Title: It Can Only Get Better
Rated: PG
Word Count: 261
Pairing: NejiTen

A/N: This was written in answer to a challenge posted on livejounal: Write about a first kiss. Bonuses for: Hokage Monument, hat, wire

Arriving at their usual training spot panting slightly, the kunoichi pulled out kunai, readying herself. "Neji," she called. "Sorry. Let's begin." Focusing, she infused her weapons with chakra, throwing them efficiently at her teammate. An hour and a half later, Tenten and Neji sat on the forest floor, their backs against tree trunks, both exhausted. Drawing in a deep breath, Tenten stood, offering Neji a hand, shivering slightly as he touched her. Cheeks stained a becoming pink, she moved to drop his hand, only to find that he would not let go. Raising her eyes, she couldn't help skimming his face, brief glance taking in everything. Those silver eyes shook her to the core every time. A sound strangely resembling a laugh rumbled out of Neji's throat. "Let's go for a walk."

Leaving the shocked kunoichi to stare at his retreating back, the Hyuuga prodigy took off through the forest. Shaking her head bemusedly, Tenten jogged up to him. Walking in companionable silence, the two reached the Hokage Monument, Tenten pausing momentarily to look at the likeness of Tsunade-sama carved into the stone, vowing that one day, her likeness would be up there too. "Tenten." Her name was a sensual murmur right above her ear, and she found herself going hot then cold, wondering why he was doing this to her. Then that familiar face was there, close enough to take her breath away. Then, the softest of whispers, "happy birthday," before soft lips covered her own. Their first kiss. The beginning of a new chapter. Things could only get better