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Yet another TSS story...this one's a bit...dark. Not my usual stylings but I've been told it's good? Can't seem to get the muse rolling this one out though.


"Confundus!" Harry who had been reaching out for the doorknob to exit Professor Snape's room after his visit, flew forward and hit the door as the spell collided with him. He was looking up blearily from where he was sprawled on the floor and saw the angry and slightly unhinged Professor stalking towards him.


"What's all this, what's all this?" Gilderoy Lockhart was striding toward them, his turquoise robes swirling behind him. "Who's giving out signed photos?"

Harry started to speak but he cut short as Lockhart flung an arm around his shoulders and thundered jovially, "Shouldn't have asked!" We meet again, Harry!"

Pinned to Lockhart's side and burning with humiliation, Harry saw Malfoy slide smirking back into the crowd.

"Come on then, Mr. Creevey," said Lockhart, beaming at Colin. "A double portrait, can't do better than that, and we'll both sign it for you."

Colin fumbled for his camera and took the picture as the bell rang behind them, signaling the start of afternoon classes.

"Off you go, move along there," Lockhart called to the crowd, and he set off back to the castle with Harry, who was wishing he knew a good Vanishing spell, still clasped to his side.


Harry's body was frozen in place as he shook with fear and his mind numb as things he didn't know he knew suddenly appeared in his mind. He wasn't even aware of his robes being torn off and being pushed onto a couch under Severus Snape, who was panting and flushed, holding a wand on him. All he was aware of was what he was remembering.


"A word to the wise, Harry," said Lockhart paternally as they entered the building through a side door. "I covered up for you back there with young Creevey—if he was photographing me too, your schoolmates won't think you're setting yourself up so much…"

Deaf to Harry's stammers, Lockhart swept him down a corridor lined with staring students and up a staircase.

"You look a little bothered Harry. Come with me. I have a little something in my rooms I can give you that'll make you feel a lot better."

"But Professor…"

"No buts Harry you look like you need it. Besides I don't have any classes to teach right now and I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will understand why I kept you out of class this once. We must…have a chat." Lockhart pushed Harry into his private rooms ahead of him and stepped in behind him, sticking his head back out the door for a peek down the corridors before shutting it and locking them both inside.


Harry lay still like a doll, being undressed. His shirt was unbuttoned and pulled open exposing his lightly tanned chest. Harry shivered as a warm mouth slid across his skin and shut his eyes as his professor's face came back into view when he lifted his head. A blonde blue-eyed figure suddenly floated across his mind and for one second Harry was fully attentive as his eyes shot open before he remembered the situation he was in again and his mind thankfully retreated again. His eyes looked glassily up at his professor though his face did look pained as he remembered more.


"Professor I really have to get to class." Harry switched from one foot to the other, uncomfortable in Professor Lockhart's room with all his smiling, winking pictures.

"Wait,wait. Here take this…" Gilderoy turned from his trunk with a wide smile holding out a small bottle of blue potion.

"What is it?" Harry looked at the potion inside. It didn't look dangerous but still…

"A little relaxant…calming thing you know." Lockhart popped the cork and held it out to Harry. "Go on. In fact," he tilted back his head and let a couple of drops fall into his mouth before handing the bottle to Harry. "I needed some too."

Harry's brow furrowed slightly but he took the bottle and sniffed it. 'Smells like flowers.'

"A drop or two Harry." Lockhart was watching him avidly, almost excited. Harry made up his mind. He'd take that damn thing and hurry and get the hell out of here.

Harry tilted back his head and tilted the bottle over his mouth. 'One…two.' He swallowed and handed the bottle back to Professor Lockhart with a small smile and a "thank you", the only thing he felt then was a small shiver through his body.


Harry's body shuddered as he was freed of his last article of clothing. His boxers. He felt so exposed. 'I deserve this. I'm so stupid. How could I have been so stupid as to drink it?' Harry whimpered softly as a hand closed around his flaccid member. When he stopped moving wishing it over, the hand left him as he still didn't respond. Harry shut his eyes as his professor stood and started to strip himself.


