Fleeting Epoch Change

In case you are wondering epoch means era. It's another English way to say it. So basically the title means temporary era change.

Summary: Inuyasha gets stuck in Kagome's time and the well gets sealed! He has to live and go to school like Kagome. Well what happens when he has to share a room with her too? Her moms fine with it! Will the well open again and allow Inuyasha and Kagome to return to the feudal era to see their friends once more? (Hint: Yes, hopefully)

Desclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha

Chapter 1: Changing epochs

Kagome opened her eyes and looked up at the night sky. So many thoughts were going through her head. It had been a full year since Naraku was defeated and Kagome held in her possession the completes sacred jewel.

They had only retrieved the last shard that day. Her, Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara that is. The others had no knowledge of the complete sacred jewel. Only Kagome knew. She didn't know if she was ready to tell them.

The thought scarred her. After Naraku died so did Kohaku and Miroku's wind tunnel. Kagura, Kana, and all Naraku's other demons and incarnations died with Naraku in the final battle.

When Kohaku died Sango cried for a long time and it took a long time for Miroku to convince her he was finally at peace with the rest of the slayers and so she went on living. Kagome was glad they all stayed with her and Inuyasha for the search of the sacred jewel. They could have moved on, but they chose to stay and fight be her side, as well as her hanyou companion's. Miroku and Sango were married not to long ago. They actually 'eloped' and sacred Kagome half to death.

It was one day on the road and they had stopped for camp. Kagome had awoken in the night and couldn't find Miroku or Sango. Sango had left Kirara back, as well as her weapons which was very unusual. That made Kagome worry worst. She had immediately woken Inuyasha up and dragged his tired form around frantically telling him that Miroku and Sango had gone missing. He tried to calm her down and release from her pulling, but was to tired and just followed her. Kagome had dragged the poor hanyou until the came to an inn and when Kagome told them about Sango and Miroku and how they were missing the man who owned the inn said they were staying in one of the huts. He tried to say something else, probably warn them, but Kagome quickly pulled Inuyasha to where they would be and barged in a 'very personal moment.'

Kagome blushed at the memory. She felt so bad that she had embarrassed her friends so much. Her hanyou had been totally disgusted with the whole thing and hadn't looked at Miroku and Sango in the same way for a whole month.

'Speaking of Inuyasha..' Kagome turned and looked over at the tree he slept against, more like half slept and kept guard. Kagome and him had grown much closer over the past two years they had known each other. They were rarely apart, but still had never admitted their feelings for one another.

Kikyo had died shortly after Naraku. Inuyasha wasn't as sad about it as you would think. He had avenged her and she died in peace. That was all he ever wanted for the priestess. Inuyasha never wanted to die with her. Not when he had Kagome to protect and a jewel to find. Not when he had already lost fifty years of his life pinned to a tree because of Naraku. Kagome had been very happy with his decision and it wasn't just because she didn't want to look for the jewel alone it was because she didn't want to lose the only man she ever truly loved and would give anything for.

She gave her hanyou friends a sad glance. His face was more titled to the ground than anything as he hunched over, but she could see his closed eyes.

She was worried about telling him. She would stay with him no matter what he chose, but the last thing she wanted was for him to use the jewel to become a full demon. It scared her. Not because of how his half demon side looked, but the way he acted. He didn't recognize Kagome. That was what scared her the most. She didn't want to lose him.

She pulled out her necklace with the jewel on it. She wondered when the best time to tell him would be. If she didn't tell him soon she knew he would be angry with her. She wasn't ready to tell him yet. She would tell him in the morning and trust whatever choice he decides to make.


Inuyasha was the first one awake like usual. He looked over at the sleeping kit and Kirara curled up happily sleeping together and than over at Sango and Miroku they were cuddled close. When his eyes landed on Kagome. He smiled. She looked so peaceful when she slept and so beautiful to him. She was definitely the only one for him. She was the only one he loved and over time he had grown to care for her ten times more than Kikyo.

