot between her legs begin to numb, begging for him to make it all better. She did her best to try and keep her want under wraps as the meeting ended and she made her way toward Stephanie's office.

"I can't believe they are putting Randy with Stacy." Stephanie laughed.

"They're cute together." Anastasia stated. "The height difference is just as much as with you and Paul."

"Except I'm a man." Paul laughed, kissing Stephanie on the cheek. "How the hell are ya short stuff?"

"Ha ha." Anastasia laughed. Her laughter was cut short as she saw HIM approach them.

"Hey Ana." David said, wrapping his arms around her and hugging her to him. "Whatcha been up to?"

Anastasia quickly wiggled out of the hold and straightened her shirt, trying with all her might to keep the burning flame that touching him sent through her under control.

"Hey Dave. I've been around." Anastasia stuttered. "How you been? Sorry to hear about the divorce."

She noticed the looks on all three's faces and she smiled.

"Okay so I'm not really all that sorry about the divorce but you know." She said. "Nice talking to you. I'll see you guys later."

She practically ran from the arena toward her rental car. How will I EVER make it through this?

(Same disclaimer)

Rating: NC-17

((Chapter 1))

Later that night Anastasia lay in her room, having finally gotten to sleep after tossing and turning for three hours.


She smiled as she watched him climb across the bed toward her. Like a lion climbed toward it's helpless pray. She wiggled as he ran his hand, then his tongue up her bare leg, toward her womanhood. When he finally let his tongue tease her entrance she grabbed a hand full of his hair and let her head fall back. Before long she was begging for him to be inside of her, to take her. After what seemed like forever he finally leaned back on his knees and entered her with one long, rough snap of his hips. She dug her nails into his upper arms as he pounded in and out of her. And she could hear his words echoing in her ears.

"I love being inside of you." David said. "I love the way you look when you are about to reach your peak."

Before long they both climaxed and collapsed into a ball of body parts on the bed.

End Dream

Anastasia shot up out of bed as her alarm went off and tried to get her breathing to even out. She ran a hand through her long brown hair as she thought back to her dream. It wasn't really a dream, more like a memory. Just after Adam and Alana's wedding at the hotel. David had been so hard he thought about dragging her into a broom closet at the reception instead of waiting for the hotel. Her and David had always had magical sex, without boundaries. Each always knew what the other wanted. The thought made a smile come to her face until she remembered. That was all they ever were. Good sex. Never love. If she hadn't said those three words where would they be today? Probably just good sex and how long can that last? Will it last forever? Where can a relationship go without love?

"Damn it I'm turning into one of those cheesy girls from Sex and the City." She mumbled to the empty room as she jumped out of bed.

She quickly showered and dressed, grabbing her suitcase and taking one last look around the room before leaving for her flight. She caught a ride to the airport with Stephanie and Paul and found her seat on the plane. She secretly hoped she didn't have sit next to Randy, everyone knew how much she hated having to listen to him hit on her all the way to the next city. She felt the seat next to her shift as she looked out the window and became annoyed.

"Look Randy why…." She began, turning to see David sitting there.

"Yes?" He asked, smiling.

"Nevermind." She said, returning her gaze to the window.

She tried to ignore him the whole trip, well at least tried to make him THINK she was ignoring him. On the inside she was dying, she was hot and she was sure that the seat was beginning to get wet. She also knew that when she made it to her hotel room she was going to have to do what every woman hated having to do, settle for the easy, self fix. She shuttered just thinking about it. She'd never had to do it before she met David and when they were together she only did it because he liked to watch, after it was because if she didn't she'd self-distruct. As she felt the plane land, she ran off the plane and toward the waiting limos.

She fidgeted and shook her leg the entire limo ride.

"Are you okay?" Paul asked, looking at the nervous young woman sitting in front of him.

"Fine. Just fine." Anastasia smiled.

When they made it to the hotel they all got their room keys.

"Sorry Miss Conard we seemed to mess up your suite." The clerk told her.

"Like I don't have one?" She asked.

"No you have one but you got a two bedroom suite with someone else, so you'll have to share." He told her.

"No problem," she said, grabbing the key, cutting him off mid-sentence.

She opened the door to the room that connected both suites and hurried to the one she assumed to be hers. The others door was already closed and there was a bag sitting in front of the door. She closed her door and dropped her luggage on the bed. Grabbing her toiletry bag she hurried to the bathroom, jumping under the warm spring of water. After the shower didn't help her, she knew she had no other choice. Just like David had taught her, she turned the water off almost all the way and waited for it to trickle out of the spoit sticking out of the wall. As she lay back in the bathtub letting the water drip over her clit, she remembered the time David had taught her the trick.

They'd just returned from Rehab after his surgery. He couldn't have sex so he merely enjoyed watching her and then allowing her to pleasure him. He'd asked her to take a bubble bath with him and after they'd let all the water out and he got out, he left the water trickling out of the faucet. As she reached up to turn it off all the way, he grabbed her hand and looked upon her with a smile.

"Lay down." He'd instructed her, which she did immediately. "Let the water hit your pussy. No further down. Good."

David had watched her as her orgasm took her over minutes later, then she'd turn her attention to his own pleasure.

Anastasia felt her present-day orgasm about to hit her when she was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Do you need any help?" She heard David's laughing voice say from the other side of it.

She was fuming. She could have actually sworn she could see red. He'd been listening to her. He knew what she was doing in here. And he had to have known it was because of him. She grabbed the white towel from the hanger next to the tub and swung the door open with all her might.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asked.

"I'm in the other room." He said, smiling. "Like I said before do you need any help?"

"I was just letting the water out." Anastasia said. "Now if you'll excuse me I'm having dinner with Trish and the girls."

"Sure you were." David laughed, leaving the room.

Anastasia watched as he left and she ran a hand through her hair. This was going to be the hardest thing she'd ever done.

"Hard?" Anastasia thought. "Let's forget I know that word."