"Okay professor I…" Harry shifted on his feet again, even more uncomfortable now. Hismember kept tingling. Harry flushed shifting on his feet once more. "I have to go."

"Wait now. It doesn't seem to be working. You still look bothered." Gilderoy smiled and walked over to his couch letting himself fall onto it easily and unclasped his robes. "Come here Harry."

Harry bit his lip as he hardened slightly. 'Gods this is embarrassing. Maybe I can just sit in here for a bit.' Harry gave a slight nod and sat on the little bit of the couch Professor Lockhart wasn't sprawled across. He undid his robes and slipped out of them. 'I do feel a bit hot come to think of it.'

Professor Lockhart sat up and shrugged out of his robes too. "Good idea Harry. I'm hot, aren't you? You should take off that tie…" and then he leaned over with nimble fingers and started to work on it.


Harry opened his eyes and looked straight up at the ceiling above him. His body shuddered again. He'd only been twelve for Gods sake. He hadn't known…hadn't known…but how could he take advantage of me? Harry scrunched up his face fighting back tears. 'I'm not a virgin. I don't have anything to give my special someone. I'll never have a special someone. I'm not worthy.'

Harry barely winced as his professor's naked body straddled his. The thin hips on his thrust gently making Harry whimper. He didn't want this to happen again. He'd be dirty again. Worse. He tuned out Snape's grunts as rubbed his damp hard erection over Harry's hips, humping him.


Harry looked down at the hands undoing his tie. They looked white and soft and fast. He smiled watching them undo the knot on his tie easily. That took him hours to do up himself. He lifted his head and grinned at his professor at ease for the first time with the man.

"Okay Harry?" Lockhart purred giving Harry a slow grin back, fingers slowing on his tie.

"Uhh…yea." Harry blushed and looked away. No one had ever looked at him like that before. Like he was…dessert. Harry swallowed and shifted on the couch, slightly closer to Lockhart hoping he'd hurry up with the tie. His cock was hard now and chafing in his pants.

"You look so uncomfortable." Lockhart finally finished with the tie and pulled it from around Harry's neck slowly. "Here."

And pressed his hand into Harry's lap. On his erection.


Harry shut his eyes and flushed with shame. He could remember now. It had felt good. So good…that was why he was ashamed. Why he was dirty. Of course the potion was supposed to make it feel good, but if he could fight Imperius why couldn't he fight a potion? Harry shifted his hips, the bones of Snape's body digging into him uncomfortably. His ears opened again and he heard the high breathless grunts speeding up. It would be over soon. Maybe if he was lucky this was all Snape would do. Harry was, naively hopeful, as he shut his ears to the outside again. And remembering more now he turned back to his thoughts, oblivious to the warm gush of liquid that spurted onto his thighs.


Harry gasped breathlessly, shocked, scared and excited all at once.

"Okay Harry?" that purr again. Another grin.

"Y-yes…" Harry wriggled his hips under the hand another gasp bursting from him as hiserection turned rigid and it suddenly felt good.

"Warm?" The hand started to rub over the front of his pants and Harry whimpered, shutting his eyes. He nodded hard, a soft pant breaking out. He was hot! He couldn't breathe.

"Let me help you." The hand moved and Harry protested breathlessly with soft whines. But Professor Lockhart was just taking his shirt off for him.

"There does that help?" Not really but Harry nodded anyway. Wanting his professor's hand back there. Touching himself never did that!

"I could help more…if you got naked."


'Stupid boy. Stupid, stupid boy.' Harry told his twelve year-old self off, in his head. 'How could you do it? Let him take advantage of you?' Harry answered himself. 'I didn't know any better. And what about you?' 'What about me?' 'You know better…you're letting it happen again.' 'Am I letting it happen again?' Harry thought to himself. Snape picked then to stop smearing Harry's body with hisejaculation by rubbing off on him again and started using his mouth instead. Harry gasped as a mouth hooked onto his nipple. 'Yes he was letting it happen again. And worse than that…it felt good again.'


"Get naked? For you?" Harry frowned looking at his professor. The blue eyes so close to his face sparkled and Lockhart leaned in closer.

