"I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away."

Enrique Iglesias: "Hero"

Draco stood motionless at the top of the stairs, watching the point where Harry had just been standing even though it was now filled with a continual flow of frantic witches and wizards. He could barely hear Madam Pomfrey calling him into the temporary Hospital Wing over the beating of his own heart in his ears.

He turned slowly around to the mediwitch whose expression softened when she saw the hopeless look on Draco's face. She placed a hand lightly around his wrist and led him into the room, instructing him to make sure the potions that they would need over the course of the battle were in the correct order.

The first shelf he lined with bottle upon bottle of Blood-Replenishing Potion that Professor Snape had been furiously brewing, as he trusted no one else to do it right. On the next shelf he began sitting jars of orange paste for treating burns and purple paste used for the healing and cleaning of open wounds. Next up were bottles of Calming Draught and a highly potent Sleeping Potion, two of few potions that the Potions Master had let anyone else make, even then it had only been a select few who had excelled in their NEWT level Potions exam a few weeks earlier.

Draco peered inside the now empty box where he had been taking the jars and bottle from before looking at his list of Potions. He frowned and began looking around the room for another box. He groaned at the ineptitude of some of his fellow pupils. There was an entire box of pain relief remedies missing. He called across the room to Madam Pomfrey to inform her that he was leaving to retrieve the missing box.

The nurse nodded but didn't look up from where she was bustling about checking the beds were in order. Draco swerved round the two Ravenclaws that were checking the stock of bandages and left the room. He made his way quickly down the stairs and through the Entrance Hall, taking note that the number of people in the room had halved. He picked up his pace as he practically ran down the stone steps and through the corridors of the dungeon.

He reached the door of the Potions classroom and threw it open, making a dash to the cupboard at the back of the room. He took down Snape's locking charm easily and raked around inside. The box was easily found sitting on top of a desk in the middle of the vast cupboard. Draco bundled it up into his arms, straining a little under the weight of it.

He left the classroom, struggling to close the door behind him, and began his swift journey back up to the Hospital Wing. As he reached the top of the stairs he saw a long line of students and Order members streaming out the door. They had to know they were the sacrifice, Draco thought to himself; it was a classic battle technique. He crossed the marble floor, using all his well practised self-control to force himself not to run into the Great Hall and find Harry one last time.

Draco swallowed thickly as he made his way up the staircase and into the Hospital Wing. He set the box down on a work surface along the wall at the left of the room and began unloading jars of strained and pickled Murtlap Tentacles.

Loud yells and shouts floated through the heavy wood of the Hogwarts doors and could be heard faintly in the Hospital Wing. Draco looked up from the box and turned to look out the doorway where it seemed everyone else in the room was looking as well. They all looked slowly at each other, the same light of resolved recognition in their eyes.

It had begun.

Draco finished unloading the rest of the Potions quickly and dumped the box in the corner of the room out of the way. He looked around and saw the others standing awkwardly. Madam Pomfrey too was standing looking a little lost- they had nothing to do now but wait for the first wounded.

Fifteen minutes past before the doors to the Entrance Hall flew open with a crash and multiple footsteps could be heard thundering across the marble floor. Draco rushed forward, leaving the room and looking down from the balcony. He saw several Order members being carted in by students, which surprised Draco more than anything as another group left the hall and went out onto the battlefield.

Draco turned and went quickly back into the room.

"The first lot of wounded." Draco stated simply as everyone got ready to perform their designated duties.

Draco got to the Potions shelves at the same moment someone was hoisted onto the bed behind him. He assed the damage quickly- broken ankle and a dislocated shoulder, no doubt the work of a powerful Hurling Hex. He plucked a pain relief potion from the shelf and forced it down the patient's throat. A charm was cast on the injured shoulder, numbing it so that no pain would be felt when Draco had to use the muggle method of popping it back into its socket.

He nodded across the room to a girl whose name he couldn't remember, a Hufflepuff if he were correct. She came running over, helping Draco as he rolled the arm of the patient and finally heard the pop as it slid back into place. Draco shifted his focus to the broken ankle, pulling his wand from inside his robes and aiming it at where the bone was protruding from the skin.

He closed his eyes, forcing his magic through his veins and down his right arm as he incanted the spell to heal the break. The white light shot from the end of his wand and Draco felt the drain on his magical resources. He wasn't an accomplished healer so spells took much more out of him than they would someone like Madam Pomfrey. He looked at the ankle and appeared satisfied.

"It's the best I can do," he said to the girl "put on a splint to keep it stable." He instructed her. She nodded and began work as Draco moved onto the next patient.

This continued for another hour, nameless members of the Order of the Phoenix and students Draco didn't really know were brought in and treated without a second thought. So far fifteen were dead and only ten had been well enough to send back out into battle, which Draco knew meant only one thing- they were losing.

Another crowd of injured came through the door and Draco stuffed some bottles and jars into the pockets of his robes to avoid having to run back to the shelves.