Her stood up and his light, swift footsteps didn't wake a sleeping soul. He crouched down beside Kagome and brushed the hair from her eyes. She sighed lightly and turned more towards him. Something rolling from her shirt in the process. The necklace.

Inuyasha looked at it and realized something was different. he picked it up and examined it a little. What was it? What was different? Than it hit him. It was full! (A/N: Took him long enough.) His eyes widened. 'What the hell was she doing not telling anyone? A demon's probably already one their way to get this thing now that it's full more demons will be coming around.' He growled and wondered why she didn't tell him.

"Kagome." He said in an angry whisper as he lightly shook her small form. "Kagome get the hell up!" His voice was now a loud whisper and the girl below him fluttered her eyes open only to be met with glorious amber ones. She smiled.

"Good morning Inuyasha." She said.

"What the hell is your problem!" he bit out giving her a glare. She got a confused look on her face and than felt a light tug at her neck. She looked down and saw Inuyasha holding the sacred jewel attached to her necklace. She pulled away and grasped the jewel tightly and looked fearfully at Inuyasha. She could slowly feel tears coming. He was mad at her and she knew it.

"I... I'm sorry." She mumbled looking down in shame.

By now the others were up and gawking in shock. This was something they hadn't expected to wake up to.

"Sorry! You damn wench! How stupid can you get! Demons will be coming for the jewel and you. We should have never stopped for camp until we got somewhere safer. You risked.."

"The jewel!" Kagome finished his sentence in anger. "I risked the jewel. That all you care about isn't it?"

"No, you baka. You risked your own life." he said low. Kagome gasped in surprise that he had mentioned her before the jewel.

"I.. I was going to tell you this morning. I swear. I didn't tell you... because.." she hesitated.

"Because you want it for yourself?" He said softly with sorrow, as if he respected her choice if it was what she wanted.

"No.. because I was afraid." She said and looked at him. "I have to go." She took his hand and placed to jewel gently on it. She looked into his confused glance. "Inuyasha, I was afraid of loosing you." She said and kissed his lips so lightly they barely touched. She got up and turned from him and the others. She grabbed her bag. "Goodbye. I am going to home. I will miss you all." She said and began to run. Inuyasha recovered from the shock and bliss of the small kiss when he realized what she said.

He got up with the jewel and ran after Kagome to see Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shippo already running to her at their own paces.

Inuyasha got ahead of them and the well came into view and the smell of salty tears came into scent. He saw Kagome running to the well and without thinking dropped the jewel and lunged at her as she jumped. He grasped her waist tightly and they both fell into the well.

Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara looked down the well where their friends had gone. Shippo looked down and began to cry.

"She said she was never coming back!" he cried and Sango held in her own tears and pressed the orphan kitsune against her chest and let him cry.

"They'll come back. They will. They have too.." Sango said. She didn't want to lose more 'family.'

"Sango.." Miroku began. His wife looked over at him. "Look." He pointed to a small white ball on the field floor. The sacred jewel. Sango slowly looked over at it and gasped and suddenly fell to the ground crying like Shippo.

"Than it's really over than." She cried. "Kagome and Inuyasha are really gone than?"

"Sango, it'll be alright they'll come back."

"Miroku. Kagome was like my sister and Inuyasha was like my older brother... they both protected me and I tried protecting them and now they're gone." She pressed her face into his shoulder and cried. Shippo continued crying into her chest.


Inuyasha and Kagome hit the well floor with a small thud. Kagome was whimpering softly and shaking in fear. She was afraid to death. She remembered jumping into the well and he thought rushed though her head. Memories of her and Inuyasha and the others went through her mind and she regretted jumping with all her heart. She wanted to die as she fell into the well. She was afraid of Inuyasha making the wrong choice, but she had been the one to make the wrong choice.

Kagome shakily lifted her head and looked at Inuyasha. Her eyes shook as though she was trying to focus on him clearer.

"Why'd did you jump?" She asked.

