My Season 4 - VOL. I

Abashed Enchanters, Part 1

The 2nd Teen Titans Fanscript – Fanfic Adaptation

By RavenStar

Author's Note: The plot for Abashed Enchanters is as follows: Jinx defects to the Titans, quickly quelling thoughts that she's trying to subvert them, and soon becomes a powerful new addition and friend to the group. But when an unexpected attraction starts forming between her and Raven, both girls find themselves confused over their feelings and emotions - and Cyborg finds himself needing a more efficient circuit breaker for his jealousy fuse.


It was late noon in Jump City – though, it didn't exactly look it. The sky was filled with dark clouds. And if it wasn't for the thunder and lightning, one might have thought Jump City was in western Oregon, the rain was pouring so hard.

In an unknown room somewhere in the city, no lights were on. The room was bathed in darkness, illuminated only by the lightning of the storm. Heavy, frantic, scared breathing cut through the pounding of the rain on the windows. A small suitcase was tossed on a bed, open – and a familiar-looking sorceress' outfit was frantically chucked into it, along with a few other items. A shadowed figure threw a hood over their head and grabbed the suitcase in haste. As they yanked the suitcase off the bed, a small, hexagonal-shaped object fell out of the suitcase onto the bed. The figure gave it no heed. A phone jack near the door was unplugged - and shortly thereafter, the figure left the room.

The boots of the hooded figure splashed through puddles as the person ran down many sidewalks and through even more many dark back alleys, their already scared breathing picking up in pace as they went. Then the mysterious figure finally emerged from the maze of the city blocks – finding themselves looking out over Jump City Bay at: Titans Tower.

Robin, Cyborg, and Raven walked around the huge rocks on the back of their island. Titans Tower loomed behind them. They were in midst of conversation - Raven presently being the one talking.

"...They say she still walks among these rocks, clad as an old woman in grey…"

"Aw, c'mon now, Raven - who's gonna fall for that?" Cyborg said, amused.

"I wouldn't put it past her, Cyborg," Robin chimed in. "This island is very old."

"Yeah, I never noticed how close together the rocks are here," returned Cyborg. "It's almost like they're - speaking - to - each other. But still-"

He stopped talking due to the fact that Raven and Robin had suddenly grown quiet. Raven seemed to have noticed something. Robin walked up to her, intent on finding out what that was.

"What is it?" he whispered as Cyborg silently came up beside them. "What do you see?"

"Someone approaches," Raven whispered back, flitting her eyes in the direction behind her. Robin and Cyborg needed not do the same. They quietly readied their weapons to attack – Robin, his staff; Raven, her dark energy; Cyborg, his sonic cannon.

"We have to be fast," Robin whispered. Raven and Cyborg nodded. Tension built as Robin silently counted down, timing themselves off.

1…2…3! They whirled around—

"I DON'T WANNA HURT YOU!" Jinx screamed, frantically waving her arms.

The Titans froze their attack just in time. Jinx stood on a rock behind them, her normal garb covered by a grey cloak. She was shaking quite heavily – but it didn't appear that it was from the cold. Her eyes wide with fear, she appeared seriously scared as she constantly looked around. Cyborg was the only one who seemed concerned with this, though.

"I wanna join you!" Jinx continued.

"Jinx?" Cyborg asked.