War is hell

"They've got us pinned down, sir!" Carter ducked down fallen tree SG-1 was using for protection, "There mast be at least half a dozen of them out there."

"You think?" O'Neill asked as he reloaded, "Any ideas?"

"We should try and flank them." Teal'c suggested, "But we would need a distraction…"

"No way!" O'Neill shook his head, "I'm not losing anyone!"

"We may need to." Daniel look at his weapon, "I'm out of ammo."

"Here." Carter handed him a clip, "Make the most of it: that's the only spare I have."

"How could we get caught with so little ammo?" O'Neill asked.

"Because you said we wouldn't need any more; you said it would only slow us down!" Daniel snapped back as hostile fire slammed into the tree, "Any other great ideas?"

"Yeah, this!" O'Neill grabbed the archeologists weapon and jumped to his feet. Gun in each hand, he started to fire into the trees the enemy were using as cover, "Go! Go! Go!"

The rest of SG-1 made a run for it, keeping low as their commander provided covering fire. O'Neill grunted as the first round hit him in the gut, closely followed by a full barrage that his him in the chest. He went down backwards, still firing as he hit the ground.

"Colonel!" Carter yelled, turning in an attempt to race back to the prone man. She fired her gun empty, and then dropped it as she tried to jump for the safety of the fallen tree. The first round caught her in the hip, the shooter tracking up her body until they scored a direct hit over her heart.

"Sam!" Daniel called out, but Teal'c grabbed him and pushed him on, covering the smaller man with his own body. The Jaffa grunted as a shot caught him in the small of the back. Stunned slightly, he fell to his knees as more rounds slammed into him.

"Go!" He yelled after Daniel as he collapsed, face first, onto the forest floor.

Daniel stopped to grab his friend's fallen weapon, and then started to run as fast as he could along the narrow track.

A single shot caught him square between he shoulder blades and he went down.

"Nice shooting Jones." Sergeant Davis stepped out from behind a tree, "But you still owe me 20 bucks: I was the first to get the Colonel!"

"Son of a bitch!" A young Air Force corporal sighed as she reloaded her paintball gun, "Well, the good thing is we at last have something to use against them next time they start bragging about getting to go off-world."

"True." Davis looked at the rest of his team, "All right people, let's move out: General Hammond is still out there, and I'll give a case of your choice of beer to the first person to shot him in the ass!"

The other gate-tech cheered as they ran off into the forest.

"I am getting to old for this." O'Neill sighed as SG-1 made their way to the exit, "Team building exercise my ass!"

The End