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A/N; I debated whether or not to write a one shot after finishing Mind Games, but then I decided I would just dive into this one instead. So here it is, the first chapter of my brand new story, Serendipity! A tale of unrequited love, drama and lots of other things in between. Hopefully you won't find this to be another runoff the mill get together, because that's NOT what I'm trying to do here. Well, I hope you enjoy this one, and thanks in advance for all your support!

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Chapter One

It was grungy, and she hated it. 18 sighed heavily as she gazed out the window, which was covered in dust on the inside and mud on the out. She stared out towards the street. The front garden consisted of nothing but weeds, the pavers that lead to the street were cracked and broken, and the knee-high wire fence was broken, torn down by vandalists, god knows how long ago, the gate didn't lock, and squeaked like crazy when it was moved. In the drive there was a car, 18 was sure that the only thing holding it together was the rust. It was brown, the passenger side window didn't wind down all the way, the heater didn't work, nor did the break lights.

Across the street, the houses all looked the same. Run down and miserable. Yards that were uncared for, with yellow grass that was at least knee-high, or maybe no grass at all, just dirt. Broken windows and cars that shouldn't even be legal.

It was a slum.

Shutting her eyes, she rested her head against the cool glass. She hated it here. She despised every second she spent here more than the last and she wanted to run away and never come back. Turning away from the window, she looked around the room, which was even more dilapidated than the street, and scowled at the man on the bed. If you would even call it a bed. It was a mattress that he picked up at a yard sale, which he threw down on the floor and put a sheet over. 18 was quite sure that sleeping on rusty nails would have been more pleasant.

Shaking her head, she pulled on one of his jumpers and her slippers, then made her way down the narrow hall and into the kitchen. Ready to face yet another long day.

It was about 10 minutes later than she heard him get up, and sure enough, soon he was in the kitchen.

"Morning," she muttered as she poured hot water from a saucepan and into her coffee mug. She quickly glance at him as she reached into the fridge for milk and grimaced. His hair was dark blue, oily and untamed and he needed to shave.

"Sleep well?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

"Get off me, Dai" 18 shrugged him off and he took a couple of steps back across the room

"Jees, what's up your ass this morning?" he snapped, the day already off to a bad start.

"Nothing." 18 turned around and rested against the kitchen counter, "I just didn't sleep well. Sorry"

"Yeah, well, don't let it happen again. I'll be in the shower"

She waited until she heard the creaking of the water pipes before she turned around and pounded her fist into the counter. One more dent wouldn't make an inch of difference in this hellhole. Outside she could hear her neighbours screaming at each other again, followed by the sound of smashing glass, then a slamming door and finally, the sound of a car rocketing up the street. He'd be back though, he always came back once he'd had enough to drink, and for some reason, his wife always let him back, even though he hit her.

She didn't know how much longer she could take this. All she wanted was to fit in and be like everyone else in the world. And she had learned that this is what everyone else did. Found someone to share their life with. 18 didn't love Dai, she didn't love him one little but. He was a vile, egotistic, arrogant jackass. But all 18 wanted was to fit in, she didn't want to be different anymore, she wanted to be just like everyone else. And if this was what it meant to be normal, then this is what she would do.

She heard the clunk of the pipes and the shower stopped running. It made her shudder. It was time to begin the day.

Krillen stood in front of the mirror holding two shirts against him. One black, the other blue, he eventually decided on the black one and put it on. It was a beautiful day on the Kame Island and life was grand. It had almost been one whole year since Cell had met his demise at the hands of Gohan and the Earth had been at peace ever since. Outside, the sky was blue and the sun reflected of the ocean, creating a dancing pattern on Krillen's roof.

Looking at his watch, he smiled. It was almost time to leave. He was meeting a friend on the main land for lunch. No, not just any friend. He was meeting his girlfriend. Sure, they'd only known each other a little while, they had been introduced at one of Bulma's many parties, and right away they had clicked.

"Ami" he smiled as he spoke her name. He was going to go and meet Ami.

"Master!" he cried as he ran down the stairs, skipping the last few and jumping straight to the bottom.

"What?" master Roshi called from the sofa, "you're interrupting my program"

Krillen frowned at Roshi's choice of programming, but quickly shrugged it off. "I'm going to be heading off now Master, ok?"

"Ok son, I'll see you when I see you"

"Sure Master," Krillen replied as he picked up his keys and wallet from the side table. Then he was gone.

It was only a short trip to the mainland, 30 minutes if he flew as fast as he could, which he didn't, because he didn't want to mess up his hair, so instead, the trip took him 45 minutes. That didn't matter though; he still arrived at their designated meeting point – a big water fountain, almost 10 minutes early.

He sat on the edge of the fountain and watched everything going on around him. People were throwing crumbs to pigeons and children were running around chasing each other. Everyone was smiling had having fun.

"Krillen!" he heard a happy voice calling him and looked up.

"You look beautiful," Krillen commented as he took hold of Ami's hand and kissed it. She smiled, a beautiful radiant smile and blushed a little, "You're such a sweetheart Krillen."

"So" Krillen began as they started to walk down the street, "What would you like to eat?"

"I'm not fussed" she replied

"Are you even hungry?" Krillen asked

Ami shrugged her shoulders, "a little I guess"

"Well what do you say we do a little shopping then we'll get something to eat later on?"

"Oh," Ami looked to the ground, "I don't really have a lot of money with me"

Krillen smiled, "Don't worry this ones on me." He knew that to impress a girl, you only had to take her shopping, that's how it was with Marron.

