A young boy silently lay on his bed, still fully-clothed in a shirt and jeans at least three sizes too large. He stared up at the ceiling through black-rimmed glasses, his untidy jet-black hair flung carelessly across his pillow. Downstairs his uncle, aunt, and whale-sized cousin were all trying to entertain one of the teachers at Dudley's school. As usual, Harry was pretending to not exist. With a groan, he rolled over onto his side, ear pressed into the pillow and listening to the faint, muffled snatches of conversation going on below. But then, suddenly, everyone went silent. Harry raised a brow, pressing his ear a little farther in an attempt to hear better.

Then, just as suddenly as the silence, there were four loud screams and the wild thumping of feet, accompanied by the slam of a door. Harry could help but grin. In his haste to get to the door and see what was going on, he tripped over his sheets and scrambled to escape from them to get to his door. When he finally popped up, his hand fell on the doorknob. But before he could turn it, it turned for him and then flung open into him, making him topple backwards and crash onto the floor. As he hurriedly shoved his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and rushed onto his two feet, a grin again flashed across his face. Finally! He thought, lifting his head towards the open door. The Order has come to take me away from here! But who he saw in the doorway was definitely not an Order member.

It was a girl, looking to be around his own age. She had long, wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, her overly lipglossed lips parted to reveal two rows or perfectly aligned pearly-white teeth. A manicured hand was holding a strange-looking rod… a wand? Harry stared at it. It was… pink. On top of that, there was a glittery puffball attached to the end of it. For a few moments Harry was shocked into silence, just… staring at her. She moved away from the door and towards Harry, her pink puff-balled wand pointed at his nose. For a moment Harry didn't register that she was moving. When he did, he moved backwards, staring as his jaw hung agape. She looked at Harry curiously, moving a strand of curly-blonde hair away with a hand painted with bright pink nails.

"Harry?" The girl asked tentatively, her voice strangely angelic-sounding. Harry blinked. "Harry?" She repeated, moving her hand towards him. Harry stared. She laughed, and Harry cringed slightly- her laugh was high, girlish, and sugary-sounding- surely she was evil.

"It's me, Harry!" She exclaimed, looking excited. "Angel!"

Harry looked confused, slowly edging away from her, an eyebrow cocked and his mouth still slack. The girl laughed again, and Harry cringed simultaneously.

"Angel Potter! See, I have a scar, too!" Angel said, reaching up to her forehead and brushing back her curly bangs. There, in the exact same place as Harry's own lightening-bolt scar, was a little heart-shaped one. Harry's eyes widened. Finally, he spoke.


Angel giggled again, and Harry had the sudden urge to snap her neck. From behind him, there was a rustling under his bed. He whipped around, gritting his teeth as Angel giggled from behind. From underneath his bed crawling two more girls- one with shiny brown hair that glistened even though she wasn't in the light. The other had bright red hair- but unnaturally red, like a fire engine. He stared at them now, forgetting that his 'sister' was still behind him. The brown-haired girl had no wand in hand, while the other was dragging a wooden something that looked roughly the size of a tree trunk behind her. Both stood up from the ground, the crimson-haired girl having a bit of trouble trying to lift her tree-sized wand. For a moment, Harry wondered how both of them and the tree could fit underneath his bed, but dismissed the thought as they spoke.

"I'm Saka-Puko-Rana Potter!" Chimed the brown haired girl, waving.

"I'm Ariella Weasley-Potter!" The red-haired girl giggled while struggling to keep her 'wand' upright. Harry blinked, trying to figure this out.

"…Another sister? And… Weasley-Potter? Er…"

"I'm you and Ginny's daughter!" Ariella squealed, beaming.

"But… you're fifteen…"

"Sixteen." Ariella corrected, flashing a smile that reminded Harry strongly of a certain ex-Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

"…But… Ginny's fifteen… and we- I- um, we didn't… ever…" Harry trailed off, feeling extremely awkward. From behind him, Angel giggled as a prelude to speaking, making Harry twitch and ball his fists.

"I'm your sister; she's your sister; and she's your daughter!" She pointed to herself and the other two in turn. "It's easy, really." She explained, even though it didn't help Harry in the slightest.

"Oh my goodness, we're going to be late for our first day of school!" Saka-Puko-Rana shrieked, staring at her arm (which had no watch on it). Harry raised an eyebrow, voicing a complaint.

"Term doesn't start for a month-" -but he was cut off as all three girls lunged at him to drag him off to school at least four weeks early. Feeling extremely ruffled and aggravated as he was half dragged, half carried down the stairs by his newfound relatives, Harry voiced another question in a monotone voice, scowling.

"So, how're we going to get there?"

Afterwards he regretted asking.

"I'll conjure us up some floo powder!" Angel cried, dropping Harry unceremoniously on the ground once they were in the front lawn, testing the puffball on the end of her wand.

"You can't conjure floo powd-" Harry tried to object, but was again cut off by one of the three girls.

"Oooh, I'll apparate us all there!" Saka-Pako-Rana offered.

"But none of us can appar-"

"We could get our brooms!" Ariella stated, clapping her hands together. The two Potter 'sisters' nodded approvingly. Ariella smiled and reached down to grab her wand- or log. As she struggled to lift it, Harry stared at the wand, speaking sarcastically.

"…Nice wand."

