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Ok, let's get on with the story, now shall we,

'Ahh, this is relaxing' Raven thought as she laid her head on Beastboy's shoulders, looking at the beautiful surroundings of the marvelous beach, everything was so peaceful and quiet until…

"OMG! THERE THEY ARE!" A girl with an amazingly large voice yelled.

And suddenly…

"Hi, I'm Sam, remember me? From the airport? Is this still a bad time?"

"Um, no, I don't know, no" Raven answered like she met Starfire for the first time.

"Well, can we have your autographs then?"

"We?" Raven asked since their seemed to be only one girl standing there.

"Oh, yeah, GUYS!" Then suddenly a flock of girls, came running towards them.

"Yes, we" Sam said again.

"OMIGOSH! JENNA!" A girl named Kari Tyson yelled to her twin sister.

"WHAT!" Jenna answered, okay, more like yelled.



After this little discussion, you could swear you saw two girls chasing a green cheetah around the beach if you didn't know better.

"Ok, can we have you autographs pullleeze!" A girl dressed in bell-bottom pants and a green top that had a pink floral design named Janice said.

"Alright" Raven answered.

While Mixed Emotions, and well, Beast Boy signed autographs, let's get back to the boys who apparently, are in Paris, France.

Paris, France…

"Ok, we got our bags, where do we go now?" Speedy asked.

"Find the girls" Robin said determinedly.

"Let's go look for an information center or something" Cyborg suggested.

At the Information Center…

"Excuse me, miss, where is the next concert of Mixed Emotions?" Robin asked the middle-aged woman at the information center.

"What do you mean? Ze Mixed Emotions haz not even arrived here at Pari!"

"Huh? Where are they now?"

"I believe they are in Auztralia, young man, why do you care so much anyway? It's like one of them is your girlfriend or zomething" The lady giggled then went back to what she was doing.

Robin frowned and the three guys left, and if your wondering, Aqualad, Mas, Menos and Jinx(for some odd reason), were in charge of the tower, Jinx didn't go on tour because she said it bored her and they realized that they didn't really need a bass player after all.

Back in Australia…

"Whoa, I had no clue so many people knew us all over the world" Terra commented.

"Yes, Friend Terra, it was never to my accusation that a large number of people are familiar with us" Starfire said.

"But since their gone, we can back to what we were doing, relaxing" Raven then sighed and rested her head where she had put it before.

Terra bit her bottom lip and said, "Seeing you two so happy, it makes me miss Speedy more"

"Yes, I miss Robin ever so much"

"Yeah, and if Cy was here, it wouldn't be too bad either"

"I think we should call them" Terra said slowly.

"YEAH! LET'S DO THAT!" Bee said enthusiastically.

"YES! We should use the machine used to communicate to contact our friends!" Starfire added.

Back in Jump City…

Ring Ring

"Hello?" Aqualad answered.

"Aqualad?" Terra asked, "Anyway, where's Speedy?"

"Their in Paris, with you guys!" , "Aren't they?"

"They are not! And plus, we're in AUSTRALIA!"


"Yes, Australia!"

"I'll get back to you" Aqualad shut the phone.

In Paris…

Ring Ring

"Hello?" Robin answered his cell.

"Rob, It's Aqualad, do you know your girlfriend is in Australia!"

"Yes" Robin said.

"So why the heck are you in Paris!"

Robin threw his phone on the sidewalk and walked away.

Back to Australia…

"Th-th-they a-are i-i-in Pa-Pa-Par-Paris" Terra choked then looked like she wanted to cry again.

"WHAT!" Bee yelled then screamed at innocent bystanders.

"No…Robin" Starfire the started crying.

"Oh, no, not again, what happened this time?" Raven asked irritated.

"Robin is in Paris! They thought we were in Paris so they went there!" Starfire then broke into tears.

"Guys, you stop crying now! If they went to see you guys in Paris then ofcourse they'll be smart enough to go to Australia, now wouldn't they?" Raven said.

"Alright, I'll stop" Terra then dried her tears but still looked very, very sad.

Bee was still ranting on and on and Starfire couldn't help her tears no matter how hard she tried.

"Guys, don't worry, how about we take a little stroll around Australia, huh?" Beast Boy suggested.

"That would be nice" Terra said.

"I guess it would be alright" Starfire said sadly.

"Bee?" Raven called.

"Alright, we can go" Bee calmed down.

On a boardwalk in Australia…

"Let's go in this store!" Bee yelled.

Raven rolled her eyes.

When they got in the store, the first thing they heard was,

Your beautiful soul, yeah
You might need time to think it over
But I'm just fine moving forward
I'll ease your mind
If you give me the chance
I will never make you cry cmon lets try

'This is the song that Robin sang to me in the garden of roses' Starfire thought. As you may have guessed, Starfire began crying.

"Alright, I can't take this any longer, BB, give me your phone" Raven said.

"Um, here you go"

After a few minutes of silence, Raven said, "That's strange, Robin's phone seemed to be out or something" Oh, but we all know where Robin's phone really is!(evil cackle)

Back in Paris…

"Ok, this ends it, we are in Paris, yet we are doing nothing to entertain ourselves! How about we catch the next plane to Australia!" Robin said to break the stunned silence.

