It had been 9 years since the night Draco Malfoy killed the baby that grew in Ginny's womb. Three years of healing and loving.

Harry and Ginny managed to bring three girls and two more boys into the family. James was now eleven years old, his black hair and hazel eyes always managed to make Remus smile when they were together. He looked very much like his grandfather had. The only thing that distinguished James Potter from James Potter was his nature; James, unlike his grandfather, was a quiet boy that was more interested in his books than playing pranks.

Debbie, Harry and Ginny's second child, was seven and a half years old. She was born a year after Ginny's miscarriage and went a long way towards heal Ginny's wounds. She had also black hair and hazel eyes, making her look very much like Ginny, only with black hair, which secretly pleased her mother very much. She also inherited Ginny's love for books and always loved to look at them, even though she didn't fully understand everything. She and James spent many hours on James's bed reading book after book.

Nicole, their second girl, was six and a half years old and was very mischievous. She loved running around the house and pulling pranks on Debbie. Needless to say, Fred and George were her favourite uncles, and George's son, Timothy, was her partner to crime. She had red hair, like her mother.

Harry and Ginny didn't stop while they had Nicole, and Nicole was barely one year old when Jonathan came. Jonathan, an energetic five-year-old was what kept Ginny on her toes. Even though he didn't play pranks often, he had a knack of getting into trouble and Ginny cursed the day when Harry told Jonathan about his adventures at Hogwarts.

Lily was born two years after Jonathan, and at the age of three she was the apple of Harry's eye. She had everyone wrapped around her little finger and she knew it. Every sweet 'peas?' of hers was guaranteed to work, and she immediately got what she wanted. Her red hair and big green eyes made every woman on the street coo at her.

Even then, Harry and Ginny did not give up on children. Kevin was a year and a half years old when James received his letter- the letter from Hogwarts.

"James, are you sure you have everything packed?" Ginny called up the stairs. "Robes? Books?"

"Yes mom!" James's eager voice yelled from his room.

"So come down here, I need help!" said Ginny with a smile "And bring Debbie too!"

"Come on Kevin; don't run away from Mommy….Mommy just wants to feed you…" Ginny said as Kevin threw his mashed fruit in every direction.

"Harry? Can you give me a hand?"

Harry entered the and immediately kissed Ginny's cheek "Morning love," he said.

"Morning. Can you feed Kevin for me? I need to make sure everything is ready up there."

"Sure," said Harry, gladly taking Ginny's place in front of a very messy Kevin.

Harry quit his job as an Auror three days after Malfoy's attack. Malfoy died because of Harry's burst of power, which threw him on the metal staircase and broke his neck.

Harry, jobless, started to write his biography three months after Ginny found out she was pregnant with Debbie. Much to the amusement of Ginny, Harry, during the nine years in which he wrote his biography, didn't finish even a single chapter. During the day he mainly helped Ginny around the house and nothing pleased him more than going flying with his children.

Ginny went upstairs, glancing at Harry feeding Kevin. She could never get tired of this; her family was everything to her.

She knocked on Nicole's door "Nicole? Baby, are you up yet?"

When no response came, Ginny opened the door and peeked inside. Nicole was still sleeping. "Nicole! I told you to get up an hour ago!" she said sharply and watched as Nicole's body jerked a little from the sudden noise. "Get up!"

Ginny yanked the blankets off Nicole and Nicole grumbled loudly. Even though she was only six years old, Ginny could see that she was very much like Ron with her sleeping habits; if no one woke her up, she would sleep until the end of time.

"I'm up, I'm up…" said Nicole sleepily and stood up. "Morning Mommy," she said to Ginny, as if suddenly seeing her.

Ginny rolled her eyes and kissed Nicole's cheek "Good morning, now, would you please get dressed really quickly? James should be at the station in less than an hour and you haven't eaten your breakfast yet."

Nicole's only response was a huge yawn. Ginny went out of Nicole's room and entered Debbie's, where she saw Debbie sitting on her bed with silent tears splashing down her cheeks.

"What's wrong, Debbie?" said Ginny gently and closed the door behind her. She sat on her daughter's bed and pulled her to her lap. Debbie immediately put her head on Ginny's shoulder.