"Thank you!" Ariella beamed between grunts of exertion. "It's got a phoenix core."

"A phoenix tail feather? Same with me." Harry added.

"Oh, no," Ariella wheezed, straining with effort as she lifted the log end to waist-height. "A whole phoenix."

Harry's eyes widened and he stared suspiciously at the wand as she raised one end over her head, arms quivering under the weight.

"Accio- just a sec-" She grunted as her arms gave way a little. Snorting loudly, Ariella lifted it back over her head, grinning triumphantly.

"Accio brooms!" Through the air whizzed three brooms, Firebolt 600,000,000- (the rest of glittering gold numbers disappeared around the handle) printed boldly on them. They stopped perfectly in line in front of the three witches; their perfectly trimmed ails glistening in the sun. Harry blinked again.

"Wow, it must have taken you a while to get the spell that perfect."

Ariella shook her head.

"Nope, that was my first try!"

"Where did you summon them from? The bushes?" Harry said with a smirk, glancing at the bushes around the house that were only feet away from them. Ariella shook her head again.

"No, from my house in Florida."

Harry looked confused.

"Wait, that makes no sense- none of that made any sense"

"It doesn't?" Ariella asked innocently, her head cocked in one side.

"One," Harry put up one finger, "You've never done the spell before, yet you summon three brooms from America in less then a second."

"…And?" Ariella questioned, smiling. Harry had to grab his arm to keep it from punching those perfect teeth out.

"Two," Harry growled through clenched teeth, a second finger popping up, "If you're my…" he paused, making quotation signs with his fingers, "…'daughter', why do you live in America instead of London!"

"That's an easy one!" Ariella said, grinning broadly. "You see, when I was very young- about three- Voldemort," Harry noticed how she had said the name as casually as ordering a donut, and neither of the other girls had twitched or showed any signs of discomfort. Ariella, not noticing Harry's lack of attention, continued. "Killed my parents."

"But I thought you said I was your parent-"

Ariella ignored him.

"Since I was an orphan, I decided to go seek help from my uncle, Dumbledore."

"But Dumbledore can't be your uncle-"

"-He let me be part of the Order, and I killed lots of Death Eaters to help."

"But you were six!"

"Three, Harry!" Angel quietly corrected, her eyes looking teary and pityingly at Ariella. Harry glared at his 'sister' as Ariella continued.

"But then, I became evil."

The two 'Potter sisters'; who had been crying on each other at the sadness of Ariella's tale, let out quiet gasps of surprise. Harry wasn't surprised at all- it flowed with the rest of the way the story was going.

"Yes," Ariella said sadly, looking down as she attempted to stash her log-sized wand in her pocket, "I became evil. I joined Voldemort," –there was still now twitching or frightened yelps- "and killed lots of muggles. But then I felt bad and decided to be good again and reunite with my lost Mother and," she looked teary-eyed at Harry, smiling, "Father."

Angel and Saka-Puko-Rana clapped, Angel even saying 'Bravo!'. Harry rolled his eyes again as he spoke, not even bothering to bring up her contradiction of her parents (which were supposedly he and Ginny) death.

"That still doesn't explain why you live in Florida."

"Oh, I moved there to escape the Death Eaters."

Harry looked at her dully.

"Of course; it makes perfect sense now." Harry said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I'm glad I could clear that up for you!" Ariella said proudly. Harry ignored her. He heaved a weary sigh, shoulders drooping as he finally just gave in. Hopefully these three would be better that the Dursley's.

"Let's just go." He said, exasperated.

"Okay!" the three girls said cheerily, each mounting their brooms. Harry looked back up towards his bedroom window.

"I still need my stuff."

"I'll get it." Saka-Puko-Rana offered, rolling up her sleeves as she stepped off of her hovering broom. She lifted her hands and pointed them at the open window. Suddenly, some sort of bright blue power shot from her palms, shooting up through the window and made it shatter into a shower of glass as it shot through it. Harry slapped a hand to his forehead and slowly dragged it down his face, groaning loudly- the Dursley's were going to kill him for that. There was a loud ripping sound from inside the house, and Harry's stomach tightened- it had sounded as if Saka-Puko-Rana had ripped up the floorboards. Saka-Puko-Rana looked over at Harry, confusion on her face.

"You don't keep your thinks under that loose floorboard anymore?"

Mortified, Harry shook his head. The girl shrugged casually.

"Oh, then it might take a little longer." She wiggled her fingers and shifted a little, the beam coming from her hands shuddering slightly. After a few more minutes she said 'Aha!' and yanked her arms forcefully backwards. Harry only caught a glimpse of a large trunk and cage (with owl) fly through the window before he snapped his eyes shut, waiting for the crash. It never came. Finally, he opened one eye, peering at Saka-Puko-Rana. She was seated on top of his trunk, beaming. Harry didn't even bother asking hoq she had managed not to destroy his possessions and didn't take the time to question her magic use without a wand. Comparing it to everything else that was going on today, it seemed perfectly average.

Without a word, Harry took his own broom, had Ariella perform a charm to attack his trunk and cage to the bottom of it ("I've never done this one, either!"), ten kicked off into the air. The other followed. As they flew over London towards the Kings Cross Station, he thought he caught a glimpse of a flock of what looked like Misuse of Magic Ministry owls trailing behind them.