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Things Between Us

Hermione felt someone shaking her roughly awake. "HERMIONE! YOU'RE BACK!" she heard Ginny shriek. Groggily, she opened her eyes. Ginny looked quite excited to see her. "It's been so lonely in this room without you!"

"Good morning, Ginny," said Hermione, sitting up. "Let's go eat breakfast." The two of them trooped to the Great Hall together. When Hermione saw Harry walking over to the Griffindor table, she squealed loudly and rushed over to him. "HARRY!" she shrieked, squeezing him tight and spinning around.

"Harry, I'm so glad to see you again! I've missed you so much! I have lots to tell you!"

Harry held her close for a moment, before sitting down beside her. "I've been so worried about you, Hermione. I'm glad to see you back safely."

Hermione felt such a rush of feelings at seeing Harry again, that she nearly forgot about Remus sitting at the teacher's table. For two months, she'd tried to push her feelings for Harry aside. It feel wonderful to have them bubble to the surface without feeling pained at not being with him. "I wish you'd come with me! I saw your parents and Sirius! They were such fun to hang out with."

"Remus was too, I've heard," he said.

Hermione looked at him keenly. "What did he tell you?"

"He said you became his girlfriend. He wouldn't say much else." Harry eyed her. "You really like him, don't you?"

Hermione paused. Now she'd have to make her final decision. She loved Remus, yet she still had lingering feelings for Harry. She'd always been first in line whenever Harry needed help. She'd had a crush on him for the longest time. But she felt so much more connected with Remus. He understood her in ways Harry didn't. (This isn't going to be pleasant to tell Harry, though) She sighed. "Yes, it's true. I thought I was going to stay in the past forever, Harry. You aren't angry with me, are you?"

He stared at his plate, looking thoughtful. She saw him gaze over at the teacher's table, and then she swore that she saw him glance at Ginny. "No, I'm not angry, Hermione." He smiled. "If he's who you like, I won't get in the way. I understand." He picked up his fork. "So tell me about my parents," he invited. "And Sirius."

For the rest of breakfast, Hermione chatted with him and Ron, recounting much of what had happened. She talked to them between classes, and all the way to DADA class, which was the last of the day. Remus winked at her when she came in, and she smiled back, taking her seat.

"Today we're going to learn about Jennyfishes. They are most dangerous when paired with their familiar, the Jackfish. When they look like they're going to team up, a simple spell with stop that. Repeat after me: "Xenos!"

"Xenos!" said the class.

"Very good," said Lupin.

After the class, Harry and Hermione walked back to Griffindor Tower. "The password's changed," he informed her. "It's Jillillion." The fat lady let him in, and they sat down by the fireplace. "So now that you're back, are you still Lupin's girlfriend?" asked Harry.

"Yes, that's what we agreed upon," said Hermione. "Can I ask you a favor? In order to see him, I'm going to use the Time Turner. I'll need the Invisibility Cloak as well. Can I use it?"

"Sure, Hermione. It's in my dorm, under my bed, I think. Let's go get it." The pair marched up the stairs, and retrieved the Cloak. Hermione took it to her room and hid it under her covers.

During the afternoon, Hermione watched Harry and Ron practice Quidditch. She laughed to herself as she watched Harry. His wild hair reminded her so much of his father's hair when he flew on his broom.

After dinner, Hermione did her homework until curfew, before sneaking out under the Invisibility Cloak and using the Time Turner to turn back time until it was just after supper. Then she snuck into Remus's office.

"Hello Hermione," said Remus when he saw the door open and close, seemingly by itself.

Hermione whipped off the cloak, beaming at him. "Hello Remus. Can I help you with your work?"

"You can help me with the first year's reports," he invited.

She sat down next to him, picking up a pile and began reading. She smiled as she read. It brought up so many memories of her first year. It seemed so long ago that she'd first come here and helped Harry get the Philosopher's Stone. That was even before she'd met Remus.

The pair occasionally stole glances at each other while they worked. Suddenly Hermione took Remus's hand. "You still have the scar," she noticed.

"I do, yes," he said. "Evidently Voldemort needed my blood for a potion that would guard against his death. I wish I could have done more to avoid it."

"You mustn't blame yourself," said Hermione. "None of us knew. You were lucky to have your mind at all."

"I was," he said, smiling at her. "I'll never forget it." He squeezed her hand and let go, returning to his work.

Just before curfew, Hermione slipped the Invisibility Cloak back and on and snuck back up to the Griffindor common room. Harry sat in there, alone, doing his schoolwork. "Thank you Harry," she said, handing him his Cloak.

Harry thought it rather bizarre, since it'd seemed like barely a minute since she'd taken it from him. "No problem," he said.

"Thank you, Harry. For being so great about this. I really appreciate it. I couldn't stand it if we weren't friends."

"I wouldn't be able to stand it either, Hermione. I didn't want this to come between us." He picked up his book. "I assume you'll be wanting the Cloak for the rest of the year?"

"Yes," admitted Hermione. "That way, we won't get caught."

"Keep it, then. I don't have a use for it right now," said Harry.

"Thanks Harry! Goodnight!" Hermione walked up her dormitory stairs, looking forward to a long, bright future with Remus Lupin.

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