Harry Potter is red

Voldemort is blue

Me no own

So you no sue!

Big Scary Castle 11:42pm

' Why does Potter keep interrupting my plans? How does he constantly win? I've got money, power, loyal followers and he's got a muggle loving old fool, a mudblood, and a orange haired sidekick, YET HE STILL BEATS ME! He shouldn't be called the Boy-Who-Lived,he should be calledthe Boy- Who-Just-Won't-Stay-Dead! I've got everything, yet I still lose! How is this possible! Why are all my DeathEaters staring at me? Oh yeah, I summoned them here for a mission. Hey, I've got the bloody song from "Mission Impossible" stuck in my head. DeathEaters, what kind of name is that, anyway? You can't eat death. I have heard of the saying "Biting the Dust", but that's different. If it was up to me, I'd name them the Leroys or something cool like that. Oh hey, I still have to give them their mission'

"Go attack Diagon Alley!"

(cheers and sound of apparating fill the air.)

'Good, everyone's gone. Now, I can think in peace. What was I thinking about to begin with? Oh yeah, I remember. Potter. Bloody pain in the arse, that he is. It seems like I can never defeat him, but I know I'm stronger than him. Bloody hell, I'm depressing myself. Ooooh, BUNNIES! Pet the bunnies, pet the bunnies!'

On the other side of Scotland: Hogwarts, Unplottable 11:45pm

'Alright already! Yes, we all know you want to kill me and that bunnies are cute, and huggable, and fluffy, but SOME OF US HAVE POTIONS TESTS AND NEED TO SLEEP!'

Big Scary Castle 11:46pm

'Fine, I'll stop plotting your demise and petting the cute, fluffy bunny so you can get some rest... petting the bunnies, petting the bunnies.'

(that lasted long)

Hogwarts 11:48pm

" And people wonder why I have a constant headache!"

A/N: In case you're a little behind, this is Voldemort and Harry mind speaking through their connection.

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