"I don't want Jamesie to leave…" she sobbed, "I want him to stay here with me…"

"Honey, you know it can't happen…James has to go to Hogwarts and in a few years you'll go there too…" soothed Ginny.

"Yeah, but I won't have anything to do without Jamesie…no one to play with…" Debbie said and a fresh wave of tears came.

Ginny hugged Debbie close to her and struggled not to smile; that is exactly what she told her mom when Ron went to Hogwarts.

"Debbie, you know you have Nicole and Jonathan and Lily you can play with," said Ginny.

"It's not the same! They are younger than me and it's not fun playing with them!" said Debbie with a sniff.

"But you know, you are their big sister…they want to play with you…and you can teach them all the things you've learned from your books…and you can try to teach Jonathan how to read and help Lily colour her colouring books."

Debbie's eyes brightened a little "Can I ,Mommy?" she asked.

"Of course you can…" said Ginny and stroked Debbie's black hair. "But now we have to go to the train and if you're ready, go and help Lily get dressed ok?"

"Ok, Mommy," said Debbie, obviously in a better mood.

Ginny watched her go with a smile – she and James developed a very strong bond over the years and James was fiercely protective of his little sister. It somehow reminded her of the relationship she had with Ron before he went to Hogwarts.

It would be three more years until Debbie would go to Hogwarts and she knew that James wouldn't spend much time with Debbie. He would meet new friends and Debbie will develop a new bond with her younger siblings.

Ginny shook herself out of her reverie and hurried to Jonathan's room. Jonathan was just pulling the shirt over his head when Ginny came in.

"Morning, mom," he said with a bright smile. He was always the morning person, and Ginny insisted that it came from her mother.

Ginny kissed Jonathan's messy hair "Morning Jonnie, everything all right?"

"Yes, mom. Do you need some help?" he asked and Ginny allowed herself to smile. He was always the first to volunteer to help Ginny and Ginny enjoyed spending time with him, even though he couldn't do much, since he was only five.

"No baby, I don't need any help. But why don't you go downstairs and see if Daddy needs any help feeding Kevin?"

Jonathan giggled; it was a much known fact in the Potter household that Harry Potter couldn't feed babies. Every time he tried, the floors ended up eating more than the baby.

"No problem, Mommy," he said and hugged her around the middle before hurrying out of the room. Ginny chuckled. He had always been the sweetest of her children.

When Ginny came downstairs she saw that Harry gave up trying to feed Kevin and gave the task to Jonathan. He was cooking breakfast in the meantime and Ginny watched her children fondly as they sat around the table, eager to eat something.

She took out her wand and levitated plates, cups and forks from the drawers on the table and took the pumpkin juice pitcher from the kitchen to put it on the table.

"Dad, hurry up! We're starving!" moaned James, rubbing his stomach.

"James, stop grumbling," said Ginny with a roll of her eyes. Sometimes she wondered if Ron visited one time too many at her house; her children were behaving like him now!

Harry put the food on the table and the kids hungrily dove at their breakfast.

"Really!" said Ginny indignantly as she saw her children shove food into their mouth, "Some table manners, indeed!"

Harry chuckled and put his arms around her waist, causing all the children focus on their breakfast even more; their parents cuddling and kissing was too much for them to see, especially in breakfast. But they didn't dare say anything so not to get the wrong end of Ginny Potter's wand.

Harry kissed her shoulder and Ginny relaxed into his arms. She couldn't believe Harry still found her attractive. She was no where near the weight and look of her mother, but she did get a few extra pounds, not to mention the silver lines on her breasts and stomach, souvenirs from the children's time in her stomach.

Harry didn't mind though, he never thought he could be more in love with Ginny than he was when he was seventeen, but during the years, their love only grew stronger and both of them couldn't be happier.

The year after Malfoy's attack, both he and Ginny were in bad shape. It took them time to heal and only after Debbie was born had he and Ginny had managed to move on with their lives. Harry painfully thought about one more child that should have been here today, shovelling food into his mouth. He quickly shook the thought away; it was a long time ago.

"Aren't you hungry?" murmured Ginny in his ear.

"Starving," said Harry lightly but didn't move.

