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Chapter 4: He's back?

Scarlett walked out of the school with her head held high. She wouldn't lose it in front of them, she wouldn't. She would keep her composure till she got home; she wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She got in her car and her tires squealed as she left Centrals parking lot. She flipped through her CDs until she found the mix CD she'd made that fit her mood - Angry Mix 1. It soon blared out of her speakers and a tear fell down her cheek. After one fell, more soon followed until she knew she had to stop the car. A "Central Dinner", sign glowed a bright red in the dark night and she hastily pulled into the first available spot she saw. She turned the car off and her head hit the steering wheel.

The tears came faster and she couldn't hold them in any longer. She sat their shivering it was getting cold in her car. She had been crying for a half hour or so when there was a knock on her window. She felt an immediate sense of panic flood through her; she didn't want to see anyone. She also didn't want anyone to see her like this, she raised her head and wiped the tears away the best she could before opening the car door. As she looked at the person who had interrupted her crying a familiar face stared back at her, one she knew all to well. Suddenly relief flooded through her and she knew it'd be okay in the long run, as she unbuckled, and pushed the door open wider. She leapt into the strangers arms and the tears fell once again.

Strong arms caught her, and wrapped around her holding her tight. She felt safe and secure, as if she found a place she fit. She buried her head in a freshly, showed and cologned man.

"Shh... Shh... Scarlett, what's wrong? What happened honey? Are you hurt baby? Scarelett?" the mans voice asked concernedly as he felt the tears still coming softly on his neck.

"Rhett – it was awful. Are you really here?" Scarlett asked.

"Yes, now what was so awful?" Rhett asked as he set Scarlett down and a little away from him still keeping her in his arms.

"It's all Melanie's fault. She had the nerve to screw Ashley, my boyfriend, well ex now but that doesn't matter. She was fucking him right on the dance floor, with only a small wall of football players for protection against chaperons. She had sex with my Ashley, while I waited outside the locker room in the cold waiting for Ashley. He said to meet him there and now I know why. He wanted a quickie with Melanie. God, how could I have been so stupid? I swear I could just lie down and die it was so humiliating and embarrassing." Scarlett said in one rush as the tears began to dry up and anger came riding in.

Rhett saw the last few tears remaining in her eyes, and pulled her back in and hugged her. He just held her and everything seemed right.

"Are you okay to drive home?" Rhett asked.

"Oh… yes. I should be going home any…" Scarlett broke off as she started to move towards her car.

"No – holdup. Just wait a minute before you go all jumping conclusions. It's getting cold and for the discussion we're about to have I don't think we should stay in this parking lot. I wanted to know if you could drive because I don't want to leave my car here. I thought I could follow you back to your house where you could get comfy pajama's on and we can talk." Rhett explained as he grabbed Scarlett's face and made her look him in the eye.

"Okay, sorry. I am okay to drive. Let's just go." Scarlett replied softly.

Rhett pulled her in once more and whispered, "It's all going to be okay." Then he gave her a quick kiss and opened her car door. Once she was in the car and it started he left to get his car.

Her mind raced as she drove home. "Rhett's home. Rhett's home. After almost four years of being gone he's back. He's back like that terrible night never happened. He just waltz's in and everything's okay again. Where did he go? Why did he leave me when I needed him most? Why is he back?" Her brain was in such a state she drove past her driveway twice before circling around the block and pulling in the driveway.

Rhett followed her and parked behind her; he got and knocked on her car door. She still sat in the car almost afraid to get out. A few minutes later she got out, locked her car and turned to Rhett.

"I have one question I need answered before we go anywhere, why now?" Scarlett asked.