Title: Miracle's Secret: X5-512
Author: tania15
Chapter 4: Fades To Black
Pairing: Davis/Kari
Spoilers: Digimon 02
Summary: As time passes, friends grow apart. What happens when the people you consider friends, don't deserve your trust. Things change, secrets are revealed and all preconceptions are lost. Now the digidestined have to learn how to earn Davis' friendship back.
Warnings: None in particular that I can think of now. If I come up with something later on, I will add it.
Rating: Rated M just to be on the safe side.
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, don't sue me for indulging my imagination.
Author's Note: Last of the reviewed chapters, new material to come next!

"Like you know anything about wisdom! You're the one who's madly in love with a girl that will never look his way! You're pathetic!" Yolei screamed at the burgundy haired boy.

Her words seemed to echo inside Kari's mind.

Was he really in love with her?

Was Yolei right?

No, Davis was not pathetic in the least.

She had been paying more attention to T.K because she knew it drove the Davis mad.

She liked it when Davis got all jealous and possessive. He looked cute when that happened.

It was fun to see him react, Kari was never really sure if she didn't like Davis that way. But what bothered her the most was not knowing if her relationship with T.K was actually worth all that she was about to lose. Kari didn't know if she got with T.K. because she liked, or if she got with him simply because she liked getting a rise out of Davis.

"Me pathetic, I think you got your personality's mixed up," Davis replied with a playful tone.

"I think not!" Yolei said snottily, and put her nose up in the air, as if the fact that he had contradicted her was illegal.

Davis just smiled, "pathetic, nah I think not. Sure don't get me wrong, I know I acted all lovey dovey when I was around Kari - but that's only because I loved her. So sue me, at least I don't go around bullying some poor and unsuspecting soul by everyone else made fun of me all day long. I'm not like you Yolei, I don't vent on people who don't have it coming."

Yolei just stared and gaped at him. Her face was quickly turning red from embarrassment.

How – he couldn't of…

Davis cocked an eyebrow, "what? Too close to home?"

"All right that's it Davis you need to stop this right now!You selfish, egoistic lowlife of a jerk!" T.K. advanced towards Davis, fist tight and looking for a fight.

This was not good. Not good at all.

For once, Davis seemed to be the one that was surprised, "wow, could it be T.A. actually has a mouth. Was wondering when you'd speak up, I would have figured it would have been sooner though."

"Now you stop this right now, you got it, or else!" T.K. snarled waving his fist in the other boy's face.

Davis just laughed, "or else what? You're going to attack me with that stupid hat of yours?"

"That's it," T.K lifted his fist aiming straight for Davis's jaw. To his surprise Davis made no effort to dodge the punch. The just stood there, as calm as the sea as T.K.'s fist made impact. And then…


Davis didn't move.

His head did not jerk back from the impact… not even by a fraction.

His face was passive.

It was as if the punch didn't faze him, as if it caused him no pain.

T.K. yelped, and began frantically waving his injured hand around, blowing on it for good measure. To say that they were all shocked was an understatement. Kari on the other hand, was confused now more than ever. What should she do? Tend to T.K. her boyfriend, or yell at him for punching her friend? Should she take Davis' side? After all, she doubted anyone else would...

Davis smirked, "my turn."

T.K.'s eyes widened as Davis' punch swiftly collided with his face. Everyone except Davis screamed as the blond jerked back, and fell back onto the floor. Kari stepped forward, and crounched down next to her injured boyfriend.

Kari couldn't take this anymore. All of this fighting had to stop! She just had to get Davis to stop, than she could take him for the afternoon, and let him cool off. They would come back tomorrow, and everything would be alright. Kari doubted the others would appologise to Davis for what they had done to him – as far a they were conscerned, they were the victims of this whole scenario. Hypocrits… But she was sure she could get Davis to apolgise to them, and douse the proverbial fire. All she had to do was appeal to his weakness…

Kari closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and yelled, "DAVIS WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO HIT HIM!"

