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A Voice in the Dark

Chapter 1

Lord Arthur awoke to his wife's sobbing. She was sitting next to him in the bed curled up crying her heart out. "Was it another dream?" he asked with concern in his voice. She did not answer instead she just looked away. "Nyru," said Arthur "I can see it in your eyes…tell me was it her again?" Nyru looked back at him with the look of pain on her face and said,"Yeah, my dreams are getting more intense every night. I know this sounds crazy but I just know it is her. It has to be Larien. Every night I can see her, she is in so much pain. Someone is hurting her." "I do not think you are crazy, I have always thought that you two have had a bond. Even though we only got to spend one year with her before she was taken." "I miss her so much…I can't stand the thought of her being hurt." Arthur looked through the pain on his wife's face and said, "You listen to me we are going to find her. I have everyone that I can spare out looking for her now." He then drew her close and wrapped his arms around her. She drew close and prayed that their daughter would be found soon.

That night in a kingdom not far from Avalon a brutal beating was occurring. "Tie her to the rack!" yelled a guard. "Lady Amos will arrive here soon." The others tied the seventeen-year-old girl to the rack; both her arms and legs bound so tight that she was unable to move.

She had spent the past three months in the dungeons, and was surprised that she was not dead. She had originally been taken from her parents at the age of one by Lady Amos who had always desired Lord Arthur. Amos had been planning her wedding to Arthur ever since she first met the king. She quickly grew into a monster upon hearing of his wedding to Lady Nyru. She tried her hardest to kill Nyru but Arthur had her carefully guarded by his knights. Then, Amos waited quietly in the shadows until she found her chance to wound Arthur and most of all his wife Nyru.

She waited for the opportune moment and once the baby was alone she took her and sent her directly to the prison that all in the land feared above all else, the Châteaux Dep. Amos left the child with the keeper with only one instruction, make her wish for death. There Larien experienced excruciating pain everyday for seven long years, until one day the chance came to escape. She took it and then began running from the wrath of Amos.

However, something had happened that Amos did not expect. Instead of Larien wishing for death, she became stronger. On the day that she escaped, she vowed that one day she would be the end of Amos. So she kept running and began training with an elvish master. He not only taught her to fight, he taught her knowledge. He taught her that all knowledge is power. Six years later, her elvish master had died and she was on her own. However, what she did not know was Amos was closely watching her.

Within four hours after the master's death guards surrounded Larien. She was captured, but not without a fight; in fact because of this fight nearly all of her ribs were fractured. She was tied up and escorted to Amos. For three months she had been mercilessly beaten. Now Larien was waiting to see Amos for the first time, face to face.

Larien waited with her hands bound. She could feel the warm blood running down her arms from her wrists. The ropes were so tight she could barley feel her hands. She did not know how long she had been there. It had been a long time since she had seen the sun. She knew that she had to escape because she knew that she did not have much fight left. Almost all of her body was bruised. Her whole body was in pain, but nothing more than her shoulders. They felt as if they were out of place. She guessed it was from hanging from her arms. She then heard footsteps. "Well, well look who it is. If it isn't the daughter of that whore Nyru." This was the first time that Larien had heard her mother's name. For a second she felt comforted that her parents were alive, but that moment of comfort was quickly interrupted by a large pain in her stomach. Amos had one of her guards smash a club into her stomach. "Just to make sure you are paying attention", said Amos with a smirk on her face. "You know I should have been your mother. I should be married to the great Arthur. Instead, he had to marry that … that. Well you should thank your mother for your pain because it is all her fault." It took a lot of concentration but finally Larien spoke, "Don't blame my father's rejection of you on my mother. Apparently he saw the real you. He would never fall to your level!" Another blow was given to Larien this time it was much more painful. It was delivered by Amos herself. Larien flinched in pain then looked right back into Amos's eyes and said, "Go to hell." The last thing Larien saw was a club coming to her head.

"Lord Arthur there has been some unusual activity on the borders of Taron." said a guard. "Taron? What is Amos up to now?" replied Arthur. "My lord we are not exactly sure but we think she has your daughter Larien." "What?" asked Arthur. "We have reason to believe that it is Larien." "Have you seen her…can you describe her to me?" "Yes sir I can. She is about the same height of Lady Nyru. She has straight hair the color of yours. She seems to have on an elvish cloak but we could not be sure because it was in tatters." "That's her", a new voice had said from the background. Arthur had not realized it but his wife had overheard them talking. "That's what the girl from my dream looks like. Arthur it has to be her." Arthur told his royal guard Malos thanks and dismissed him. Then he walked over to Nyru and said, "I'll go get her right away." "No, we will go together. No guards, just you and me." answered Nyru. "You know I don't like taking you anywhere near Amos." "Arthur please I have to go with you. I need to see her. Besides she is more than a day's ride away and she is going to need a healer." Arthur stood quiet for a moment hearing the desperation in her voice and then answered, "Ok go get ready we will leave as soon as possible."

