Title: Black and Deep Desires

By Dr. Kim-chan

(Me, Harry, Ron, and Draco are sitting in a theater, but take note that this isn't an MST. They banned those months ago.)

Me: (has a bag of popcorn) Are we ready for my first chapter? Just listen and comment at the end; that's all you have to do. Got it?

All 3: (also with bags of popcorn, and respond unenthusiastically) Yes, Dr. Kim-chan.

Me: Sarcasm, but I get the message. Roll Chapter One! (clicks her remote)

(Begin Chap. 1)

...A comfortable buzzing of pleasant conversation had drifted through the Leaky Cauldron. Minutes later, a horrific noise of yelling and shouting replaced it and filled Ron Weasley's ears.

As you know, fifth year at Hogwarts had been, for the most part, eventful. The Daily Prophet's pages had been clogged with articles analyzing every move of Voldemort's prowling army, Umbridge nearly took over the school, and now another person close to Harry was lost forever. But the Order of the Phoenix had given him much support, and Ron and Hermione couldn't help but be dragged along in these war games. 'Dragged along' wasn't even the term for it. It was friendship, and nothing more. However, on that humid August day, nothing was a game anymore.

The first question to be asked was 'Why?' Why were the Death Eaters raiding both Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley in broad daylight? Nothing valuable to them could be found in these aisles of wizarding shops. Knockturn, perhaps. But at that moment, no one could be bothered with answering.

It had been Harry, Hermione, Ron, the Weasley parents, and Ginny. Moody, Tonks, and Shacklebolt had also come along to solidify a sense of security. Everything had been so peaceful until then; who knew that bringing the extra three people would work in their best interests?

Ron would never forget. Three elderly witches had rushed into the pub, screaming to anybody who'd listen that hooded figures had begun to terrorize Diagon Alley in the direction eastward of Gringotts. There was a panic at first, but in a rare act of bravery that Ron wouldn't have expected from his father, Arthur Weasley instructed Mrs. Weasley to take Ginny and the rest upstairs to a vacant room, send off Hedwig with a message to the House of Black for backup, and wait until the heat was off. Then off he went, the three members of the Order watching his back.

The remainder of the party had their doubts. Mr. Weasley just recently recovered from his snakebite. Could he endure a bout with Death Eaters? Unfortunately, the same question had to be asked of them. Soon after Hermione had shut the door of a third-floor room, a small brigade of those ominous servants to the Dark Lord entered the first floor. Then a conclusion was made: they were looking for Harry. They surely could've done so, but the raid on Diagon Alley had been a mere announcement to the wizarding world to fear Voldemort again.

Those thirty minutes had been agonizing. They searched every corner of the first and second floors of the inn, then made a move towards the third. Footsteps were just five doors down. They'd be found, and Harry killed with a single spell.

Miraculously, more help arrived. From their haven in a large closet, they heard the authoritative yells of Aurors belonging not only to the Order, but to the Ministry, below them. Hermione, Ginny, Harry, and Ron heaved a sigh of relief. Everyone would be saved. It had been a close call.

Eventually found by Hestia Jones, they were escorted downstairs. Most of the Death Eaters had been apprehended, but others still roamed the alley. It was finally back to Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Mr. Weasley had been sent before them hurt, but still alive.

A happy ending…or so it seemed.

The pub exploded with action a second time when the remaining Death Eaters flurried to save their own. No closet to hide them anymore. But it was then that Harry flourished into action. His wand produced the brilliant stag Patronus, driving away hooded figures from all directions with its horns. Awestricken but still aware, the adult Aurors followed suit. Gathering his own courage, Ron took his mother and younger sister by the arm and tried to lead them outside.

But in his path stood none other than Peter Pettigrew.

Ron took out his wand and attempted to remember those long hours in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, but an Expelliarmus spell robbed him of his wand and dignity before a word could be said.

Lupin jumped into the fight in the nick of time, but just how lucky had Ron been? Before the gallant ex-professor could intervene, he saw a yellow light, then everything faded to black.

Before Ginny could do anything to save her brother, Lupin pushed them back another way, herding them to safety. Finishing his work, Harry turned his attention to his unconscious friend a few feet away. Twelve steps away…nine…six…

Someone else was faster.

A nameless Death Eater swooped in and picked up Ron. With a battle cry of rage, the dark-haired boy prepared to fire another Patronus and reclaim his friend from the man's clutches. Blinded by his own anger, it was luck (and Lupin) preventing Harry from doing anything hasty, or else he would've failed to see that Death Eater hold a wand to Ron's temple. Those heartless wizards were taking advantage of Harry's weakness, milking it for all it was worth. Whether it was a bluff or whether he would see the dreaded green flash of light shooting out of the Death Eater's wand was anybody's guess, but no one wanted to play this sick game of Russian Roulette.

The Death Eater with Ron in his grasp then clutched the edge of his hood in apprehension, as if he wasn't certain to allow Harry to know who Ron's captor was. It almost seemed like a mind game. Cowardly, he did so, but only just as his fellow Death Eaters who hadn't been incarcerated by the Ministry or the Order fled the Leaky Cauldron via the Diagon Alley entrance.

In the second before Harry helplessly saw his best friend taken, his murderous vengeance rose up within him as the mysterious captor revealed icy blue eyes, a soulless half-grin, and the familiar strands of platinum blonde hair.

As the dim-lit pub fell quiet, a vow was silently made. One day soon, Harry Potter promised to himself, even if it meant his life…

…Lucius Malfoy would pay with his.

(End Chap. 1)

All 3: (sit in shock)

Me: It's short, but it sets up the mood pretty good. So…what did you think?

Draco:…You WROTE that?

Me: (annoyed) Yes! Why do you think it says "By Dr. Kim-chan" in the heading? For kicks?

Harry: That was the best I've seen from you in months!

Ron: I hate to admit it, but it was really suspenseful. What happens next?

Me: (watery-eyed) So…you LIKED it?

All 3: (nod)

Me: (bursts out crying in happiness into her bag of popcorn)

Ron: Oh no. Now she'll never stop. And we had a question to ask her.

Me: (stops crying immediately) What?

Draco: I thought you said Father doesn't show up until he goes to the Riddle House. How'd he end up in the Diagon Alley raid?

Me: Yeah. Halfway through, I changed my mind. But you'll get a further explanation on how he escaped Azkaban. But other than that, it seems that my fic was a smashing success so far with you three. I TOLD you not to knock it!

Ron: I can't believe I LIKED it…(eats his popcorn while pouting)