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Author's Notes: This little conversation just kind of came to me in the shower the other day and I needed to get it down. It kind of went from there, and I'm thinking of turning it into a little series of short stories. We'll see. Enjoy!


by Kristen Elizabeth

"Nick!" Greg skidded into the break room with a fistful of cash and a wide grin on his face. "Am I too late?"

The older CSI checked his watch and shook his head. "I told you I was closing it down at ten p.m. sharp. Cutting it kind of close here, Greggo."

"C'mon! I had to run up the street to the ATM since you wouldn't take a check."

"You wouldn't show me two forms of ID." Nick laughed at Greg's frustrated expression. "Yeah, you're in time. What are you in for?"

"Thirty bucks on the fifteenth," Greg replied, waving three ten-dollar bills proudly.

"The fifteenth? That's tomorrow, Greg."

"Your point being…"

"No one's got any money on any day before the twentieth."

"So? I'm a rebel. A rebel with an inkling."

"Hmm. More like a rebel without a clue." Nick shrugged. "But hey, it's your dough." He snatched up the money and added it to the large wad of cash already accumulated in a small metal box. "You're officially in."

Greg dug into the fridge, searching for the soda he'd hidden at the start of the shift. "How much is the pot up to?"

"Five hundred."


"Yeah, Warrick kicked it up with a hundred dollars on the twenty-sixth."

Popping open his drink, Greg sunk back into a lounge chair. "Risky. The actual day."

"Well, that's Warrick. Personally, I put my money on two days behind schedule. Statistics." Nick finished scrawling down Greg's name and his contribution, then looked up with a frown. "But you know, he is better at this than the rest of us."

"Better at what?"

As Grissom entered the room, Greg shot to attention, nearly spilling his entire soda onto his shirt. Nick scrambled to close up the box. Grissom watched them, his eyes narrowing slightly behind his glasses.

"I repeat, who's better at what?"

"Hodges," Nick blurted out. "He's better at…"

"Line dancing," Greg supplied.

Nick threw him a look. "Line dancing than us."

"I should learn not to even ask," Grissom muttered as he headed for the coffee machine. "Where are we on the DNA from the bite wound, Greg?"

"Mia's running it." He paused. "Hey boss, how's Sara doing?"

"She's good," Grissom replied, hiding a smile behind his "Bugs Don't Bite" coffee mug, a present from the woman in question. "A little restless."

Nick nodded. "Sounds like Sara. Is she still pissed that you banned her from the lab?"

"I did not ban her," Grissom corrected him. "I merely pointed out the inherent risks and we made the decision together, rationally."

Greg coughed. "Yeah. Sure. 'Cause we all know how rational Sara is these days."

"I have no compunctions about telling her you said that."

"Ha!" Nick pointed to Greg with a taunting finger. "Someone's gonna get it."

A beeper suddenly went off and each man grabbed his own.

"Not mine," Greg announced.

"Me either," Nick said, reattaching his to his belt.

Grissom frowned at his pager. "Not mine either."

The beeping continued.

"Grissom," Greg said. "It's coming from you."

The coffee mug nearly fell to the floor. He made a grab for it at the same time as he dug into his jacket. With trembling fingers, Grissom pulled out a second beeper, the one that was going off, and checked it.

When he looked up, his face was pale. "It's happening." Moving quicker than Greg had ever seen him move, Grissom dropped his mug in the sink and ran for the door. He stopped and turned around. "Tell Cath…"

"We've got it covered, Gris," Nick replied. "Go! Hurry!"

Grissom bolted out of the break room, just as Catherine entered. He barely took note of her, even as he nearly knocked her over.

"Where's the fire?" Catherine asked the two men.

"The baby beeper went off. Sara's in labor."

"Oh my god." Catherine's eyes watered. "Wow." Her moment was broken by Greg as he broke into a happy little dance. "Um…what's with him?"

Nick cursed under his breath. "He's got tomorrow in the baby pool."

To Be Continued (if people want to read more)