Nyru kissed her husband and walked to her chambers to get ready with a few tears in her eyes. She knew that she had to prepare herself for what she was about to see. She had always dreamed of finding Larien and becoming a family, but she was afraid to see Larien's broken body. She walked to her chambers to find one of her maidens. She told her maiden to gather a new tunic and to pack it along with medical supplies. Nyru walked to her dresser and dressed into a tunic that was more fit to travel in and if need be to fight in. She then strapped her sword on her belt and grabbed her bow. She was trained by the best fighters of her people alongside her husband. Despite her training, this was the first time that she was willing to fight. She grabbed the pack that her maiden had packed for her and headed to the stable.

There Arthur was waiting. She walked up to him, wrapped her arms around his waist, and laid her head on his shoulder. She felt comforted in his arms. She knew that he would get her through this. But what she didn't know was that he was thinking the same thoughts about her. He then kissed her and helped her up on her horse. Then after mounting his own they set out to re-claim what was stolen from them sixteen years ago.

Meanwhile Amos was standing in front of Larien with a vial in her hand full of scorpion venom. "When absorbed through the skin, scorpion venom can be quite painful. It can make even the smallest of wounds feel like the worst. Give it to her," Amos yelled to one of her guards. The guard took the vial and with his gloved hand, he rubbed the contents onto her neck. Larien could feel the pain amplify immediately. She thought that this was the end of her. She couldn't give Amos the satisfaction of seeing her pain. So she looked right back into Amos's eyes and mustered up the energy to say, "You are a coward. If you were so great you would not be so…" Larien's statement was cut off by the force of another club. "Quiet! You will speak when I say you can speak," yelled Amos. "Now I will leave you and your pain alone to contemplate your death." Amos left and took all of her guards with her. Larien drifted into a dream where she saw a comforting face, Nyru.

Nyru quickly awoke and said to Arthur, "Wake up…Arthur." Arthur woke to see the face of his wife. "Arthur I think we should go to her now. Something tells me if we don't go now it will be too late." "Ok, Amos is in the next valley we should be able to reach her soon. Leave all that we can spare because we will come back." Arthur and Nyru left and three hours later arrived at Amos's castle, Dragul.

They were both shocked by the look of the castle. They had heard of its evil but never imagined that it would look so dark. The very air they breathed seemed to be chocking them as mush as it was helping them. The castle was black and had spikes sticking out from all sides. Not much could be seen because of all of the debris lying around. It looked as if some form of black magic had ripped the land apart. "Where do we go from here?" asked Nyru. "You said that it looked like she was in the dungeon right?" "Yeah." "Ok let's leave the horses here. There should be a door to the dungeon from the outside." Arthur led the way as they carefully followed the base of the castle. They quickly found the door. They drew their swords and quietly went in.

The stair well was dark and damp. After two flights of stairs, they heard voices. "How's the venom treating you rat?" said Amos. Then Arthur saw her. He almost couldn't bear the sight of his brutally beaten daughter. The tears started flowing from both of the horrified parents. Arthur looked to Nyru and said, "We have got to be strong for her. You stay here while I go and distract everyone. Once their attention is drawn, you go to Larien and cut her bonds. Wait there and keep your guard up, I will come to you." With a reassuring kiss, Arthur was on his way.

"Beg for mercy Larien and I will ease your pain.," said Amos. "I will never give you that satisfaction," answered Larien. This brought a small smile to Nyru's face because she knew that Larien had inherited her father's stubbornness. Arthur worked his way around until he was in the perfect position and said, "Amos, pick on somebody your own size." Amos looked up in surprise and yelled for her guards to attack Arthur. For Arthur this was an easy fight he subdued all of the guards until Amos was the only one left. "It's just you and me now.," said Amos. This would have been an easy fight for Arthur but Amos was a highly skilled dark magician.

Larien managed to lift her head so she could see what was happening and was surprised to meet the gaze of her mother. Nyru approached Larien and put her hand on her daughters face and said, "It's ok we're here to help you. I'm going to cut you down." Larien felt the warmth of her mother's voice and knew everything would be ok. Nyru cut Larien's bonds and Larien collapsed into her arms. Nyru knelt while keeping a hold of Larien. She held her close to try to warm her up. She took her cape off and put it over Larien's trembling body. "Arthur, hurry up," said Nyru.

This was the one distraction Arthur needed to knock Amos out cold. He ran to Nyru and said, "We need to hurry, more guards will be here soon." He didn't have time to see how badly Larien was hurt. He picked her up and headed to the exit. Nyru closely followed. They reached the horses in no time at all. They heard guards in the background heading out of the castle. "You take her on your horse. I have a better bow.," said Nyru. Arthur set Larien on his horse and then mounted behind her. At the same time Nyru mounted her horse, bow in hand. Arthur held on to Larien and headed back to the cave that they had camped in earlier. Larien just ignored the pain that she felt and fell asleep. For once, she felt safe. Nyru was following behind shooting arrows as fast as she could at the guards. Soon they were all dead and Nyru pulled along side Arthur and smiled.

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