I keep meaning to write this, but I keep forgetting. Now's the time...

(Note: Mostly Marth and Link starting out...)

Afternoon. Saturday. The Smashers had no battles to fight this particular Saturday. Master Hand kept getting finger cramps for no reason. Good news, right?

Well, a little.

All of the shows had gone off by this time, so even though they had nothing to do, they had nothing to do. When Peach suggested a little mansion-wide cleaning...not a thrilling something to do, but it was something to do. She said it would only take about half an hour. Not bad. Harmless, right?

Not at all.

The craziness that would follow kept some of them involuntarily occupied trying to make things sane again, before Master Hand felt better. Then there would really be no matches, which meant no money, which meant a pay delay. No one wanted that. And it would be all because of that statue...

This is how it all started.

Cleaning was going fairly well. There were no problems, worries, or troubles. Everything was fine. Then Marth and Link ended up having to clean out one of the main hallway closets. The junk closet. Filled halfway to the ceiling with miscellany. So much so, that it became obvious that it would land directly on them.

"Ow!" said Link from under the junk.

The two popped their heads out.

"She didn't say where to put it," said Marth.

"Damn, why'd Mewtwo have to go and leave? Again?" Link complained. This happened often. Mewtwo was on the verge of getting a 3-month suspension, which, of course, mattered very little to him.

"Might as well just organize these best we can," suggested Marth.

Captain Falcon walked by carrying two medium-sized cardboard boxes.

"Good luck."

8 minutes into the cleaning, one thing remained.

"Hm?" Marth was curious.

"What happened?" asked the approaching Link.

"Doesn't this look kinda weird to you?"

The two swordsmen looked at the odd-looking statuette. It was hard to tell exactly what it resembled, but it looked like a kid holding some sort of mirror.

"Whose is this?" Link said, picking it up. As he did that, he made the grave mistake of looking directly into the mirror. He was entranced for about 7 seconds, and then everything in his vision faded to black. He didn't have the strength to do anything. He couldn't talk, move, or even think. He could barely feel. It was weird, but for just a split-second, he thought his present existence was fading away into nothing.

"Um...Link?" He could hear those last words. Then there was nothing.

"Link, what's wrong with you?" Marth was more interested than scared. It was clear to him that Link was alive, but that statue had done something to his brain. He was just standing there, moaning and slightly drooling.

Marth couldn't take it anymore.

"Link, snap out of it already!"

"No, please don't hurt me!"

The response was sudden; Marth jumped and screamed. Link did the same and backed away a little.

Something was wrong.

"Link, I didn't do anything."

Link's voice was a little whiny.

"But you scared me!" He continued to back away.

Right into the closet.

Everything came crashing down once more, on top of Link. He screamed louder than before, but this time, Marth could tell that there was definitely something wrong.

Link started to cry.

"What are you crying for? You don't cry!"

"I thought I was gonna die!" The crying resumed.

"Great..." Marth picked up the statue without looking at it.

"Link, get up and dry your tears. I can't believe I just said that."

Link wiped his eyes, got up, and sniffled.

"He's become everything he's not. Hmm..." Marth laughed to himself.

"Um, what's so funny?"

Marth continued laughing.


Marth continued laughing. "I can find out the true personalities of people. I hope no one finds out. Wow. Link really is brave. Now he's just a cry-baby."

Link started to cry again.

"I wonder how Zelda truly is..."

That's how it started. Let's see how far it'll go from here.