Falling to the Earth

Claudia Grant/Roy Fokker.

Summary: What was Claudia thinking when the SDF-1 was crashed? Any discontinuity to the show is due to the authoress being thirteen and having only seen Robotech on Cartoon Network three years ago. ;} So I'm a McKinneyist…read/don't read/review/weep/flame.

Warning! Romance crap ahead! I'm a big fan on Claudia/Roy (dang it, I missed that episode where Claudia reminisces! *sobs*), so be warned. Heh.


The earth is rushing up to me.

Or, more correctly, the SDF-1.

If I were sane, I'd be panicking or sobbing, running like the hounds of hell were after me.

They came after me a long time ago. God, has it really been so long since Roy died? The greatest thing this damned ship will ever give me is freedom from the utter, exhausting nothingness that I've been drifting in since he died.

We never got along very well when we first met. Hell, I swore I'd hate him forever. And now I can't live without him…technically, I suppose I could, but…why? There's no point. No point at all.

Blonde hair, always unruly and tangled…blue eyes…and that accursed guitar of his, all constantly bombarding my mind.

It's funny. Everyone thinks I was strong, so brave to keep on going. They don't understand. I kept going because I couldn't, wouldn't believe Roy was gone. Kept thinking that I'd turn a corner and he'd be standing there with that forsaken, rakishly cute grin of his and an invitation to his quarters or the like. Kept thinking that maybe he hadn't died, that he'd call me and we'd chat across the phone before going to dinner. Kept thinking we'd take a stroll in the park and go to Variations for a late-night coffee or tea and retire at one of our apartments for the evening. Kept thinking it wasn't true and that I'd open my eyes one morning and he'd be laying across from me, feet dangling off the bed, looking like a little child. We were going to get married. Have a few kids so my sister-in-law, Jean, would have a cousin for that adorable baby she had. My nephew, adorable Bowie Grant. Or the one I would've been aunt to if it weren't for this war…this stinking, foul, bloody war.

There are so many things I never said. So many things. That I loved--no, *love*--him more than anything in this horrible universe.

The earth continues getting closer to us. Gloval and the Bridge Bunnies. It must be so hard for the poor girls. They had such promising futures…

Gloval's made his peace with the world. He'll go down with his ship like it's his wife. That he should never part with it.

Damn. There goes that train of thought again.

For all his apparent roving and flirty personality, he was the one who suggested we marry. I suppose the off-again-on-again thing got too much for him. What a tactic to break a guy down. And the image of little Claudia's and Roy's running about a family home was pretty convincing, too.

The earth comes up.

I'm ready to meet it.

I'm coming home, Roy, dear…

I'm finally coming home.


End AN: Blah. Didja hate it? Was it too short? I had an idea for a fic covering the Claudia/Roy relationship when they first met, beginning of the Global Civil War and all...since I MISSED THAT EPISODE WHEN SHE REMINISCES WITH LISA…*smacks self in the forehead* However, I'm also big on Bowie/Musica (*giggles*) and Max/Miriya. Lisa/Rick kinda freaks me out…I dunno, I'm one of those few people who actually liked Minmei. Thought she was better with Rick than Lisa, but I'll shut up before somebody flames me…

Any suggestions on a Robotech fanfic by moi? Want more Claudia/Roy? Want Bowie/Musica? Dang, I love that couple…erm, Max/Miriya?


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