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The Wedding

"Harry James Potter, will you take Ginevra Molly to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honorhonour her, and keep her in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

"I do," said Harry, his sparkling green eyes shining with joy and his black hair as messy as ever.

"GinevraGinerva Molly Weasley, will you take Harry James to be your husband? Will you love him, comfort him, honorhonour him, and keep him in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

"I do," said Ginny, her eyes shining with unshared tears.

Her red hair was tied in a bun, and Harry admired how beautiful she looked in her white strapless dress

The Weasleys, RemusRemus and Tonks, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Mad-Eye Moody, Hagrid, the Longbottoms, Colin and Denis Creevy, Shacklebolt and Tonks were waiting for the next statement, holding their breath.

"By the power vested in me by Minister of Magic, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harry leaned forward just as Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck. Ginny parted her lips and Harry responded, giving her his love and passion.

"May I present you with Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter!" Cheers erupted by the crowed as Harry and Ginny stepped down from the platform. Harry shook Dumbledore's hand.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Potter," he said with the characteristic twinkle in the eyes.

"Yes, congratulations, you two," said the usually stern looking professor McGonagall with a wide smile

"Thank you, professors," replied Ginny, smiling

"Oh Ginny!" Ginny turned to see the smiling but wet face of her mother. She hugged her closely. "My little girl is all growing up! I remember when you were seven and the only bed time story you wanted to hear was about The Boy Who Lived night after night..."

Harry watched in amusement while Ginny turned red. "Mom!"

"Oh and, Harry, my darling boy!" said Mrs. Weasley and hugged Harry fiercely

"I remember you as eleven years old. So small and skinny, all alone in platform 9 ¾..." she trailed off again as Harry smiled, blushing slightly.

"I would never forget this day, Mrs. Weasley," said Harry

"Now, now, Harry, please call me Molly,"

"Harry mate!" Harry heard Ron yell, he, and Ginny walked towards him. He was standing with his arm around Hermione's waist while who was she was holding a two years old boy.

"'Inny!" the boy yelled and stretched his arms so Ginny would take him

"Hello, Dan," she said cheerfully, picked him up and gave him a kiss "Do you remember Harry?"

"'Arry!" Dan exclaimed, smilingpointing at Harry. Harry smiled to the boy and turned to Hermione.

"How are you doing? Is Dan making a lot of trouble?" he asked, smirking

"We are fine, but Ron insists that we let Dan ride a broomstick," she said, sending a glare at her husband.

"Well, we should!" Ron said passionately

"He's right you know," said Harry.

Hermione glared at him. "The fact that you rode a broomstick when you were a one year old doesn't mean it's right!" she scolded.

"Whoa," said Harry. "Where did you hear that? I don't even know that!"

"I told her," said an amused Remus Lupin, smirking. "With four troublemakers and rule breakers, not to mention a Chaser and a Beater in the house, your mother didn't have much choice. She didn't like it though." They all laughed.

"We'd better go," said Ginny suddenly. "See you at the reception." As she and Harry stepped outside the charmed church, Ginny suddenly gasped. Outside the church stood two silver winged unicorns, carrying a golden carriage.

"Harry, it's beautiful!" she exclaimed when one of the unicorns shook his head, making his silver hairs sway.

"Glad you like it," he said ,smiling at his wife while the guests, who went out to escort the couple out, were still gasping at the unicorns.

A sudden cry was heard, 'Throw the flowersbouquet!" Ginny giggled and threw her bouquet into the crowd of waiting young girlsbouquet backwards. After Tonks caught it , sheand winked at GinnyGinny, whom giggled again.

Harry and Ginny stepped inside the carriage and waved until the carriage was flew out of the church's sightying.

Harry turned to Ginny and smiled. "Are you happy, Mrs. Potter?" he asked, putting his arm around his wife

"The happiest!" she said and kissed Harry deeply. "And are you happy, Mr. Potter?"

Harry smirked, slightly breathless. "This is the happiest day of my life," he said sincerely. The unicorns landed.

Harry and Ginny stepped out of the carriage and welcomed their guests in the next half an hour.

Ginny turned to Harry.

"I'm going to get ready" she said

Harry kissed her in response "I'll wait"

Ginny went to the bride's room in the atrium Harry hired for the reception and smiled. The room was fabulous: It had a rectangular mirror stretched over half a wall, and there were flowers everywhere.

"Ginny?" she heard Hermione knock on the door.

"Come in Hermione," said Ginny.

Hermione entered and gasped. "It's amazing! Who did this?"

"Harry," said Ginny with a smile.

"You've caught yourself a good man Ginny, don't let him go." Said Hermione seriously

"I won't" promised Ginny.

"Now, what about that dress over there? Go and wear it!" exclaimed Hermione in a very non-Hermione way.

Ginny did just that and when she came out of the dressing cell, she saw that her mother and Tonks joined into the room.

"My god Ginny you look good!" said Tonks.

Ginny was wearing a tight white strapless dress that puffed slightly from the waist down. She had transparent glass shoes and her hair was in an elegant bun that had a couple of red hairs falling from it gracefully on Ginny's face.

Her mother had tears in her eyes. "You look so pretty," she whispered and shed a tear.

Hermione patted on Molly's shoulder and Molly walked out of the room. Hermione helped Ginny fix her make up and smiled.

"Let's go," said Ginny

Ginny went out of the room, accompanied with Tonks and Hermione and saw Harry waiting for her, grinning like a fool.

"You look amazing" he told her sincerely. Ginny just grinned and started greeting their guests.

