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Second Chance

Chapter 4 – Dreams and daydreams

On the following day I wake up earlier than usual. I get up and make a quick stop at the bathroom and then head to the kitchen. I open the fridge to get some juice hoping that Abby won't mind. She isn't on until tonight so I suppose she won't wake up any time soon. After finishing the juice, I decide watch some tv until Abby wakes up.

Flipping through the channels, my mind wanders off to last night and our talk. It was actually really nice. Abby told me a bit about herself and she wanted to know everything about me. It's amazing how comfortable I feel when I'm talking to her, even if I've only known her for less than 24 hours. There was this instant click though, probably that so called mother-daughter connection thing happening to us. I'm really glad that she took me in like that; I still can't quite believe it. I told her I'm leaving for college in a couple of weeks and she was really cool about it saying that I can stay here for as long as I want and that I should come and visit whenever I can once classes start.

Someone knocking on the door pushes me out of my daydream. I get up and head for the door, pausing a few feet from it debating whether I should answer it or not. In the end I decide that I should see who it is because it's probably something important for someone to be knocking at Abby's door at 8am.

I open the door and find this tall guy. Brown hair, brown eyes, probably in his thirties, really cute. He looks at me confused and then looks at the number on the door, probably checking if he's got the right place.

"Can I help you?" I ask. He looks at me still confused.

"Uh, is Abby home?" He asks.

"Yeah, but she's sleeping. Did she know you were coming?"

"Yeah, I work with her and we were supposed to go over these charts today. I guess she forgot." He says looking disappointed.

"Maybe she just slept in. I can go and wake her up if you want." I say giving him a friendly smile.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yeah, don't worry about it."

"Great, thanks." He says with a smile. "Who did you say you are?"

"I didn't." I say with a grin. "I'm Jordan."

"John Carter." He says shaking my hand.

"I'll be right back, Dr Carter. Make yourself at home." He nods and I run off to Abby's room.

A baby. There's this chubby little baby girl smiling at me. I smile back and start walking towards her. We're in this park I think and she's sitting on this sheet waving her little arms at me. But something is wrong. The more I walk, the further she gets. The she starts crying and I begin to panic. I have to get to her. I have to see what she needs. So I start running and I can't get to her and suddenly I start crying out of frustration. I don't understand what's happening. Then I hear someone calling me and when I look to where the baby was I see she's gone and now there's a little girl there and she's calling my name.

"Abby." She calls out but it sounds so far. "Abby, wake up." She says a bit louder now and starts to disappear. "Abby, c'mon."

My eyes snap open. I blink a few times trying to adjust my sight to the light. Once I can see properly, I find Jordan sitting on the edge of my bed looking at me.

"Jordan, what is it?" I ask, my voice filled with sleep. "Something happened?" I ask sitting up, my mind getting clearer now.

"Sorry to wake you up like this but there's this guy outside asking for you. Dr Carter he said his name was." She says. Damn, I forgot.

"Oh, shit, I forgot he was coming over." I say throwing the covers away. "Tell him I'll be right there." I say getting up and head to the bathroom.

I completely forgot Carter was coming here today. Damn. I brush my teeth quickly and splash some water on my face on a failed attempt to wash away the sleep. I go back to my room to put my robe on. I'm sure Carter won't mind that I haven't changed. It's not like he hasn't seen me in much less clothing than I am now.

I go to the living room where Jordan already served Carter a cup of coffee and has one waiting for me. I smile at her and take the cup in my hands.

"You're an angel." I say and she laughs.

"You're welcome." She says grinning.

"Morning." I say with a smile. "Did you sleep ok?" I ask, mother protection already kicking in.

"Yeah, it was great." She says. I nod taking a sip of my coffee. "Hey, Carter." I say trying to stifle a yawn. He laughs.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." He says chuckling.

"Morning. This is Jordan O'Connell." I say.

"Oh, we've already met." Carter says. "Are you two related or something because you look a lot like each other." He says looking at me and Jordan.

I look at her and there's this understanding without words between us. I nod and she turns to Carter.

"Yeah, I look a lot like her," Jordan says. "because I'm her daughter."

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