"The aurors have arrived." Draco heard someone say as yet another person was laid on the bed in front of him. With the aurors there, Draco knew, they would now outnumber the Death Eaters. He looked down at the bed and was greeted by a mass of bushy, dirt coated, brown hair.

"Granger." Draco stated plainly. He heard a sniff and looked up- it was Weasley who had brought her in. He said nothing to the crying redhead as he rummaged around in his pockets until he finally was forced to speak.

"Do you know what curse she was hit with?" Draco got no response as he began examining Granger. Her eyes were wide and glassy, skin pale and cold. Draco didn't need to ask again but Weasley's voice came out quiet.

"Killing curse." Draco looked at Weasley's tear stained, devastated face. He sighed and signalled across the room to Crabbe and Goyle. Draco wrapped the sheet of the bed over Grangers face as the other two Slytherins lifted her body carefully from the bed. They carried her across to a door that led to an adjoining room. It was another old classroom that had been set up to act as a makeshift morgue. Granger was the seventh person Draco had personally sent there.

"Are you hurt?" Draco asked Weasley, who was still watching the doorway where Crabbe and Goyle had disappeared. "Weasley? Are you hurt?" He repeated, finally jerking the redhead's attention away from the doorway. Weasley shook his head.

"Then you need to go back out there." Draco instructed. Weasley frowned in question, his mind clearly not processing anything. "We've been told to send anyone who isn't badly injured back out to fight." Weasley blinked a couple of times before nodding and turning on his heel.

A commotion sounded at the door as two students came stumbling in. Draco looked up to see them limping, struggling to keep someone propped up between them. Draco's eyes focussed on the shoulder length black hair that was falling over a sallow, hook nosed face. He ran across the room to help them lift Professor Snape onto a bed.

Madam Pomfrey came hurrying over, checking for a pulse and taking a mental note of his injuries. Draco noticed the blood trickling from his Head of Houses mouth and pointed it out to Madam Pomfrey. She nodded and pulled out her wand.

"It's something internal, I'll need some blood-replenishing potions." Draco rummaged around inside his robes and moved to Snape's face. He lifted the professor's head and opened his lips. He tipped the potion down his throat, forcing the unconscious man to swallow the potion.

Madam Pomfrey was casting a spell to pin point where the internal damage was. Markers began glowing on several points across Snape's torso and both Madam Pomfrey and Draco gasped.

"Keep giving him potion once every two minutes." Madam Pomfrey instructed. Draco nodded and began watching the second hand ticking on the clock on the wall. Madam Pomfrey began trying to isolate the bleeding. Draco gave Snape another dosage and then checked for a pulse as the mediwitch instructed him.

Draco searched frantically on the Potions Master's neck but couldn't find any sign of the skin pulsing. Madam Pomfrey began checking his wrist but could find nothing there either.

"Check his breathing." She said quickly to Draco who bent his ear the Potions Master's face and put a hand of his chest. He could feel no air coming from Snape's nose and no movement of his chest. Draco shook his head and Madam Pomfrey took a step backwards and motioned to Crabbe and Goyle.

Crabbe stood at Snape's feet as Goyle hooked his arms under the Potions Master's shoulders. Draco turned to Madam Pomfrey and looked at her pleadingly. She shook her head and placed a hand softly on his shoulder as she went to go to the next patient.

Crabbe and Goyle hoisted Professor Snape up from the bed and carried him through to the other room. They kept their heads bowed out of respect and sorrow at the loss of their head of house. Draco stared vacantly at the bed, the white sheets stained slightly with red from where the blood had trickled down the side of Snape's face.

"Draco!" came the shout of Madam Pomfrey's voice across the room. Draco turned to see her and three others trying to restrain a patient who appeared to be having a fit. He went to go help when Madam Pomfrey shouted again, "No! We'll need more Blood-Replenishing potions and the paste to disinfect these wounds." Draco nodded and went to the shelves, picking up the necessary bottles and jars. He carried them over quickly, too busy noticing that the fit had stopped to notice the ocean of blood on the floor by the bed.

Draco slipped in it as he came to the bed, nearly dropping the jars as he clung onto the side of the bed. The patient had thick gashes on their legs, chest and wrists that were all bleeding profusely, the ones on the wrists more so than the others. Draco dropped the potions onto a nearby table just as everything around them went deathly silent. The five people around the bed stared at each other before moving back into action and spreading the purple paste on the wounds.

The silence thickened until it was penetrate by a low rumbling coming from the distance. It grew louder as if it were growing closer, the floors of the castle beginning to vibrate slightly. The walls followed next, shaking as if an earthquake were striking. Bottles and jars began falling from shelves and smashing on the floor, several people in the room losing their balance. Madam Pomfrey was shouting more instructions but could barely be heard over the shaking of the walls. Dust and particles of rock began falling from the walls, pieces of wood splintering from the door and window frames.

The silence descended again just as Madam Pomfrey declared the fight for this particular patient over. Draco looked around the room, noticing all of a sudden that the influx of wounded had stopped and by the looks on some of the other's faces, they had noticed as well. One of the students shrugged and went about picking various things up from the floor. Draco went to all the potions that had been smashed and crouched down on the floor, being careful not to cut his hand on the glass.