"I couldn't ask you to do that"

"You didn't ask"

"Yeah, but still…" Ami trailed off

"Fine then, how about you tell me what you would like to do?" Krillen suggested

"I don't know" she looked at him and smiled, the wind picked a little and her hair playfully blew across her face

He rolled his eyes and laughed, "Well you're no help"

Ami laughed as well, and hand in hand, they strolled down towards the mall. Surely they would find something to do in there.

18 sat on the couch, her legs pulled up to her chin and her arms wrapped around them. The picture on the TV was fuzzy and full of static. She was the only one home; Dai had gone to buy a bottle of scotch. Typical.

A knock on the door was a welcome relief, and she quickly got up to answer it. She knew it would be Machiko, the one person she had managed to befriend in this entire street. Upon opening the door, she discovered she was right.

Machiko was her next door neighbour. She was 32 years old and had reddish-brown hair and green eyes. Her husband and Dai were drinking buddies, unfortunately for Machiko though, her husband was violent when he was drunk. 18 knew what it was like to be at the mercy of men, she knew that is sucked.

"Can I come in?" Machiko asked, and presented a basket of muffins "I brought snacks"

18 smiled, "Dai is out, come on in." Dai didn't like it when Machiko came over, he though she would put ideas into 18's head.

The two women sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating muffins. They were talking about all the things that women like to talk about, until Machiko brought up a rather sore spot as far as 18 was concerned.

"So, how did you and Dai meet up?"

18 looked to the floor, which needed to be cleaned, "In a bar" she said, then lifted her eyes back to her friend. "He came up to me, and for some reason, I went home with him. I must have been drunk"

Both women laughed, and 18 sipped her coffee. She knew she hadn't been drunk. She had been in a bar alright, and she had said to herself, that the next man that approached her, would be the man she would go home with, and learn to be normal with. She had just happened to get unlucky. She hadn't even managed to get herself a half decent guy, although, what could she expect from a grungy, run down pub on the wrong side of town. 18 wasn't a quitter though, she would rather live a life of misery than admit she couldn't handle this life with this man, and so she kept going one more minute, one more hour, one more day.

Then, unexpectedly, the familiar sound of Dai's rusty old car pulling into the drive could be heard.

18 sighed, "You better go. The back door is unlocked"

"Alright, I'll talk to you later" Machiko replied, then quickly stood up and disappeared through the back door. 18 took another sip of her coffee and waited for Dai to come blasting into the kitchen, sure enough, minutes later, he did.

"What have you been doing?" he demanded to know as he put his scotch on the bench

"Nothing," she didn't look at him as she replied, "Why do you ask?"

"Because I don't trust you."

This time, 18 stood up. She walked right up to Dai and looked up into his eyes. "Get over yourself" she muttered, then headed outside to get the washing.

She had to force herself not to turn around and blast the entire house to smithereens as she stood outside. No one here knew her secret. As far as everyone here knew, she was an ordinary human woman who had happened to pick up the nickname 18 in high school. No one here knew anything about her really. Apart from the basics to stop them asking questions. They knew nothing of her super human abilities, her jagged past or her involvement with Cell, and that was the way she intended to keep it. She wanted nothing more than to be able to leave that chapter of her life behind. It was a horrible time for her, and she wanted it to be nothing more than history. Besides, it was best this way. It was easiest for her this way, if she didn't think about her past, she didn't think about her brother. 17. She hadn't seen him since Cell, and she was only just beginning to come to terms with the thought that she wasn't ever going to see him ever again. He was probably happy with his life, moving on with his like she was for hers. And if that really was the case, then she was happy for him.

Krillen arrived back on the island at about 8 O'clock that night. He had been meeting Ami for lunch, and it had grown to lunch, dinner, a movie and shopping. His wallet was feeling the pain, but he was on cloud nine. He couldn't ever remember feeling so happy. He never felt like this with Maron. Ami was a great person to be around, she was sweet, fun and kind.

"That was some lunch boy!" Roshi exclaimed as Krillen walked in the door, "What exactly did you two get up too?"

Krillen looked up at his former teacher, shook his head and smiled, "Get you mind out of the gutter, Master. I'll be upstairs if you need me"

Once he was upstairs and safely away from Master Roshi and his perverted mind, Krillen smiled. As he got ready to shower, he couldn't get his mind of Ami, and he didn't want to either. From her chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes, to her radiant smile and joyous laugh. He would never be able to thank Bulma enough for introducing them.

As it happened, Ami was an employee of the Capsule Corporation, a chemist studying under the great Dr. Briefs. So not only was she gorgeous, but at only 26 years old, she was a genius as well. Krillen wasn't quite sure if he deserved Ami. All he saw himself as was a short ex-monk with no nose. The only thing he had going for him was the ability to shoot one hell of a Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha Wave, and that didn't really impress the ladies all that much.

He wondered how long it would be until he could see Ami again. He had to go to the mainland tomorrow night, he taught a Karate Class at a small dojo in the city. It was mainly only thugs who tho thought they were god's gifts to the martial arts that attended, but it gave him something to do with his spare time, and he was good at it. Maybe they could get a bite to eat or something afterwards, and if she was at the class, he would get a chance to show off and impress her. Yeah. That's what he would do. It was a plan that couldn't possibly fail!

A/N; Well there you have it, the very first chapter of Serendipity. I tried to give it a bit of a different feel that what I usually see. Normally, Krillen is the one who is all mopey and miserable, so I though, hey, why not switch it around? I'd love to know what you thought of this, and hopefully that next chapter will be up soon!

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