"I know how it hurts in a good way Harry. I'm a male too. I have one." He touched Harry's lap again. Smiled widely as Harry arched into his touch with a small gasp.

"If I…get naked, will it…feel better?"

"Like you wouldn't believe Harry." And then he had reached for Harry's zipper. "So?"

And Harry nodded.


Technically he'd been tricked that time. He hadn't known about sex. Hadn't known what Lockhart was doing was wrong. Had been malleable and not that hard to manipulate. He had no such excuse this time. Harry raised his hips slightly, with a pant he'd been trying to hold back for the last few minutes. Snape's tongue kept darting into his bellybutton and it felt incredible. He was half-hard already and knew it wouldn't take much to get him fully hard. He might even enjoy this. Then it wouldn't be rape, his mind cheered him up. You could just say you had sex with your professor. If you enjoyed it it's not rape.


Lockhart had taken his time, exposing him like a present while he stood there and blushed, wishing it were over. He had been about to turn back at his last article of clothing, his boxers, and then they'd been tugged over his hips, his jutting erection. The friction had made him ejaculate, hips bursting forward as he cried out.

"Ah…maybe you should have only had one drop…" Lockhart said to himself while Harry stared at him wide-eyed.

"That felt…great!" He said in an awed whisper.

"It gets better." Lockhart gave him another grin that sent shivers down his spine and made him hard again. "Oh and call me Gilderoy." He had whispered into Harry's ear as he took Harry'sarousal into his hands.


Harry was trying very hard to enjoy his sex. But he didn't want it like this. Didn't want to be sprawled over Snape's couch naked with Snape kneeling on the floor at the side of the couch, trying to suck him off when he kept losing confidence half-way through. He wanted a bed with soft music and candles and flowers and…'oh Gods just something but not this!' He didn't need it hopeless-romantic style. Scratch that, he just wanted to want it.


Harry keened, bucking enthusiastically into Gilderoy's mouth. 'Gilderoy. What a weird name.' Normally Harry would giggle thinking that but he was a little breathless, a little busy.

He moaned clutching his fingers into the shoulders bent before him. When his boxers had been taken off it hadn't felt…so big as this. The feeling that had been coming hadn't made him weak in the knees like he wanted to fall down. Just slightly giddy. But now…he wanted to fall on the floor and cry.

"Make…it stop…hurting!" Harry burst out in a high pitched voice. Gilderoy had made it stop hurting. It had felt like dying and waking up again.


Harry had forced himself to come. He didn't need to pretend it was anyone else even. He'd always had a feeling he was gay and, before this, Snape wouldn't have been that bad a choice. But he needed to pretend he wanted this. So he had envisioned his flowers and his music and his beautiful bed and with just a few soft kisses, he had come. 'Finally,' Harry almost taunted himself in his head as Snape flipped him over on the couch. 'So this is what it comes down to again.' And it wasn't like he could fight much anyway, every time his mind said something's wrong the charm kicked in. He couldn't understand why he had to leave…


Harry had fallen to his knees in the end. It had been that incredible. Then Gilderoy stood wiping his mouth with a small smile.

"Perfect Harry. Absolutely perfect. You taste like bliss itself." He ruffled Harry's hair. "Now…I'm sure you'd like to repay the favour." And he had taken off all his clothes in a slow strip tease Harry was made to watch. Getting hard. Again.

"I have…to put my mouth on that?" Harry squeaked. He wasn't that large. His mouth wasn't that large!

"What you can't suck, rub Harry." Gilderoy nudged hisarousal at Harry's lips. "Come on."

And he had opened up.


It was easier not to fight anyway. If he didn't fight he could at least pretend he was enjoying it. Like this was his choice. 'Like this isn't…' Harry swallowed and waited for a hard intrusion. But it didn't come. Then he heard soft wet sounds but didn't look. 'Probably best' Harry decided.

Then he left the soft gel between his legs and wanted to laugh. 'Pretend willing participants get lube! The ones that fight get the raw entry. Right, I'd forgotten.' Harry corrected himself. Willing participants…not pretend willing. Because he wanted this. He had asked for this hadn't he? Not with words he could remember…but he had come here. And he was gay. So he wanted this. Harry bit his lip as the first finger slid in.


