Draco opened his eyes a short while later, she was supposed to be lying beside him. The sheets were supposed to be crimson, not white. The room was supposed to smell of strawberries, not healing potions. She was supposed to be there, but she was not. He was not in her room, he was nowhere near her, he could sense that. He however, could not sense where she was. The events leading to his previous state came rushing back at him,

"I'm going to be a father." He breathed out just seconds before Madame Pomfrey bounced over to his bedside. She was tutting under her breath about the state the children got themselves into. He could not help himself, he called out for her. The mediwitch looked down at him with utter shock on her face.

"Mr. Malfoy, did you just call out for Hermione Granger?" she asked, still believing that her ears deceived her. Malfoy did his best to nod his head, but a sharp pain resulted down his back. "She is gone dear. Not from the school itself, but from her mind. I used to find her lurking outside your bed curtains for the past month. When I went to sleep I could hear her weeping over your body. She thought you would never wake up. Would you like me to fetch her for you?"

Draco nodded his head once again. "But please, do not alarm her. She is in a delicate condition. I love her dearly. Nobody, under any circumstances can know about us. It would ruin her more than me. She is the one that I am worried for." The Mediwitch nodded and handed him a bubbling potion, telling him to drink it all and he should feel better within the hour. He did as he was told and watched as the witch left the hospital wing in order to fetch his pregnant girlfriend.



It wasn't until almost twenty-five minutes later did Hermione arrive. Immediately he could tell the growth of her body in certain areas. She was starting to show and she could not keep it a secret for much longer. When she saw his eyed flutter open she latched herself onto his chest and cried.

"I love you." He breathed into her hair which still smelt like strawberries.

"I love you." She said into his chest. The movement of her lips tickled him a bit. He moved under her gently so she would have room to climb into the bed with him. He placed his hand gingerly on her stomach.

"What happened that night Hermione?" he questioned. She shut her eyes and pretended not to hear him.

"It's not important what happened. We are here. Together, with our child. We are in love. We are safe." He closed his eyes and pulled her closer to him, knowing that something dark happened that he did not remember. He smiled into her hair because he was able to hold her again, and the smell of strawberries was enough to make him happy. All was well…or so he thought.



Standing outside their curtain was Harry and Ron. They gave each other bewildered looks, something had to be done. Hermione could not be with Malfoy. They would do whatever it was they could in order to stop them. If only things were simple, like when you were young and skinned your knee.