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This is just a little blurb I wrote while waiting for the Plot-Fairy to come (no sight of her yet, but I haven't lost hope. Yes, I'm that stubborn.)

"I can't."

Two words The Batman never says. I can't. But The Batman is just full of surprises, isn't he? Get out of any set of ropes or chains? In under 30 seconds. Jump off the tallest tower in Gotham? Without thinking twice. Take on giant robots or massive beasts? Everyday it seemed like. Aim a gun at a blind Diana? I can't.

Why can't he aim a gun at Diana? Why spend all the time and energy training and fighting the criminals of a modern world without a gun? You're parents were shot when you were eight.

He convinced himself. The Batman agreed with this answer. The Batman liked this answer. But the Batman knew better, The Batman knew Bruce. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne were gunned down in front of his eyes. A punk with a gun was why The Batman didn't like to play with guns. But a punk with a gun was not why The Batman couldn't aim a gun at Diana. Bruce couldn't aim a gun at Diana. Why not?

Diana was his best friend. Just like Superman was his best friend. The Batman liked this answer. Bruce liked this answer, but neither were fooled by it. This answer was easy. This answer was far from the truth. I love her.

It was an almost accusing tone. No. It was an accusing tone. Bruce maybe in love, but The Batman wasn't. The Batman doesn't love, but Bruce does. Bruce does, and The Batman can't. The Batman can't love, and he can't shoot a gun. I can't.

Does it suck? Does it not? Let me know! Flames warm my hot cocoa.