Summary: What happens when Starfire, Terra, Bee and Raven (well not really Raven, she was forced) form a band? Chaos of course! RobStar, BBRae, BeeCy, SpeedyTerra.

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"Friends, I am very "bored,"" Starfire said to everyone who heard, which was Raven, Terra, and Bee (all the Titan's East came over).

"Well, what can we do?" Bee said jabbing a finger in the direction of the guys, who were playing with the Game Station.

"Hey!" Terra shouted. "Why don't we form a band!" She added, again, shouting.

"Oh, can somebody elucidate to me what is this "band"?" Starfire asked.

"It's like five Punk Rockets" Raven told her.

Star let out a shiver, "I do not wish to be like Punk Rocket"

"It's not exactly like Punk Rocket, it's like people who get together and sing and perform" Raven explained further.

"I see now!" Star declared happily.

"So, we formin' a band or not?" Terra asked again.

"You are, I'm not," Raven said.

"Yes you are!" Terra shouted at her, making all the guys go "Shhhhh".

"No I'm not!" Raven yelled in return.

"Yes you are!" Terra screamed.

"SHHHH!" All the guys shouted at them at the same time.

"Fine! But I'm not doing anything, got it!" Raven yelled angrily at Terra.


Later, In Terra's room

"Ok…so does everyone here have a special musical talent?" Terra said in a director-type voice.

"No!" Raven shouted from her place on the floor.

Terra gave her a death glare. Raven gave her one back, and Terra could have sworn that she felt really scared.

"Please friend Raven! Participate in this with us!" Starfire pleaded her.

"Fine, fine, but don't let me do anything weird"

"Ok!" (A/N: Wow, dejavu) Terra said.

"Let's just do this already!" Said the ever-impatient Bee.

"Alright, now what can you do, Starfire?" Terra asked her.

"Back in Tamaran, I played the piano"

"Can you play the electric one?" Terra asked, impressed that were even pianos in Tamaran.

"I am very sorry, Friend Terra but I have never seen any of these pianos of electric" Star uttered sadly, thinking she was going to get rejected.

"No! It's just that most pianists in bands play the electric one, but electric ones are just the same as the regular ones you play anyway" Terra explained then Starfire nodded.

"Bee?" Terra asked.

"Well…I can play the drums" Bee said a bit shyly.

"Awesome! I can play the guitar!" Terra declared. (A/N: If you've read my other story "The Titans are falling in love", you'll know I like making Terra play the guitar)

"Wait! No one's gonna sing!" Bee realized. All heads turned to Raven.

"What?" She retorted.

"Friend Raven! You must sing for our band!" Starfire pleaded yet again.

"No" Raven answered blankly

"Come on Rae…you know you want to" Bee said in a sing-song voice.


"RAE!" Terra said flailing her arms. Raven grabbed her arms because she thought people who waved their arms up and down were annoying.

"Don't. Call. Me. Rae" She said and everybody felt scared.

"Please!" Starfire said then made puppy-dog eyes.

"Not working on me" Raven said.

But wasn't one to give up, she ran outside then came back holding Beast Boy in cute cat mode.

"Nope" Rae said.

Beast Boy continued doing "The Face".

"Fine!" Rae actually said this because of two reasons; 1. Because if she kept ignoring it, Star would never stop pursuing, and 2. She thought that Beast Boy was just too cute…

"Good. Wanna get back to my game" Beast Boy said then ran out of the room.

"Wait just a second! Don't wanna break your bubble or anything but we don't have any instruments" Bee cut in Terra and Starfire's 'we-have-a-band' dreamy look.

"Oh" Both girls muttered sadly, then, suddenly, an electric piano, an electric guitar (A/N: Terra has an acoustic guitar, not an electric one), drums and drumsticks, a microphone and speakers.

"Cool!" Terra and Star said at the same time

"Who's sending them these?" Raven pleaded to the ceiling.

"Hehehe" A small little man also known as Larry giggled from the ceiling (A/N: If your wondering how he's able to stay up there, he's…um… floating!) then vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Now, since we have our instruments, let's start!" Terra practically screamed.

When they were settled in, Bee shouted, "Sing something Raven!"

"And if I refuse?" Raven said in her usual monotone.

"We'll sick Beast Boy on you again!" Terra shouted.

"Okay! I'll sing. Here's how it goes…" Raven said then held her microphone and sang…

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