"Like I'd ever let you leave me." He said with a grin. Kagome couldn't help, but smile. "Come on." He wrapped an arm around her waist and jumped out of the well with her.

"What about the jewel?" Kagome asked. "Don't you want to become a full demon still?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Kagome! You really think I would have went through all that trouble to make the Tetsusaiga lighter so I wouldn't become and demon again for nothing?" He questioned sarcastically. Kagome was a little surprised.

"But you said.."

"Forget it Kagome. I don't want the jewel if it means I have to loose you." This surprised Kagome even more. "We should go back. I left the jewel there. I'll get it. You wait here."

"Okay." Kagome replied and watched Inuyasha jump into the well, but he didn't go through. He hit the bottom! Kagome's eyes widened in fear. Had the well sealed on its own? "No.." Kagome saddened immediately. "Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Kirara.. they're.."

"What the hell is going on?" Inuyasha asked jumping out of the well. Kagome looked at him with an apologetic glance. "Don't tell me the well closed.."

"I'm sorry.. I don't know how.."

"Just.. don't." Inuyasha said quietly. He looked down, but than grabbed Kagome and pulled her against his body. She gasped. "Just.. we'll find a way. Don't worry." He whispered into her ear. She nodded and cried into his shoulder.

"Inuyasha... I'm so sorry. I didn't think it would... this is all my fault.. I..." She couldn't say anymore. Inuyasha was shockingly stroking her hair to comfort her.

"Let's get going. We'll figure this out later." He said and they walked to the shrine doors.

Kagome was the first to enter. She looked around and noticed her mother cleaning the table. She looked like she had been working hard, but had her usual big smile on.

"Kagome?" Her mother looked up. "Oh Inuyasha's here. How have you two been?" She asked and continued cleaning.

"We're doing fine. Is Sota at school?" Kagome asked.

"No, of course not. It's Saturday." Mrs. Higurashi replied.

"It's is?" Kagome asked. She hadn't bothered keeping tack of the days lately. She had also been gone for a whole month. "I guess I must have forgot."

"So Inuyasha how long will you be staying?" Mrs. H asked.

"He'll be staying for a while." Kagome answered for the slightly nervous hanyou. He probably was thinking Mrs. Higurashi wouldn't go for it.

"Really, how long?"

"We're not sure. The well.. ah.. is closed."

"So until you open it than? Kagome that might be a long time, even forever."

"I know mom." Kagome looked down sadly.

"Okay than. I'll get you some blankets and stuff later. Do you mind sleeping on Kagome's floor for now? I'll go and get you an inflatable bed Monday."

"My room.." Kagome stuttered.

"Well of course. He can't sleep on the couch when gramps is always falling asleep there and Sota would probably pester Inuyasha about playing games. We still haven't cleaned out the guest room.. plus Inuyasha really only comfortable with you dear. I hope you don't mind?"

"No, it's fine." Kagome said. She knew this was all true.

"Did you two have breakfast?"

"No." Inuyasha quickly answered. Mrs. Higurashi smiled.

"Well than take a seat and I'll get you some. What would you like?"

"Ramen." Inuyasha answered for him and Kagome, before Kagome could say something else.

"Alright than. It'll only take a couple minutes." Mrs. H put down her cleaning stuff and washed her hands before preparing the ramen for her daughter and 'son in law.'

Inuyasha and Kagome sat at the table and waited patiently. Inuyasha's ears tweaked a little. He looked toward the entrance to the kitchen and before long Sota entered still wearing his pajamas.

"Hey! Inuyasha's here!" He said excitedly.

"Hey kid." Inuyasha said.

"He'll be here for a while." Mrs. Higurashi told her son. "So don't bother him to much." She smiled. Sota gave a small glare, but than smiled too.

That's the end of the first chapter. What do you think about it so far? Okay this fiction isn't like the other ones I've posted and I don't have to repost it, because I have never posted it anywhere before. I am trying to regain some of my viewers, by posting fictions I was in the middloe of writing that might seem apealing.