Title: Overwhelmed
Author: Ariyana
Pairing: Saki Hanajima/Yuki Sohma
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Theme: #17 kHz (kilohertz)
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket is owned by Natsuki Takaya and a whole bunch of entities that are not me.
Rating: 13+ Some Caution
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 222
Notes: This is a mix of Anime and Manga...so yeah. This is way post series, obviously alternate universe/reality. This one takes place a several months before "Keeping Hope" if you're looking for a timeline. I admit that this one is slightly darker than my previous pieces and yes I'm jumping all over the place with this series of pieces.

Summary: Sometimes suffering is just a part of life.

The voices...they are so loud. She can scarcely hear herself think. The constant chatter fills her mind until she thinks it might kill her. She covers her head with her pillow trying to drown out all sound but to no avail. A queasy sensation slowly forms in the pit of her stomach until she has to run to the bathroom to heave the contents of her belly.

She is slumped against the wall, panting for air and her face dripping in sweat by the time her husband gets home. He says nothing as he gently helps her to her feet and guides her back to bed. He carefully covers her up and wipes the sweat from her forehead. They had both wanted children, but neither had known how rough physically and mentally the first couple of months would be on her. He hates to see her in pain. His eyes slightly glisten but he doesn't cry. Suddenly he feels her warm hand on his cheek.

"I'll survive this. I promise," she whispers.

He grabs her hand and kisses it. He gives her a warm smile. Even sick she still wants to reassure him and he loves her for it. He only hopes that she doesn't suffer the entire time she is pregnant. He doesn't know what he'll do if he loses her.