"Hey, look! It's Auntie Em!" A group of boys, howling with laughter, were pointing at a dark-haired young girl sitting on a swing in the school yard. She was clutching a dark blue backpack and glaring at the boys over a pair of sequined, horn-rimmed glasses. "Auntie Em, Auntie Em, a tornado!" one of them squealed in a falsetto.

The girl held her backpack even tighter. "My name…is Emma…" she whispered.

"Oh, Auntie Em!"

"My name is Emma…"

"Auntie Em, I had the most wonderful dream…but then I saw a little old lady staring at me!"

Emma stood abruptly, dropping her backpack. "MY NAME IS EMMA!" she yelled.

The boys immediately stopped their jeering. The ringleader looked as if he was about to make a smart remark, but his eyes fell on Emma's backpack instead. "Well, what do you know? Auntie Em plays baby games!" He snatched the backpack and laughed at the design; a cartoon drawing of Sora smiled back at him, wielding the Kingdom Key. "Aren't you a little old for this?"

"Hey!" Emma protested. She tried pulling her precious backpack free from the boy's grip, but this tactic didn't work, so she threw several pitiful punches at him. "Kingdom Hearts isn't a baby game!" she growled. "Square Enix made Kingdom Hearts, and they made Final Fantasy, too! All eleven so far are rated T!"

Emma stumbled backwards as the boy let go of the backpack and chuckled, rubbing his rope-burnt fists. "And Disney made Winnie-the-Pooh, stupid." Emma, for lack of a better idea, growled again, then ran off the school yard, holding her backpack as if it was a baby. "YEAH, RUN HOME, OLD LADY! BACK OFF!"

… … …

I can't believe those jerks…at least I'm home. Now I can sit back, relax, and play Kingdom Hearts! Emma walked up to a white house with red and blue trim. She started to ring the doorbell, but a note taped to the right of it caught her eye. Don't tell me Mom's working late again tonight… She grabbed it, then looked it over.

Dear Emma,

I'm sorry, but I won't be home for few more hours. I think I can trust you to stay home alone again. The house key is in its usual hiding spot. If I'm not here by dinnertime, there's some chicken in the fridge; you just need to heat it up.

Love ya, baby!


P.S. (Don't play that game too much. King of Hearts, isn't it? It's bad for your eyes. I don't want to have to run over to Pearle Vision and get you new glasses!)

Emma sighed as she adjusted her infamous glasses. I wish you WOULD get me new glasses…Kingdom Hearts it is, then! Smiling mischievously, the preteen picked up a porcelain flowerpot, produced the key, and went into the house.

… … …

Okay, let's see…I just beat Clayton and Stealth Sneak…all that's left to do is seal Deep Jungle! Emma had beaten this game about ten times. She always restarted to see how long it took to do it again. Suddenly, the phone rang. What? Now? Emma got up and walked over to the blaring phone. Let's see who's bothering me now…hmm? The caller ID was blank. Isn't it at least supposed to say 'unknown caller'? She nervously picked up the phone. "…hello?"

"I have a message for you, Miss Baecker. You might want to copy this down…"

Emma stared. Who is this guy? And how does he know my name?

"Miss Baecker? Pay attention!"

Emma snapped back to attention as the strange man reprimanded her. "Yes, sir!"

"All right. Now, this is what you need to write down. Up. Up. Down. Down. Left. Right. Left. Right." Emma apprehensively scrawled the directions onto a piece of paper. "Triangle. Square. X. Circle. Start. Put this in right where you are."


"In Kingdom Hearts. You are playing Kingdom Hearts at the moment, are you not?"


The voice laughed. "Don't be so nervous, Miss Baecker. Just put the cheat code in. You have a habit of talking to the screen, correct?"

Emma's face got red. "Kinda."

The man chuckled. "Be careful what you say, then." He then hung up.

Okay, that was really weird…it can't do any harm to put the code in, though, can it? Emma walked back to her PS2, and padded it in. She stared blankly at the screen. Nothing happened. I guess it was a prank call. But…how did that guy know my name?

… … …

After a few minutes, Emma got to the Cavern of Hearts to have Sora lock Deep Jungle. Her eyes were practically glued to the screen. Sora turned to face Donald. "Sorry about…what I said."

"I'm sorry too," Donald admitted.

Emma started her usual habit of talking to the screen. "YOU GOT OVER YOUR ARGUMENT THAT QUICKLY? MAN, THAT'S SAPPY!" she yelled. "YOU GUYS ARE SUCH WEIRDOES!"

A lot of people talk to their screen. To scold a boss. To cheer on a main character. To give comments on the cinematics. It's a normal habit for video game players to talk to the screen. However, it isn't normal for the screen to respond. Normal or not, though, the cinematic came to a sudden stop. Sora turned to face Emma with a look of mock irritation. "And YOU aren't? I mean, where'd you get those glasses, your Grandma's dresser?" he asked playfully.

"Did…d-did you just t-t-talk? To m-me?"

Sora crossed his arms. "Of course I did!"

Emma paid no attention to the fact that the Keyblade Master had insulted her, and shrieked loudly. Then she fainted.