Title: Futility

AU Sam, Sam/Jack, post-Points of View, pg

Summary: 'Now she had time to think about her life, and the fact that she no longer had one.' Post-ep for Season 3's Point of View.


The world had stopped now.

In actual fact it was still spinning. It had been saved; people could start to rebuild their lives. But for Sam, the world had finally ground to a halt.

She had nothing left to do to occupy her time. Granted, she was an important scientist needed to help rebuild her world; but somehow that wasn't nearly as important as running for your life had been. She had been doing so for the last week, running, helping, hiding, hoping. She hadn't had time to think. Now everything was different. Now she had time to think about her life, and the fact that she no longer had one. She had time to realise that this was it, she was alone, and it wasn't going to change. She had time to understand that Jack really wasn't coming back.

George Hammond found her crying desperate sobs she hadn't wanted to be heard by anyone. Only Jack had ever been allow to see her cry. She futilely wiped her eyes, but more salty tears kept falling.

'It's not fair,' she gave in, sucking in a giant breath of air.

George Hammond merely knelt down on the floor in front of her, touching her knee gently with his hand; a gesture to continue.

'She has him, and she's not even doing anything about it.'

He looked momentarily confused. 'Jack?'

She nodded. 'The me, in the other reality. They're not together.' She looked up at him with pained eyes. 'How can she not be with him? How can she not want him?'

'If this other 'you' is anything like you, I doubt it has anything to do with not wanting.'

She looked down. 'Military. She's in the military, he's her CO. But they could work around that, I know it. I would.'

'I'm sure they will. I can't imagine a Sam and a Jack not together.'

She tried to stop the tears from falling, but couldn't.

'She doesn't want him, I'll have him. God, I'd get him back to this reality in a second if I could.'

'Sam,' he uttered softly, 'you want your Jack. You want the Jack that you've spent the last few years with, the last year married to.' She sat, rocking ever so slightly, staring at the ground. 'You want the Jack that shares all of your memories of your time together, the one who remembers how you take your coffee and when you need your alone time. The one who knows when to simply hold you.'

'He's still Jack.'

'He's not your Jack.'

She shook her head miserably, as a sob caught in her throat. 'I want my Jack back.'

'I know.'

There was nothing more to say. She got up, wiping tears from her face and moved towards the corner of the room with the last burst of energy she had left. If there was one thing George had learned from 'their' Jack, it was when to leave her alone. And as he went to close the door behind him he both heard and saw her slide down against the wall, her desperate sobs breaking his heart; hers already broken.