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Chapter 1:

Darkness, that was all that she had now… Even as the flames danced about her, all she could see was the darkness. Men's screams fill the air around her as they burned in the raging inferno she had set upon them. But even as they scream in agony she could spare them no pity.

These men deserved to burn, they deserved to suffer from the darkness in her heart. They worked for DoAtech, selling their souls for money earned with blood. They were lower then any life form on this planet and needed to be eliminated from the gene pool.

Emerging from the dancing flames she could feel the air around her pick up. The sound of whirling blades from a helicopter filled her ears as the object flew above her. Like a black monster it hovered before taking off into the night. Away from the dying screams of the ones it left behind.

"Cowards…" The word passed over her lips as she made her way to the ships edge, "All of them should burn…" With minimum effort she leaned forward and let herself be swept off the flaming ships deck and into the waters below.


From the window sunlight made its way into the dark room, creeping its way to the eyes that lay barely open. Even with the sunlight's presence they didn't flinch nor did they blink. They just starred ahead into the empty space in front of them.

He was waiting… waiting for sleep to overcome him… Ever since that night he had been having trouble sleeping. He used to be able to fall asleep for a couple of hours before he woke up with a start… thinking that he had felt her beside him, but no… He would have to fall asleep again… only to wake up once more to disappointment…

Now all he did was waiting, no longer able to drift into a peaceful slumber, his body just seemed to enter a state separate from the world. Drowning out any small senses that might disturb him other then the ones he yearned for. The sound of her breathing, the feel of her body heat next to his, the smell of her hair…

It had all started on that night… the night she ran off to a place he could never find…


"What will you do now, Hayate?" Hayabusa's eyes lingered on the window before he turned to Hayate.

"I have no choice… He has become a threat and must be destroyed…" Silence passed between them while the idea set in, "Ryu…?"

"Yes?" He was looking out the window again, hoping to catch sight of her lavender hair.

"What's going on between you and Ayane?" The question brought his attention back to his friend. He considered telling Hayate the long story that had carried on between him and Ayane, but it would've been to much trouble.

"I don't think that is any of your business…" Hayate gave him an irritated look.

"I'm her brother… I have a right to know…"

"Half-brother… And Ayane's old enough to take care of herself…" He didn't intend to say it… but being around Ayane so often caused it to become habit.

"Look, I just find it odd how she's living with you… I understand that she's mad at me, so she wouldn't come home to the estate, but why did you allow her to stay here? This apartment is hardly big enough for you…"

"I don't mind it…"

"Yeah, but I know it must be a pain sleeping on the floor… And don't say that you don't! You're too much of a nice guy to make Ayane sleep there…"

"I don't sleep on the floor…"

"What? Don't tell me you try to sleep upright in that chair…" He eyed the chair and shook his head, "It's just not logical…"

"No, I sleep in my bed, with Ayane…" Hayate gave him a startled look, one question screaming through his head.

"You didn't…"

"No… the action you're thinking has never occurred to us… We merely sleep aside one another…" Hayate's face still held its look of disbelief.

"Why? How could you sleep…? And with Ayane?"

"It's easy…" He narrowed his eyes to make sure Hayate understood, "I love her…" If Hayate's face could look any more surprised it would've exploded.

"You… You love her… You love Ayane?"

"Yes…" Hayabusa assured him, "I love Ayane…"

"No… Ryu…" Hayate ran his hand through his hair, "You can't…"

"Why can't I? I, too, am human Hayate…"

"I know you are its just…"

"You should go home, Hayate… It's been a long night…" Hayabusa stood and walked to the front door to escort his friend out.


Easily enough Hayate got up and left. No arguing, yelling, or cursing… It really must have been a long night… Taking into thought that he just learned that his younger sister and his best friend were in love with each other…

The apartment became silent as he waited. Waited for her to return, for her to scream at him, for her to cry on his shoulder… but she never came back… He searched the streets, the forest, and even went as far as the demon's church…

In the rain he walked back home, the thought of her in the same rain driving him to return home to welcome her once she came back. He would have a bath ready for her, fresh towels and clean clothes on the side for when she got out.

Then they would talk, if she wanted too… If not, they would go to bed in each others arms, leaving the talk for in the morning, or whenever she was ready… He could wait; it didn't bother him as long as she wasn't tearing herself up about it…

But she never came back as he woke up the next morning, still upright in the chair he had been waiting for her in. So again he took to the streets in search of her, only to come up empty handed once again.

He traveled to the Mugen Tenshin estate to talk to Hayate about it, but he wasn't there… Hayate had left earlier that morning the one Hayate left in charge had said. It made no sense… Had he already made plans for taking care of Genra before he had even told them of his demise?

But with both Ayane and Hayate gone he was left alone… Days passed and his searches continued, always ending the same way, with nothing… But one day, he found something that picked him up from his sinking despair.

It was a flyer… Then an official statement… The third Dead or Alive tournament would be held soon… The prize and rules the same as the last, but this time with no Tengu… There was a new antagonist named Omega…

This was it, this was what he needed. Both Hayate and Ayane would be there because of DoAtech… He would find them at the tournament…

And so here he was in a hotel room a long way from home, waiting to find Ayane, waiting to hold her in his arms once again, waiting for sleep as the night became morning once again.