Title: When The Rain Falls Chapter 1: Freak Meeting Summary: "Hermione, I die a little inside just to keep from kissing you. And it only hurts when I am breathing. Everyday that I am away from you I want to die." He stared into her eyes, wiping away her tears. She batted his hand away. "Leave them! What are you trying to say?" "Are you daft, Hermione, don't you get it! I love you!"

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. Except for a few that I will make up.

Author: SiLvErEyEdGiRl

Her brown hair billowed out behind her as she sat on the beach staring out into the sea. Mind lost as she remembered every printed letter of the document that had changed her life. The document that had pronounced her a witch. She smiled and shifted her eyes; they roamed the shoreline, and finally landed on a castle in the distance. It was six years since that wonderful day. The wind blew harder making her hair blow around her face. Laughter was heard in the distance; and Hermione Granger picked herself up, readying herself to walk back home. Hermione's hair fell in golden brown waves to her delicate shoulders, framing her tan face. Her honey brown eyes could pierce your soul in an instant if you crossed her at the wrong time. She had a delicate neck that was home to a simple silver chain. Her breasts were the perfect size for a sixteen-year-old female. Lifting her eyes, she continued on the short journey to her Victorian home. The harsh wind was travelling directly at her face, therefore, causing her to decline her head as she walked up the street. She was halfway home when she accidentally walked into someone.

"I'm extremely sorry." She stated extending her hand to help the sprawled pedestrian. Her eyes met it's and she gasped. A pair of stormy silver eyes pierced her own. "Malfoy?" she asked tucking a lone strand of hair behind her left ear, feeling completely uncomfortable. "What are you doing here, in the Muggle world?" She asked him as he brushed himself of the dirt that clung from his clothes.

"I'm…I ran away from home if you must know. Not that you'd care…or that I'd want you to care." He wiped his hands and continued walking toward the beach. The Gryffindor in Hermione could not allow him to be out in the below zero temperature by himself. She rolled her eyes and walked after him, not caring if he froze for a while before she offered him sanctuary.

"Malfoy!" Hermione yelled, running up to him. He turned around, glaring at her.

"What, Mudblood?" he asked, she smirked at him, waving her hand, dismissing the insult.

"You're second in out year, and yet you still use that one insult. Ha, and you're said to be so smart." Malfoy glared at Hermione and the tension thickened between them. Causing Hermione to sigh and Malfoy to step back. It was then that Hermione finally got the chance to completely look at her enemy. His blonde hair was blowing in the wind, falling into his eyes rhymatically. His lips were pink and chapped, like a new born babies. He had the face of a child but the mind of a prejudice man. Hermione sighed once again and rolled her eyes.

"I can't leave you out here by yourself." She told him. While the voices of Harry and Ron yelling 'YES YOU CAN' in her head. "You can stay in my guesthouse." She said not completely sure about the decision that she was hastily making. Here she was, making a choice that would forever change her life. She would be homing her enemy, would be giving shelter to Malfoy, the person who had caused her so many tears and so much pain, as she longed to be like the others. In the end she decided that she was best the way that she was in the first place.

And so the nightmare begins…

'I'm not running from my problems,' he told himself sternly. 'I'm walking away to collect my thoughts.' It was bullshit; even to him. The excuse would never fly with his Father. It was a cop out and he would surely be punished immensely for it. Draco's eyes darted around, watching if his father was coming to bring him home. Sighing, for what seemed like the millionth time, he relaxed. For now, at least. That's when he was sent crashing down to the floor. His hair fell out of place as he was being denied entrance, by this pesky Muggle, to his favorite place, the beach. His eyes became cloudy, silver to storm gray, like he was transforming. Malfoy closed his eyes, whining about his bruised backside. When his eyes opened he groaned. 'Exactly what I was running away from.' Her honey brown eyes softened a bit as she looked down at me. Granger's hooded sweatshirt blew lazily in the wind as she extended her hand to me. When he didn't take it after a few seconds she let it drop to her side. Shrugging her shoulders, she stood back to let me remove myself from the ground that had been my temporary home.

Malfoy's eyes shifted again as I searched my surroundings for my father. He had yet to make an appearance, Once again he relaxed, allowing himself to breath, for now. "I'm…I ran away from home if you must know. Not that you'd care…or that I'd want you to care." He replied to her bewildered question, brushing past her he continued walking down the road toward his destination, the beach.

"Malfoy!" She called after him, causing him to be even more prolonged from his desired destination.

"What, Mudblood?" he asked trying his hardest to sound normal.

"You're second in out year, and yet you still use that one insult. Ha, and you're said to be so smart." She retorted. I began to look around again. Still there was no sign of Father. "You can stay in my guest house." She told him. He nodded, however, not happily. Turning herself she continued on with her walk home.

"Granger, can we go to the beach?" He asked her, he wanted to go to the beach, badly.

"Yeah," She said smiling to himself. Digging her hand into her pocket she pulled out a small silver object and flipped it open. She then placed it to her ear.

"Hello, Mum!" she said smiling. "Is it okay if one of my friends from school stays with us for the duration of the summer vacation?"

"Thanks Mum! We are going to stay at the beach for a while longer." She closed the silver object and looked at Malfoy.

"You can stay." She said to him and he nodded. They walked back to the beach in silence for a while.

"Granger thanks."

"No problem." She said back.

And so the saga begins…