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Robin: Hi. I make Dia and her powers look like Barney compared to me. (growls and bares teeth) I'm half-Japanese, born in Tokyo, raised in Chicago.

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……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….. - That would be the line.

"I can't believe it's finally summer vacation!" Jake squealed. "We can go to a water park!"

Emma laughed as she and Jake walked to the Quinn Residence from the elementary school that they now shared. "Hold on, Mom and Taylor are getting married tomorrow. They'll go on a…honeymoon."

Jake was now nine, barely old enough to know why Emma cringed. "Yuck. I wonder who'll baby-sit us?"

"Dia, I guess. She's eighteen." They turned the corner. "Oh, great. That girl."

A slightly Asian-looking girl who seemed Dia's age, though quite a bit taller, was talking to Dia. "The other members of the Alpha Wolf Gang and I have decided to stop beating you up under one condition."

"SIS!" Jake yelled, ignoring the tall girl and running to his sister. "Sis, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Dia replied.

"You have a bruise on your cheek…" Jake stood on tip-toe to see Dia's face.

The other girl growled. "Go away, munchkins. Quinn and I are settling a big-kid manner. You should find some sandbox."

Jake looked her in the eye. "Yeah? Well, I'm a Quinn too!"

"Jake!" Emma pulled him back. "Um…he doesn't mean it. We, uh, really have to get home…"

"I'm not done with Quinn. If you want her, you have to fight me!"

"Cut it out, Robin!" Dia pushed her back.

Emma sighed and glanced eerily at her. "You don't want to mess with me."

"Oh, really? I'm shaking in my boots!" Robin smirked. "Whatcha gonna do, bite my ankles?"

Jake smiled. "Something like that…one, two, three! CHARGE!"

"Hah!" The younger kids leapt at her and clung to her legs. "Toss us some sticks, Dia!"

"Okay…" She threw large sticks to Emma and Jake, who attempted to clobber Robin. "This is…weird."

A red streak sent Emma and Jake flying back. Robin glared at them. "Quinn, next time you sic your munchkin army on me, you'll get a visit from the whole Alpha Wolf Gang." She strode away.

Emma got up and dusted herself off. "I'm sorry, Dia…thanks to us, it's two strikes, the three of us are out."

"No, it's my fault…I've been annoying that biker fanatic too much."

"About what?" Jake asked.

Dia remained silent and walked in the direction of home. When they were almost there, she said, "Guys…tomorrow's the day."

Jake nodded. "Yeah, the wedding! It's so exciting! Us and Emma will be step-siblings!" Though he still referred to Dia as 'Sis', he had left his 'Emmy' stage.

"That's not it. Do you remember what else tomorrow is?"

The other two thought carefully. "June 21st…" Emma murmured. "June 21st…" Her eyes shot open. "Oh! The two years! They're up!"

"That's what I've been annoying her about," Dia explained. "The red flash was a large gun. Its bullets…they're like energy, not real bullets. Like a video game weapon. I was asking her if she played Kingdom Hearts, but she said it was for babies…then she made me her gang's target. She seems to tough. And she is. But…maybe she's the ninth member of our Kingdom Hearts team."

… … …

The next day, Emma, Dia, and Jake were dressed up nice and put by Taylor and Alissa during the wedding. "1:58," Dia whispered. "We locked Kingdom Hearts around 2:00."

"What's our decision?" Jake sighed. "I don't want to ruin Dad and Alissa's big day…but I want to see the guys again."

"I even miss that Mary-Sue, Kairi…" Emma whined. "And that's saying something."

"I say we let the Heartless in," Dia decided.

Emma nodded. "Haiiro says only the U.S. will have Heartless. In Kingdom Hearts, we weren't going everywhere in the universe…just a few places. We can take care of the U.S., right?" More nods. "Let's do it."

A couple minutes later, Taylor and Alissa were saying the vows. "It's almost time." Dia checked her watch. "So we're letting them in?"

"We're letting them in." Jake reached out for the hands of his sister and his friend.

Dia and Emma both grabbed a hand. "Emma, in the game, you were in charge of worlds and people. Keep on thinking, 'let the Heartless in'." Dia started the countdown. "Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…" She looked around. "Everything's….normal."

"Did it work?" Jake leaned forward to examine the churchyard. "Hey, a black claw!"

"What?" Emma squinted. "It's a Shadow!"

Shadows and Soldiers appeared, attacking the wedding guests. "Great! Seriously, this is great!" Dia unbuttoned her skirt and slipped it off. "I'm so glad I wore pants under these."

"Thank goodness you were," Emma laughed. "I don't want to see your underwear."

"Oh, ha, ha," Dia said sarcastically. "Come on, we need to go to one of our houses."

Emma turned. "Mine's closer. Let's go get the guys out of the game!"

