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Here it is, the prequel to 'When it's Easier to Forget'.

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Wet earth splashed and caked around her heels as she trudged through endless lines of mud puddles. Stepping lightly, she was careful to avoid any thorns or twigs threatening to shread her feet. A young girl of the tender age of six peered around helplessly at the thicket of trees surounding her. Her large brown eyes lined with tears as she called out for her missing playmates. No answer came other than the hallow echo of her own small voice reflecting from the trees. Tears rolled from the corners of her eyes, streaking through the dirt gathered on her cheeks. To anyone she would have easly been taken for an abandoned child with bare feet, a stained dress and dirty elbows. Progressing through the forest she prayed silently for a path that might lead her home.

The air around her was hot, thick and heavy as it often is between thunderstorms. Even though it was so close to night, the children of the village had taken advantage of this break in the weather for a quick game of hide and go seek. Even though she knew it would be dangerous, her restlessness got the better of her and she too joined in the game. Now wandering around lost in the forest was the result of this game for the girl. With the darkening sky to shadow her hopes of return, she continued in was seemed to be the opposite direction of her destitnation, but it was entirely impossible to tell which path was the correct one. Lightning crackled and danced through the black clouds as she prepared herself for the down pour.

As luck would have it, it came down heavy and hard. Cold rain soaked her skin and hair as reckless shivers traced her spine. Her object of finding home converted to seeking shelter from the harsh storm. Thankfully for the girl, she did not suffer from continous misfortunes as she stumbled upon a formation of boulders that appeared to be leading to a cave of some sort.

Closing in on the stones she could see that they were covered in strange carvings, although she was incapable of understanding their meaning. Upon reaching the cave's entrance, she discovered that it was closed off by two stone doors embellished with even more curious markings. Even though her innocent heart could not comprehend it at the time, the place was clearly a tomb. She was, however, smart enough to understand by glancing at the heavy doors that it would take two of the village's grown men to open them. None the less, she pressed her tiny hands against the door and gave it a shove. Her petite frame staggered forward as the large doors suprisingly slid open.

After recovering from the shock of her sudden act of unexpected strength, she opted to venture into the cave's almost pitch black depths. Her wet feet made a slight clapping sound against the stone floor as her hands groped along the walls to subsitute for the lack of light.

She continued her exploration this way until she felt something soft against her hands. Whimpering, she jerked her hand away feeling it shift beneath her touch. A low groan rose from the creature as the sound of clanking chains and rustling feathers filled the grotto.

Terrified the girl took a few steps backwards, before falling and then breaking out into a nervous sprint. A she hastily exited the cavity her foot caught on a stray rock and sent her hurtling face first into an awaiting puddle of mud, skinning her knees in the process. Releasing a small cry she turned back to see the feared being, silhouetted, looming over her. Lightning popped and thunder rolled behind the creature as it expanding its wings. The girl's eyes widened as stray, black feathers danced around her.

Overwelmed by the excitment and fear her face flushed and her limbs went limp before passing out into the mud. Croucing down beside her, the unidentified, celestial being gathered the unconcious girl into its arms and carried her back within the cavern; the shackles upon its ankles winding through the moist soil behind it.

When the girl awoke all around her was warm and silent, except the sound of a pair of breaths. He body was rising and falling in rythmic time to the one against it. A strong arm was wrapped against her waist and a gentle hand laid upon her head. Sun poured in from the cave's entrance illuminating its walls and confinements. Her long lashes fluttered open as she lifted her head groggily to see who was holding her.

A young man was sleeping soundly against the stone wall with her the girl securely against him. He appeared to be about 10 years older than her, with multilength violet hair that fell in strands over his motionless face. Squinting she made futher evaluation of the man she had spent the night with. He looked human enough with the exception of long onyx wings sprouting from under his shoulder blades. Even though his face was lifeless, he still took the girl's breath away. He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen; a sleeping angel. Extending a shakey hand, she reached out to brush a purple lock of hair from his cheek. Before she could touch him she was startled by an unexpected noise.

"Riku!" the call was distant, but clear.

Breaking from the man's hold and awakening him in the process, she bolted for the exit in the direction of the call.

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