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The Black Heart of Amos

Chapter Four

Meanwhile in the land of Taron Amos was planning the ruin of Avalon. She no longer longed for Arthur; she now planned to destroy anything associated with Arthur and Avalon. She knew that Arthur had a very small army of knights. She knew of their skill and that they were some of the best warriors in the land. To ensure her victory she was gathering all of her dark forces. But her secret weapon was the balgro. The balgro was a mythical creature from the ancient lands. They were born deep under the earth in shadow. It was said that these horrifying creatures were responsible for the annihilation of several ancient cultures. They had laid dormant for thousands of years but now Amos had awoken them to fight her battles. Her plan was to flood the land of Avalon with her evil.

Amos had not always been filled with shadow. She used to be an Avalonian herself. She was once one if the king's counselors. She was once favored by the king until her mind was poisoned with the thought of power. She quickly became blinded by her own greed. Arthur saw this and tried to help but she did not accept it fearing that he would discover her plot. Amos finally lost her mind when Arthur was wed to Nyru. She began to protest their power and tried to turn his people against them. Arthur saw this and stripped her of any power she had in Avalon and banished her from the land.

Her Avalonian look began to fade. Her heart no longer glowed with life. She quickly became a recluse. She had no one. She was all alone; it was her and her heart of stone. She gradually found misfits to accompany her. Once she found enough, she started a kingdom of her own. She called this dark kingdom Taron. She gathered all of the dark, cursed people she could find to fill Taron, to serve her. Clouds began to gather in the land slowly choking out the sun until one day the sun was gone from the land, and never seen again. The trees began to die along with most other plant life. The animals began to disappear until only the cursed lived in the land. The water slowly diminished and soon the land was a barren wasteland where the very air you breathed was a poisonous fume that would slowly choke you unless you were accustomed to it. This was the land Amos began to love. She could finally have her power.

Amos was not satisfied. Her dark gaze now turned back to Avalon. Her goal now was to damage Arthur and Nyru in any way he could. She knew that Arthur had Nyru well protected and it would be almost impossible for her to hurt her. So she waited. She then found the opportune moment to repay them. There was now a child in the mix. She knew that taking the child of Arthur and Nyru would eat away at them for the rest of their lives. She found the one moment that the child was not guarded and took the child. She knew that her only chance of keeping the parents away from their child was to have her hidden deep within the walls of the châteaux dep. This was the place where all fear to go. Anyone who enters does not leave unless they are dead. This was what Amos had hoped for anyways. But by some strange chance the child escaped and disappeared for years.

After Amos found the child, now a teen, she threw her in the dungeon of her castle Dragul. There the child waited for several months until, finally, the parents and the child were reunited. Now Amos was more determined to be rid of anything associated with Arthur, especially his family.

"Lady Amos," said Amos's high counselor Lochna. "Yes, what is it." She answered. "The balgros have arrived. Where do you want us to keep them?" "Keep them in the caves and make sure they don't escape. They could destroy us just as easily as they could Avalon. How many troops have arrived?" "Five thousand as of now, thousands more will be here soon. We hope to have all here in a month." "Good…very good." Amos walked to her window to gaze at her barren kingdom and said, "Was there something else Lochna?" "Um…yeah there was", he said hesitantly. Amos turned from her window and said, "I don't have all day. What is it?" "Well, there is talk among the troops and they are worried…" There was a pause. "About?" Amos said getting a little irritated. "They are worried that Larien is the key to controlling the Avalonian army." "Ha ha ha they really think that a weakling such as her could control a great army like that? Not even the great Arthur himself can control that army. One of the keys to controlling that army is the horn of ancient Avalon, Merlin holds this horn and it is only to be given to the chosen one." "They are saying that she is the chosen one." "And do you believe them…?" He did not answer for he feared that he would upset her. "That's what I thought. Do not speak of such things. They take your mind off of what is truly important." Lochna bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry milady. It will not happen again." Lochna left the room and was sorry that he said anything.

Something about this bothered Amos. What if they were right? She knew that the uncontrollable army still existed. They were the most deadly army in the world, even more deadly than Arthur's knights. She knew that if this army was commanded by the right person her troops would be defeated. No dark creature in the world could stand up to the fury of the Avalonian army.

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