… … …

"Pass the blitzball, Wakka!" Sora yelled. "I want to kick it!"

Wakka laughed. "Are you crazy, brudda? Last time I checked, you couldn't blitz."

"Try me!" Sora challenged.

"All right…" Wakka threw the blitzball. Sora jumped high and kicked the ball into a palm tree. It bounced off the tree and into the docks, then into Wakka's hand.

"You're really gettin' good, Sora!" Sora smiled. "If we ever get enough people for a team, you're so on mine!"

A green light shone through the doors of the shack by the water. Sora's smile got even bigger. "I'll be right back, Wakka."

He opened the door. "It's you three!"

Jake ran forward to hug Sora. "I missed you!"

Sora laughed. "Jake, you're getting pretty big!" He looked at Dia. "And you're getting even bigger than before! I can't believe it's been two years real-world time! And Emma…your haircut's pretty good."

Emma stared in disbelief. "My hair? That's all you have to say?"

"Yeah. Sorry. So, we're needed in the real world, right?" Emma nodded. "I'll go get Riku and Kairi." He ran up the stairs and opened the door. "Kairi! Tell Riku to get his butt off the log! It's his little girlfriend!"

"Little? I'm your age, fourteen!"

"Guess again!" Sora looked, for some reason, proud. "My birthday was last week! I'm fifteen now!"

Dia rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that's nice." She cleared her throat. "RIIIIIIIKUUUUUU! KAIIIIIIIIIIIIRIIIIIIII! IT'S UUUUUUUUUUUUUUS!"

Kairi poked her head in. "Hey, guys! It's been two weeks…whoa! You guys got bigger!"

"WE'VE aged two years." Emma reminded her. Even though she had claimed to miss Kairi, she didn't seem to back that up.

Riku ran down, almost tripping on his feet. "Emma?" He pushed Kairi to the side to see Emma, Dia, and Jake, but mostly Emma. "Emma! You're here! And you're, what fourteen now? You've all gotten a lot taller."

Emma grinned at Sora. "Riku and Kairi noticed that I'm tall. How come you didn't?"

Sora pretended not to hear her. "You're in luck, Riku! Now that she's only a year younger than you, you can date her!"

"Shut. Up. Now," Riku instructed through clenched teeth. "The Heartless have probably wrecked the area around Emma's house already. Let's go!"

… … … … … … … … …

That's not the end of Chapter 1, but previews aren't whole chapters. Here are some random facts about the creation of 'The Cheat Code'.

Who is Emma named after? A stuffed animal! I come up with my best ideas in bed. I looked around my room and thought, 'The first thing I see, that's the main character's name.' I saw my toy mouse, Squeeks. In 2nd grade, I gave her a full name, her last name being the place I got her. Her name was Squeeks Emma Hancock. So, her name is Emma. Her last name, Baecker, is the last name of one of my classmates.

Jake isn't named after anyone. I just thought of a boy's name. Dia is partially named after my neighbor Lydia. I wanted her name to be longer and weirder, so a nickname would be wanted. So, her full first name is Lydianne. Why did I want the nickname Dia? Dia Clove is my favorite character from 'Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland' for PS2. My other neighbor's last name is Quinn. So, they're Jake and Lydianne, or Dia, Quinn.

3) Robin Fuudo is Japanese. A lot of Kingdom Hearts fans, like me, know at least a few dictionary pages-worth of Japanese. Did you know that 'fuudo' means hood? Yes, the tough biker girl's name is Robin Hood! It was joke. She steals from the rich…and the poor…and the middle-class. And gives it to herself.

4) Emma was originally the kind of kid who hangs out with the boys and beats on the girls. I decided to make her a geekier kind of person. If she had too many friends, Kingdom Hearts would be crowded. Later, I decided to give her Dia and Jake.

5) Before Emma became a geek, she had just one friend named Max. I decided, 'I want the other Max in the story, Goofy's kid.' So, I changed his name to…Jake! However, I didn't like him, and tossed him out. I gave his name to her future friend.

6) Riku was originally going to join the team back in Chapter 3, when he was asked by Sora. I wanted him, not Ansem, to get attacked by Emma and the Blizzard Stone, so I had him possessed to change his mind.

7) I will remain vague about this one if you skipped the part with the fighters' names. The final fighter is technically named after my friend. In French class, we had to pick French names. Mine was Marguerite. I didn't like that, though. So, she's named after my friend's French name. Her last name…well, I just picked a French word.

8) When Rikku speaks Al Bhed, she's really speaking Al Bhed! I got it typed out by the auto-translator at Cool, huh?

9) Jake is based on my little brother at age seven. However, nine-year-old Jake is much nicer than my brother at nine. Emma is basically me, and Dia is…I don't know.

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