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Dark's will to see Riku again and her will to forget some how collided into a sick cycle that wouldn't break until nearly a hundred years later. For so long, these two souls continued to search desperately for eachother. Would the Niwa curse ever be lifted? Would Riku ever remember all the wonderful memories she and Dark shared? Would Dark ever be able to keep his promise?

Love is a beautiful thing, but time can be the most bitter of mistresses. Could Riku and Dark's love survive the test of time?

Over the years the legend of Phantom Thief Dark carried on as the legend himself carried on. Riku and Dark's story also continued until present day, although many details fell askew amongst the turbulance of time. But the tragedy remained as did the love. And as mother's passed the tale unto daughters, who would later share it with their offspring so lingered the tale of the legendary Phantom Thief Dark and his Sacred Maiden.