Harry had almost choked when Gilderoy came. He'd tugged on his head, Harry winced rubbing a spot missing a few hairs, hurting his mouth. And Harry had swallowed hisejaculation because Gilderoy asked him too. Said it would help his throat feel better too because it was liquid-ish so he did. After that Harry had been taken to Gilderoy's bedroom where he said it could get even better.

Harry couldn't imagine it getting any better than earlier. He told him so. And all Gilderoy said was come see then.


Willing participants in sex get soft entries with words of love and maybe kisses to their front or back. Harry convinced himself he wanted the soft kisses strewn across his back as he was taken again. 'Not as willing as I was the first time, but willing.' An almost loving entry. Now for the first thrust. Harry tensed as hands grabbed his hips and pulled him. He gasped and Snape grunted at the impact. Okay it wasn't bad. Not bad at all. He'd even got a little tingle. The second was the same. The third a slightly different angle, more tingle. The fourth, quite pleasing. The rest ran together as Snape started to thrust harder and Harry shut his eyes.


And it was a good thing for Gilderoy Harry had taken the extra drop of aphrodisiac potion. All those extra hours of sex. When it finally stopped 'getting them ready for more' Harry stumbled off of the bed and went back outside the bedroom to get dressed while Gilderoy put on something fresh. When he came back there were photos dashed across the small table in the corner of the bedroom.

"Umm…Professor I'm going to go now. My friends probably missed me from dinner." Harry blushed furiously unable to meet his professor's eyes now they had…done all those things.

"That's okay Harry. Come here." Harry had come, to Gilderoy, and got a hug and another hair-ruffle, before the wand had been pulled on him.

"Obliviate!" The wand was hidden as Harry came back to himself and Gilderoy blinked innocently at him. "Thank you so much Harry for spending time with me…helping me sign me fan mail."

Harry blinked slightly confused until he saw his professor's pictures on the desk.

"Oh. You're welcome…"

"You better hurry back to your friends. Oh look at the time! You've missed dinner. Better head for your dormitory. You must be stiff…sitting here for hours, all that writing."

Harry flushed slightly. He did feel kind of achy. "Okay. Umm…I'll go now."

"Wait. Here's a present Harry." He grabbed a picture quickly, signed his name and handed it to Harry.

"Go on." Ruffling his hair once more Gilderoy pushed him out the door. And Harry carried on with his second year. Like the afternoon never happened.


Harry came with a soft cry, could almost hear the splatter on the couch, could feel it on himself. Snape was close behind and with just a few thrusts more it was over.

'It's over.' Harry got up almost dazed from the couch and got his wand from his robes. Cleaned himself. Fixed his clothes. Dressed. He turned to Snape and cleaned him then the couch under his reclined body and then his clothes. Harry magicked them on as Snape stirred rolling onto his stomach, satiated.

He wasn't kidding anyone. He hadn't wanted the kisses, the soft murmurs of his name or the hair-ruffling. But he had got them so maybe it was better for all concerned they forget. Harry waited until Snape was half-asleep before focusing on what he wanted him to forget, 'the last hour of his life' and then did what had been done to him.


Professor Snape sat up slowly blinking. "What…?"

"Thank you for hearing out my apology about last year again professor. Again I want to say I'm really sorry for prying and I swear it will never happen again. It was really…nice," Harry paused. "Of you, to listen to me even if you don't forgive me."

"What?" Professor Snape stood rubbing his head.

"I've been here apologizing for looking into your penseive last year for the past hour Sir." Harry blinked up innocently, anything but innocent.

Snape blinked before seeming to remember, the penseive incident at least. "Get out!" He looked irate now. 'Good. At least he won't be thinking about gaps in his memory.'

"Thank you for hearing me out though. Goodnight." Harry picked up his invisibility cloak from the floor where he'd left it when he came to visit Snape tonight. No one would know he'd been here but him. The only person that could know…wouldn't remember.

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