"Yeah! Let's call the airport" Cy said. "Hello, um, airport?"

"Yes?" A lady on the other end said.

"When's your next flight to Australia?"

"Well, it's fully booked for the next 2 days, so 3 days from now you can fly to Australia"

"Alright, Thank You"

"So? So?" Speedy asked impatiently.

"Three days from now"



"Break it up you guys!" Speedy went in the middle of the two who were close to attacking each other.

"There must be some way to communicate with them!" Robin thought then added, "Am I the only one who brought a cell phone?"

"Uh, no, here" Cy threw his phone into Robin's hands.

"What are you planning to do?" Speedy asked.

"You guys are so stupid, we should just have done this instead of going all the way to Paris, CALL THEM!"


Ring Ring (we're hearing a lot of this aren't we?)

"Hello?" Beast Boy answered.

"HALLELUJAH! Can I talk to Starfire?"

Beast Boy then developed a large grin on his face, "Star, it's for you"

"Who, is it, friend?" Starfire said in between sobs.

"Just answer the phone, you wont be disappointed"


"Star?" Robin said with happiness.


"Me too, Star, me too"

After a few minutes of talking and Bee and Terra saying "MY TURN! MY TURN!" , Starfire and Robin exchanged 'I love you's then Star handed the phone to Bee, who looked murderous at the moment.

"Hey Bee"

"OMG! OMG! Cy! I have been terrible wreck without you," BB then grabbed the phone and said, "Believe her, believe her", Bee rolled her eyes then snatched back the phone.

After their discussion, it was Terra's turn


"Hi Ter"

"I miss you so much" Unlike the other girls, Terra didn't shout or scream, she was just far too happy to shout and she was embarrassed that she might let out a little squeak if she tried to shout.

After this little thing, it was night time and they all were sleepy from today's events.

12:00 pm in Australia…

Knock Knock

Raven was a light sleeper so she opened the door, it was Beast Boy.

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, I do, but I didn't spend time with you at all since we left Jump City, so, I felt horrible about that, so, can we take a walk?"

"Sure, but I look so messy"

"Really? I didn't notice"

At a Beach

"Whoa, so this is where we'll be performing, it's so big and well, cool" Raven said.

"Look, they were nice enough to set up your instruments already"


"Why don't you go up there and sing me a song, Rae"

"I could say the same for you" Raven then laughed.

Beastboy then ran up the stage and started playing with the drums and at the same time singing American Idiot.

"The song suits you BB"

"Tha-hey!" BB ran down the stage then threw a small shell at Raven then Rae caught it in her hands and threw it back to BB.

"Oh, so, that's how you wanna play" BB said mischievously

Raven laughed then ran.

They chased each other until BB tackled Raven and they both fell on the soft sand, BB on top of Raven. They were laughing then BB picked up Raven in his arms then he walked to the water.

"Oh, no, you don't" Raven stuggled to run.

"Oh, yes, I do" Beast Boy grinned.

He then went in the water with Raven in his arms.

Back at the hotel…

Beastboy walked Raven to her room, they were both wet. Beast Boy kissed Raven on the lips then said goodnight.

Raven tiptoed to her bed when a light flickered on, and she saw Starfire, Bee and Terra sitting on chairs and grinning from ear to ear.

"What happened?" Terra smiled.

"Give us the sweet details" Bee also smiled.

"Please tell us the story of you and Beastboy and the love you shared while we were sleeping.

"Huh? I just went out for a glass of water"

"We have a mini fridge that's free, courtesy of the hotel" Bee then pointed to the mini fridge.

Raven was speechless for a few seconds then she caved in.

The next day was their concert…

"And now, Mixed Emotions!"

Lots of cheers echoed form the audience, louder from the "fans".

After some hellos and all, they started singing their songs, ok, I'm sorry, but I cant think of any songs right now, and plus, I think I've used all the good songs already!

In Paris…

"Ok, we're going to Australia"

"Hold on, how are we so sure that they are still in Australia?" Speedy asked.

"What do you mean?" Cyborg asked.

"They girls are going on a tour, when you go on tour, don't you sty in a place for only oneor two days?"

"How about we call BB again?" Cy then pressed Speed dial 3 for Beastboy.


"Out of Reach"

"Oh, well, then, I've got an idea! One of us will stay here in Paris, one will go to Australia and the other will go to um…well, I did hear them say that they're going to Tokyo, so one should go there too!"

"That's actually a good idea, Speedy" Robin congratulated.

"Ok, so who will go where?"

"We ask them!"



"Oh, yeah, them"

Back in Australia…

"Ok, you guys, tomorrow we're leaving for Paris" Raven said.

"Yeah, bye Australia" Terra said.

The Next Day at the Airport…

"Here we are, ok, let's see" Raven then looked up at that bug screen thingy that shows the time when they are leaving. "Uh, guys,"


"Our flight is cancelled"

Poll: Who should go where? And remember the girls are in AUSTRALIA.

The guys are Robin, Speedy and Cy

The places are:

a. Australia

b. Paris

c. Tokyo (thanks wildcat!)