If Only There Was Somebody

If only there was somebody, someone like Gary,
Someone to accept this burden he carries.
Who'd go out and save lives, day after day,
Whether it's shining, or whether there's rain.

If only there was somebody; someone who cared,
Someone who'd every life he'd fear.
He'd believe every life has so much worth,
To save a life; he'd put much effort forth.

If only there was somebody; where would we be?
So many would be here, so many free.
Oh, do I wish there were more people like that,
Maybe even a man with a newspaper, a cat.

If only there was somebody; the timing is past due,
It could be anyone; him, her, me, or you.
Let's all try to be kinder, more helping, more caring,
And then maybe, just maybe, we'll find someone like Gary.

All disclaimers apply. You know the drill.