Title: Loss
Author: Ariyana
Rating: 13+ Some Caution
Characters: Kyou, Kagura
Theme: Loss
Warnings: Implied Character death
Disclaimer: Fruits Basket belongs to Natsuki Takaya and some other entities that are not me.

He stands before the grave marker completely motionless. He still doesn't believe it. It just can't be true. Why did this happen? He had done what he thought would protect her and this is the outcome. The sound of approaching footsteps catches his attention. He doesn't avert his attention from the marker.

"Kyou-kun?" Kagura says gently.

He remains silent. She sighs, placing freshly cut flowers on the grave. Slowly she turns toward Kyou.

"I'll be around if you ever need to talk," she softly offers. She hopes that he won't become withdrawn again. After all Tohru wouldn't have wanted that.