If Davis realized that he had upset her, he'd stop, right?

That strategy had always worked before.

Why wouldn't it work now?

An odd sort of grimace took hold of Davis' features before the dam burst. And burst it did – burst with laughter. Davis was laughing at her, and he wasn't even trying to hide it. Kari glared at him, she didn't understand what was going on… Davis usually listened to her.

Kari hushed a crying T.K., and tried her best to intimidate Davis, "You think it's funny, hiting one your friends. Do you?"

Oh god I hope this works.

Davis snorted at Kari's obvious misguidance on the matter of friendship, "Since when is he my friend?"

Her lips quivered slightly, but she held strong. Kari was going to reel Davis back in, no matter what. Everything will be okay afterwards, everything will be normal again – right, "You know what? I can't believe I'm friends with you?"

Kari didn't like this, but she had to up the stakes somehow. Davis will listen to her now, she was sure of it. He wouldn't risk loosing her, would he now? She'd applogise for everything later, and tell him she was bluffing, but right now she needed her Davis back.

Davis looked at her, his features softening,"Why?"

This is it! It was working!

Just one more little bluff, and she have him. She just knew it, "because I can't tolerate people who attack my friends."

That's it Davis, now you'll appologise, and everything will be okay.

Davis stared into her eyes, "Really?" He asked, eyebrow cocked, "funny, because if memory serves right T.A. was the one who threw the first punch – at me – and you didn't seem so upset. Or maybe you'd react differently if I was the one sticking my tongue down your thoat?"

Kari flinched, she never thought Davis would ever say something like that to her. And it smarted worse than anything else she could remember. But what was even worse…

He called my bluff.

Kari wanted to appologise, to tell Davis she didn't mean it. But she never got the chance to… and that's when everything really went to hell. Tai, overprotective brother that he was, stepped in front of her, shielding her from Davis,"YOU SHUT UP ABOUT MY SISTER, YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A DIGIDESTINED!"

Davis shrugged, "I'll say whatever I want, when I want – you hear me."

She was losing him, Kari could tell. His eyes were turning hard again – the mask was going back up, and if she wanted to regain control of the situation, she had to do something quick. But what could she do at that point?

"Not about my sister you don't. And you know what? I don't think you deserve to be the leader. I think I made a huge mistake by handing you those goggles in the first place. Maybe I should take them back and give them to someone who can actually lead the group, and not slow them down," Tai hissed.

Danger, Danger! DANGER!

Kari tried to get closer to Davis, but that idiot brother of hers was holding her back in her place.

That was it. That was the last straw. Davis had had enough of this shit. Swiftly, he removed the goggles from his head and started juggling them in one hand, "You talking about these? Cause I'll gladly give them back to you. All they've done is cause me grief since I put them on."

No! No! No! DON'T! Don't you dare! Please don't we need you here.

Kari began to struggle in earnest against her brother's grip. But it was too little, too late.

On purpose, Davis drops the goggles and crushes them with his foot," Oups."


The entire room gasps. They just couldn't believe that Davis had done that. He had always been so proud, so fond of his goggles. Why would he do that? It seemed that most of the digidestined had only begun to grasp the gravity of the situation they had begotten themselves.

Davis just scowled, disappointed with the lot of them, "you want to know the truth?" He snarled, "the truth is none of you know me. You never even bothered to try to get to know me! If you had, you might have realized that there's more to me than meets the eye! But none of you did," Davis shook his head, "and I'm tired of putting myself on the line for people who couldn't care less about me. I'm sick of it, and I'm done. I'm going home – to people who actually give a crap about me!"

Davis turned his back to them and made his way to the door. At the threshold he paused, "for the past ten months, I have been denying who, and what I am in order to help you guys - and this is the thanks I get… I don't regret much in my life, although most of my friends think I should. My upbringning wasn't the most conventional one, but it was mine. And if I have one true regret in life, it's the day I actually allowed myself to believe any of you were my friends… "

I lost him…

And the world went black.