Author's Note: I have now officially deleted all the old chapters to this story. I will begin loading the polished version in the weeks to come. I advise you all to read the polished chapters, instead of just skipping ahead until you find the point where I last left off. I have added a few things. Some of which are important to the plot of the story. You should also notice snipets that had not been in the original version.

P.S: Somebody pointed out to me that the digidestined were all 9-11 year olds at the time of the final battle. As such my story now takes place four years later. The change in timeline allow the story not only to be more realistic, but also less childish (I know, kids show - oxymoron...blah, blah, blah).Here is a list of everyone's ages in order to avoid confusion.

Cody: 13

Tk: 15

Kari: 15

Davis: 15

Ken: 16

Yolei: 16

Tai: 17

Matt: 17

Sora: 17

Izzy: 17

Joe: 18

Mimi: 18

Well, that's it. Expect the polished version of chapter 1 to pop up sometime this week.