"Go to eat, you'll have to wait to lunch," Ginny murmured again, but Harry didn't move, he was content in holding Ginny for a few minutes without the kids interrupting. It didn't happen a lot.

"I love you," said Harry simply and tightened his grip around Ginny's waist.

"I love you too Harry," said Ginny and turned so she could kiss him.

"URG! Mom! Dad! Stop that!" James's disgusted voice yelled behind them.

"Did you finish your breakfast?" said Ginny, slightly annoyed that her privet moments with Harry are being interrupted all the time.

"Yes. When are we going?" he whined.

Harry looked at his watch "In ten minutes, can you put Kevin in the carrier?"

James only grumbled in response and went out of the kitchen.

"Can't believe he's going to Hogwarts already…" murmured Harry, burying his face in Ginny's neck.

"I can't either…can you believe it? Eleven years…" trailed Ginny and knew that both of them thought about the baby they lost.

"Mommy! I'm done!" Lily's voice carried from the dining room and Harry allowed himself a smile.

"I'm coming baby," Ginny called and kissed Harry quickly again before disappearing.

Harry, feeling the loss of something warm in his hands went into the dining room and picked Lily up while Ginny took her plate from the table. He kissed Lily's cheek and Lily giggled.

"How are we getting to the station, Dad?" asked James, carrying the carrier which carried Kevin.

"Portkey, your mom and Kevin will apparate," said Harry. Kevin was obviously too young to travel by Portkey and could cause him damage.

"Nicole, are you done eating?" asked Ginny.

"Yes, Mommy," said Nicole and gave her the empty plate.

"Ok! Guys! Come here! We're going!" yelled Harry and all of their children came running into the kitchen.

"Now, put your hand on the kettle," said Harry and put the kettle.

James reached out an lightly touched the copper kettle, followed swiftly by his siblings.

"Five… four… three… two… one!" Harry counted down, as a familiar tug engulfed him and his children.

Seconds later, James landed with an 'oof' and barely managed to stay upright. His siblings –and, much to his amusement, his father- went sprawling around him.

The platform was crowded and busy and loud. A young boy dashed past him, moaning about his missing salamander. A young girl with straight black hair and Asian features tottered by, looking about ready to topple over under the weight of a dozen books –non of which appeared to be those on the list of required books for Hogwarts- balanced precariously in her arms. Another boy, with dull brown hair that contrasted his brilliantly blue eyes appeared to be attempting escape from a motherly woman who appeared to be smothering him to death while sobbing about her baby going off to see the world.

"Hey, d'you need help with that?" ask a boy with twinkling grey eyes and auburn hair asked James Potter.

"No… er, thanks. My Dad will help me."

Harry smiled at his eldest son, and hefted his odd heavy- Harry wondered how many books he'd crammed into the confined space- trunk into a compartment.

"Bye, James," he said, smiling.

James was already dashing to the train, which was whistling, but turned around to say, "Bye, Dad! Bye, Debbie! I'll send you some books from the Hogwarts Library, if I can! Bye, Nicole, Jonnie, Lily! And," she smiled at the red-headed woman who had just appeared beside Harry, "Bye Mum! I'll write to you every week… well, I'll try, anyways. Write to me if Kevin does anything… new! Bye… I love you all!"

Harry smiled proudly, but there was a trace of sadness. His son would have many of the same or similar experienced to his school days, but it could never be the same. And he certainly hoped it wouldn't.

He found himself thinking back to his school days. How he wished he'd had parents to see him off like this! What if James ended up friendless? What if someone tried to seek revenge, as Malfoy had, and hurt his precious boy? What if he was sent back by the sorting hat! What if he fell in the lake and drowned, or was poisoned by a mis-brewed potion, or got in the way of a haphazard spell and died?

Ginny smiled softly, obviously knowing what he must be thinking, and gently laid her hand on his arm.

"Harry, his life won't be perfect, and he knows it won't be. If you survived with Voldemort after you, one way or another, every year of your schooling, and once even before that, than James will be just fine. Besides, it's his life, not yours. His life, to fill with his own mistakes, triumphs, pains, joys, loves, hates, and days. It's not the story of Harry and Ginny Potter anymore- it's the story of James Potter, son-of-the-man-of-defeated-Voldemort."

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