Author's Note : The other day I was thinking about wishes and stars, so I decided to write something about it. So here it is. This is my very first fic so be nice.

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Warnings: Child abuse, shonen-ai in the future.

Pairings: Can give away the pairing so early in the game.

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Summary: After over-hearing a story, 6-year-old Naruto wishes to find love in a rather specific way.

"Blah Blah" Talking

'Blah Blah' Thinking

F> Flashbacks

End F>End Flashbacks

/Something something/Actions


By: KoolAnimeFreek

Chapter 1: I wish…

Azure colored eyes gazed longingly to the darkened sky watching in rapt attention the thousands of stars that blinked at him from up above.




"Get away, monster!"


"Mommy, can I play with that kid? He looks nice…"


"Don't say that! Stay away from that demon!"

End Flashback >

Tears gather in eyes of the color of a morning sky. Chibi hands hardened into fists, as the child of 6 years of age tried to stop the tears from falling onto whiskered cheeks.


A blonde huddled in a corner of a closet in his apartment trying desperately to keep quiet.

"Where are you demon?" a cruel voice spat.

Footsteps could be heard coming closer and closer to the small closet that had become his hideout since the blonde was a year old.

'Please, don't let her find me!' the little blonde pleaded in his mind. 'I was just trying to be nice. Why can't she love me?'

The closet door was opened harshly and a strong hand reached grabbing the little boy's bonny arm.

"Do you think you can hide from me! After all you've done?" a woman of around mid-twenties growled hauling the little boy closely to her face. Deep green eyes flashed angrily when the boy whimpered. Without a second thought the woman threw the boy to the floor.

Raising a hand holding a crumpled piece of paper, the woman said coldly,

"What is this! Why did you give this to me? Who gave you the right to even think of giving this to me?"

The blonde whimpered pitifully.

"I…uhh…heard it was your birthday today… and… I thought you would like…a…card?" the boy whispered shakily.

"Why would I like a card from a bakemono like you? You're a hateful little shit that no one loves and no one ever will!" the woman growled, crumpled the card into a ball and threw it to the floor. Then she stomped out the apartment leaving the door open and a little boy sobbing on the floor.

End F>

"Why can't anyone love me?" the boy muttered. Watery blue eyes gazed to the skies again searching. He unclenched his fists and with one he picked a small piece of paper. Taking his eyes from the sky, the blonde started reading aloud.

"Nice, smart, strong, cares for me, can understand me, will never leave me alone, protects me, loves me forever," the blonde whispered the last word. Then, "pretty just like a star in the night and umm… I need something more…something that will let me know that it is the one" mumbled the boy scratching the back of his head. "I know! A mark of a star on the left shoulder…yea…now to wait." Determined blue eyes stared to the skies searching for that one star that would change everything.


A boy walked one morning with his tiny hands on his pockets. His orange t-shirt as well his spiky blonde hair fluttered with the wind. Small sandaled feet quietly headed to the forest. Looking up to the early morning sky, the blonde watched the fluffy white clouds moving along with the wind. Reaching the forest, said blonde climbed a tree, lay down on a branch and continued watching the clouds.

A few hours later, voices woke the boy from his nap.

"C'mon onee-san, tell me the story," a little girl's voice pleaded.

"'kay Hikari, well here goes" an older girl's voice said before coughing slightly and beginning her tale.

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl that lived all alone in a very remote place. Her home was an empty dark palace where no one had set foot on for over a hundred years. The girl didn't know how she had come to live in this palace but whenever she tried to leave it, a dark scary voice would stop her with a thunderous: 'NO!' After many tries, the girl grew scared of the voice and decided that she would stay in the palace forever. However, the girl was a dreamer and had a great imagination. One day she found a drawer full of blank scrolls. The girl was so excited! Now she would be able to be outside the palace without having to leave it. Days and days when by and the girl wrote on every scroll her adventures. However, it wasn't very long before she found out she only had one scroll left. She searched every room in the palace. Looking and looking for more scrolls to write on, but was never able to find more. That night, the girl decided to write on the last scroll an adventure she had never written before. It was about a boy who would save her from the dark voice and the palace. She listed in the scroll everything that she wanted that boy to be. When she paused after finishing her list, the girl gazed to the darkened night and was witness of a wonderful shooting star. In her mind, there was only one phrase. 'I wish my prince will come rescue me' Looking down to the scroll, the girl read aloud the list and with a sigh she stood up and went to sleep.

Days, months, years went by and the girl now a woman forgot the night she wished to the shooting star. One morning, the woman was cleaning the palace when she heard footsteps. She was speechless. Who would be coming near the palace after such a long time? She hid behind a curtain and when the footsteps stopped she risked a peak. There stood a handsome man. Brown hair fell over bright mismatched eyes (one green one blue) shadowing a straight nose and thin lips. A yukata dressed a strong frame and a pair of sandals were on his feet. A katana was strapped to his hip were strong hands were placed. The woman was so startled she gasped and the man looked directly at her. 'Hello miss. Is this your property?' The woman stiffly nodded. The man smiled showing a perfect set of white teeth. 'Is it okay if I rest for a while? I have been traveling for a long time.' The woman again nodded and motioned him to a futon in the next room. 'Arigato'

After settling the stranger to rest, the woman rapidly went to her room. Searching within her scroll drawer, she took one out and opened it reading aloud. 'Brown hair, mismatched eyes, one blue one green, strong, nice, nice smile, will protect me, will save me.' The woman gasped and with a shaky hand she whispered, 'my prince came to save me.' The woman hurriedly packed her things and waited till the stranger woke up. When he did, she prepared a quick meal for him and introduced herself. 'Hello, my name is Keiko.' 'Hello Keiko-san. I'm Daichi. It's a pleasure.' When Daichi decided to depart a couple of hours later, Keiko pleaded him to take him with her. He agreed and they set to leave the palace. Keiko was so excited. She stopped right before the dark voice would tell her not to leave. Daichi turned around after a while when he didn't Keiko beside him and with a raised eyebrow asked, 'Is something wrong Keiko-san?' Looking up, Keiko concentrated on the mismatched eyes and took a step forward. No voice stopped her. Determinately she continued walking faster and faster with a big smile on her face never letting her gaze waver from her prince. 'No nothing's wrong. Everything's perfect.' Daichi smiled at her and taking her hand, they both left the palace grounds and walked to the sunset. It is said that Keiko never left her prince's side. Daichi fell in love with her soon after he saved her and they married and had children. Keiko would tell her story to her children and her children would pass it to their children and so on. And every time a shooting star was spotted, wishes would be made and come true. The end. (1)"

"Wow," the little girl gasped. "Onee-san do you know when I can see a shooting star? I want to make a wish."

The older girl giggled and said, "Well, Hikari, my sensei told me that you would be able to see one in a couple of days. Would you like that?"

"YEA!" the little girl screamed.

"Okay. Hikari, we have to go, okassan will serve lunch soon," the older girl said. Footsteps could be heard moving farther and farther away.

'A shooting star, huh?' the boy thought. Leaping from atop the branch, the blonde raced to his apartment.

End F>

Azure eyes looked fixedly to the sky, waiting anxiously for that shooting star.

"If I remember correctly, the old geezer (2) said that a shooting star would pass by tonight…" the blonde murmured.

Suddenly, a bullet of light raced in the black sky.

"Oh! There it is!" the boy gasped. Closing his eyes, the boy wished.

'I wish…'


(1) A tale I made up.

(2) The Sandaime. I think Naruto calls him that.

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