Ginny was amazed by the amount of people. During the ceremony, she was so excited and anxious to notice the astounding amount.

She saw all of Harry's old Quidditch pals and Minister Bones, all of the Gryffindors from his and her year (except those who were killed during the war), Moody and some of Harry's friend Aurors not to mention her own colleagues.

Suddenly the booming voice of Fred Weasley called, "Mr. and Mrs. Potter would now open the first dance. And watch your hands Potter, that's my little sister!" he said as and laughs erupted.

A slow song began. Harry took Ginny's delicate hand in his and they started to dance, oblivious to the other couples that joined them shortly afterwards.

"Ginny?" said Harry suddenly. "Do you want any kids?" he asked hopefully.

Ginny gazed into his eyes, knowing full well that Harry would give anything for a family of his own. Growing up unloved and single child made him wanting comfort and a stable home life. She smiled and nodded.

Harry sighed with relief. "Thank you, Ginny," he said, "For being with me, supporting me, before and after Tom died. For giving me a chance to have a family." Ginny's eyes were wet.

"I'm more than happy to give you all these things Harry," she said and leaned again for a kiss. Their kiss was sweet, innocent and full of love and affection.

"Hem hem" Ginny and Harry parted "May I cut in?" asked Mr. Weasley.

"Certainly, Mr. Weasley," said Harry and turned to dance with Mrs. Weasley.

"How are you feeling Harry dear?" asked Mrs. Weasley.

"I am the happiest man on earth Molly," he said with a huge grin. Molly smiled.

"I always saw you like on of mine, now it's legal," she said.

"I always saw you like my mother Molly. Thanks for putting up with me all these years."

Mrs. Weasley glared at him and said with a stern voice "Don't you dare thank me Harry James Potter! It was my pleasure!" and playfully punched his arm.

"Wonder what Harry did to make mom act like it," Ginny said to her father with a giggle.

"Now, now Ginny, tell me, did you and Harry buy a flat?" Mr. Weasley asked.

"No," she said, "weWe bought a house in Godric's Hollow, near where his parent's house used to be," she said.

"Will you be mmoveing in after the honeymoon?" he asked.

"Oh no," she said "I moved in two months ago, didn't mom tell you?" Ginny asked.

"Now that you mention it...maybe she did," he said gazing to nowhere in particular.

"You are becoming senile dad, and you don't even have four grandchildren," Ginny said laughing

"Speaking of which, are you and Harry planning on having some?" he asked gently. Ginny colored and mumbled a 'Yeah' before excusing herself to welcome the other guests.

As the big clock above the fireplace signaled midnight, Harry raised his glass of champagne and the crowed hushed.

"Thank you all for being here today," he started "I love thank each and every one of you here and for being here for me and for Ginny. Dduring the years, you have become my family., Tsome of the mosthe happiestiest moments of my life includes each and every one of a part of you: from the moment Hagrid told me I'm a wizard on a rock in the sea," a few laughs and chuckles heard

"Until graduation, during Auror training and afterwards. I have no words to express how happy I'm to see you all here. I'm glad that you are sharing with me the happiest moment of my life."

He raised his glass again as the crowd clapped "To happy memories," the crowed echoed him.

"Now, we have some wonderfully made cake, let's tuck in!" he said and a cheer rose from the crowd as he cut the cake and fed a smiling Ginny.

"Well, time to go to our honeymoon," said Ginny shortly afterwards to the crowed. Cat calls erupted and Harry and Ginny turned scarlet "thanks again for coming!" she said and held Harry's hand as they Apparated to their house.

"You still didn't tell me where we are going Harry," said Ginny while they were changing their cloths.

"I know. Hold my hand, we are going to Apparate straight to the hotel," Harry said while holding their luggage.

"But Harry..." Ginny started but Harry already Apparated them away.

Ginny looked around. They were in a large reception hall; she was almost blinded by the gold everywhere.

Harry turned to the receptionist. "I booked a room for Potter two weeks ago," he said.

The receptionist eyes almost popped out of her head and she started rambling in quick French.

"So...France huh?" said Ginny as they took the Room Identification Card and started walking.

"Yep," said Harry, "But this is the wizards France, not the Muggle one..."

"Well, that was kind of obvious, we Apparated in front of her eyes," she whispered.

When they reached their hotel room, Harry pressed the card to a recess on the door.

"How do you know what to do?" she asked.

"Well, let's just say after Tom died I was able to treat myself for a few weeks," Harry said with a smirk as the entered the bedroom.

"Would you stop say 'Tom died'? Just say Voldemort defeated by me...," she said.

"Would you shut up?" he asked and pressed his lips hard to Ginny's in a very passionate kiss. They soon found out they are very uncomfortable in their cloths.

"Morning beautiful," whispered Harry to the sleepy Ginny.

"Morning," she yawned.

"What time is it?" she asked. "I'm exhausted!"

"You should be," said Harry with a smirk Ginny punched him playfully.

"Ouch! Okay, okay, it is 12," he said.

Harry and Ginny spent their honeymoon doing long trips in the day and being extremely busy in the night.

They were just about everywhere in Wizards France and even took a tour to the Louver Museum in Muggle France.

They watched sunsets on the French Riviera every evening and ate in fancy restaurants. Ginny took care of writing to her mother every four days and Harry took care of the technical aspects of their trip.

A month later, in the early morning of Monday, Harry and Ginny Apparated back to their house.

"It's good to be home," said Harry as he levitated the suitcases upstairs.

Ginny couldn't answer. She pressed her hand to her mouth, ran to the loo, and vomited.

"Ginny?" said Harry. "Are you alright?"