Dear Almighty Audience,
On this night I was feeling a bit wacky after reading some Anita Blake haikus by midnightpanther and decided to play copy cat. So I present to you, the almighty audience- of the kind and reviewing sort, a random mass gathering of LFN ReRun Haikus . To those of you who don't know, I choose to ignore anything that happens after mid-4th season and generally write about second season occurrences.
Your humble servant of bad poetry,

Bridgette Fonda sucked
Peta Wilson is better
As a Nikita

Street punk with bad hair
Transformed to secret agent
La Femme Nikita

Former P O W
Rules Section One quite harshly
Is still M I A

Maddy is creepy
Analyzes everything
She can read your mind

Lecherous old man
Chases after all the girls
Walter is the best

I want to see more
Of the hot computer geek
Birkoff- CyberGod

Michael Samuelle
Looks damn good in mission pants
Want to touch his ass

Nikita runs off
Michael calls to her nightly
She comes back to him

Davenport was cool
Backed up Michael on missions
He got squished I think

I miss Hillenger
Was a jackass to Birkoff
But the kid was hot

I'm glad Jurgen died
His wierd accent annoyed me
Face pissed me off too

Michael Samuelle
Can I buy him on E-Bay?
Then no disclaimers