He heard the doors of the Entrance Hall fly open once more, frantic voices carrying up the stairs. Draco stood up with numerous chunks of bottle and jar scooped into his arms just as the people in the room let out an audible gasp. Draco could feel eyes bearing into the back of his head and turned around, robes swirling around his ankles.

The Head Master was standing in the doorway, Professor McGonagall standing behind him, her face sad and dirt stained. Draco looked to Dumbledore's arms where a body was cradled. Draco's arms dropped to his side, the bottles crashing to floor and smashing on the stone. It was Harry that the Head Master was clutching. Draco tried to focus on making his lungs function again as Harry was placed on a vacant bed.

His hair was matted to his head with mud, blades of grass and congealed blood. His scar was black, blood oozing steadily from it and smearing all over his face. His hands were held limp at his sides, eyes closed and a soft expression on his face.

Draco ran across the room after finally realising he had the function of his limbs. He cupped his hand frantically around Harry's face, the blood staining his palm and seeping up the arm of his robes. Madam Pomfrey ushered him out the way and he took a step backwards. She was working on him frantically, feeing him potions and casting charms. Draco could help, he knew he could but he couldn't move, couldn't think. All that went through his head was that Harry, his Harry, was bleeding to death in front of him. Draco's lungs didn't seem to be functioning properly, head feeling light. He felt himself being pushed down onto a chair that he hadn't known was behind him. He looked up to see Dumbledore looking sorrowfully down at him.

Draco watched for twenty minutes as Madam Pomfrey brought Harry back from the brink of death twice. Madam Pomfrey turned to Draco, Dumbledore and McGonagall; blood all over her robes and hands, sweat trickling down her temple.

"I've stopped the bleeding but his magical energy has been drained heavily. What happened out there Albus?" She asked the Head Master. Dumbledore sighed and stepped away from Draco to stand over Harry.

"What you felt here was a magical back draft. When Voldemort was killed," he paused as gasps and mutters were uttered at the news "his magical energy had to go somewhere, hence the wave of destructive magic. Harry was right next to Voldemort as it was released." The news sunk in slowly until Madam Pomfrey spoke softly.

"Merlin that poor boy," she began, casting a sad look down at Harry, "we'll be lucky if he wakes up."

Draco looked up at her quickly, his silver eyes filled with anguish and dread. Dumbledore turned from Harry and went to leave the room. Professor McGonagall followed him out and Madam Pomfrey laid her hand on Draco's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Mr Malfoy, all we can do now is …hope." She told him, charming a curtain around them before attending to others in the room. Draco pulled his chair into the bed, bringing him right next to Harry.

Draco laced his fingers through Harry's, resting their hands on his now bare chest. His face, Draco noticed, didn't look even half as injured now the blood had been wiped away. Bruises that covered his ribs were showing just above the covers. Draco rested his head on Harry's arm, staring up at the face of the unconscious raven-haired boy. If he just woke up, Draco knew, if he would just open his eyes then everything would be fine.

Draco ran his free hand through Harry's hair, still sticky with dirt and congealed blood. As he ran his fingertips over Harry's cheek the Gryffindor's eyes fluttered slightly.

"Harry?" He asked softly. Harry's eyes began fluttering more and Draco brought his face up, hovering just above Harry's.

After what felt like an age Draco was met with bright green eyes. Draco breathed a sigh of relief and sat back down in his chair, tightening his grip on Harry's hand. The corners of Harry's mouth twitched a little as he tried to smile. He opened his mouth as if to say something but Draco pressed a finger to his lips, bringing their joined hands onto Harry's chest as he moved.

He smiled back down at Harry as he cupped his cheek, lowering his lips briefly to press them lightly to Harry's.

Harry's eyes fluttered closed just as Draco pulled away. Draco smiled and caressed Harry's cheek softly. His smile dropped when he could no longer feel Harry's chest moving beneath their clasped hands.

"Harry?" He asked. Harry stayed still as Draco shook his face slowly. Harry remained still and Draco began calling his name more frantically. The noise he was making brought Madam Pomfrey hurrying in, followed closely by Professor McGonagall.

Madam Pomfrey tried to prise Draco from Harry but the blond wasn't moving. Tears slipped silently down Draco's face as he slumped back in his chair, continuing to shake Harry's hand.

Draco's face fell onto Harry's chest, the shaking of his hand ceasing as his body was racked by dry sobs. He whispered nonsensical words into Harry's skin, willing his chest to begin the steady rise and fall once more. Draco's words turned into nothing more than whimpers as the minutes past and Harry's hand grew colder.

"Love you too… love you too." The mantra of words was repeated over and over, only to be met with silence.


"I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away."

Notes: I'm sorry, really I am so sorry. I've agonized over this ending and it hurts to end it this way but by the time it was done it felt right. Now if no one minds I shall sit huddled in the corner and sob for an hour or so.