Love on Canvas

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Chapter 1

The break room was silent except for the scratching noise of a pencil flying over paper. Calleigh Duquesne sighed as she glanced up from her ballistics magazine and glanced over at the source of the noise.

"Bayden," she pleaded, "Can't you stop drawing for half-an-hour or something? I can't concentrate, and I'd really like to relax my mind right about now."

Bayden Michaels was the newest recruit at the Miami Dade Crime Lab. Although he was in training to be a CSI, he seemed much better suited to become a police sketch artist. For now, though, he seemed content sketching the crime scenes in great detail and giving a face to a suspect from a witness description. Bayden loved sketching, so much so that it didn't even matter to him what he had to draw, from the dirtiest crime scenes to the beautiful Miami skyline to the many faces of his coworkers while they were on the job.

Now, the blond-haired, green-eyed 22-year-old took one look at Calleigh's face and obediently put down his pencil. Bayden was pretty much a non-aggressive person, and he didn't like conflicts.

"Sorry, Cal," he said, starting to put away his unfinished sketch of Alexx leaning over a corpse.

"Wait," said Calleigh, grabbing his arm to peer at the sketch. She smiled. "This is one of your better ones, Bay."

Bayden looked at her, and smiled, flushing a little. He still wasn't used to people praising his drawings, but like anyone else would, he liked it.

A familiar set of footsteps drew their attention to the door, just in time to see Horatio Caine poking his head into the break room.

"Hey," he greeted. "Calleigh, can I get your help with something?"

Realizing she wasn't going to be able to relax at this time, Calleigh nodded and got up. "Guess you can get back to drawing, Bay," she said, smiling regretfully. "Sorry I made you stop."

Bayden gave her a sympathetic grin as he watched her leave with Horatio. Then, once he was sure she really was gone, he reached for his sketch book, humming to himself as he searched for his favorite picture of all his works.

Picking up his pencil again, Bayden set to work shading and drawing, hoping to complete the unfinished sketch before Calleigh or his supervisor returned. This sketch wasn't one he planned to show to either of them, at least not before it was finished.

It showed Horatio and Calleigh talking just outside the MDPD after shift one day. Bayden remembered that day well, he'd stepped out for some fresh air after a long shift and seen them making plans for Bryan Woods' birthday party. Alexx had something simple planned for her son, but Horatio and Calleigh had wanted to do a little extra for their friend's son. The young CSI hadn't eavesdropped, but he had been struck by the…chemistry in the air between the two. Inspiration had hit him like a bolt of lightning, and he'd headed home right away to buy himself a special sketch book that he kept especially for sketching Horatio and Calleigh. The artist made careful note of how they acted around each other, remembering every single detail each time they met or worked together.

And then, he'd sketch the moment, storing it in his sketch book, doing what most artists found so hard to do – he captured their love on canvas, drawing them so you could see so clearly what both lieutenant and CSI were so blind to…the love they so clearly had for each other.

Finishing his sketch with one last pencil stroke, Bayden signed his name in miniscule writing in the bottom right corner, and smiled.


Closing his sketch book with a snap, Bayden looked up to see Speed and Delko looking at him.

"We've been calling your name for five minutes, Hawkeye," said Speed, amused, using the nickname the team had given Bayden because of the way he never missed even the tiniest detail when sketching a crime scene.

"Sorry," apologized Bayden, setting down his book. "What did you want?"

"It's not so much what I want, as what H wants – he wants you to give him and Calleigh a hand on the Dennison case," said Speed throwing himself onto the break room couch.

"Oh, okay." The young man got up, moving to wash his hands, which had carbon marks from the pencils he used. Drying them on his pants, Bayden nodded to the two senior CSIs and headed out.

Once he was gone, Eric handed a cup of coffee to Speed, who took it, glancing at the sketch book Bayden had left behind. Curious, he picked one up, browsing through the sketches. Then, he stopped.

"Delko, look," he said, showing Eric the one Bayden had just completed.

The underwater recovery expert looked at it, and whistled. "That's nice."

Speed gave him a look, whacking him on the shoulder. "What I meant, was, do you think Horatio and Calleigh know Bayden's been spying on them?"

Rubbing his arm, Delko asked, "What makes you think he's spying on them?"

Speed shook the sketch book under Delko's nose impatiently. "Well, how else could he have drawn this picture? You telling me he dreamed this particular scene up?"

Eric shrugged. "Maybe he just saw them that one time?"

"Nope." Speed turned the pages, showing other sketches of the lieutenant and their Bullet Girl.

"Hm," Eric didn't seem as worried about the situation as Speed was. "I think you should put the book back before Bayden gets back."

Speed sighed, reluctantly placing the book back.

"You know something?" he asked thoughtfully after a while.

"What?" Delko looked quizzically at him.

"Bayden's pictures are actually pretty good. I wonder…if we worked out a plan with him, maybe…"

"Maybe what?" Eric asked, half-wary, half-excited.

"Maybe we can get H and Calleigh to wake up and smell the evidence…show them, you know, how they feel about each other?" Tim had picked up the sketch book and was flipping through it again.

"Isn't that, interfering in people's private lives?" asked Eric.

"It's not interfering," said Speed indignantly. "We're just gonna show them how they belong with each other, wake them up a little…"

It still sounded a lot like they were interfering to Delko, but then again, something that brought two soul mates together couldn't be so bad, now could it?

Now all they needed was permission from Bayden to use his pictures.


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