Fallen Angel

By: michi-hikari and Blondie

Chapter 4: Acceptance and Denial

Gone, he thought numbly. She's gone. His guilty thoughts were interrupted when Koboshi and Eric rushed in.

"Kotarou!" Koboshi yelled. Her eyes roved the apartment, searching for something. The brown-haired guy Kotarou didn't recognize just watched Kotarou intently, looking deeply in his eyes.

Koboshi had calmed down, and she turned to Eric. "She's not here," she said suspiciously.

Kotarou, thinking they were talking about Misha, burst out, "She just disappeared! She was waiting for me when I got home, and she asked me if I needed her, and then, words just stumbled out of my mouth! I didn't mean it! I told her to get lost, and she did…. She did! Disappeared with all the thorns and everything! She's gone…"

Koboshi gaped at him, while Eric's expression didn't change. "Hallia asked you if you needed her?" Eric asked.

Kotarou realized his blunder, but it was too late to turn back. He hesitated, though. Eric noticed this. "It wasn't Hallia, wasn't it?" His brow furrowed as he thought. "Was it Misha, by any chance?"

"How did you know?" Kotarou whispered. Eric could tell by Koboshi's expression that she was also wondering about the same thing.

"Hallia isn't the only one with powers," Eric said, but mostly to Koboshi. He walked over to Kotarou and touched his forehead with one finger. He muttered a few choice words, "Umalis ang hawak sa batang ito, isa, tatlo, lima, pito!"

Suddenly, Kotarou's head felt light. His knees felt like Jell-O and she swayed a little.

"What did you do?" Koboshi's voice was a whisper.

Eric smiled at her wanly. "Abilities run in the family. I just erased Hallia's control over Kotarou's mind, and blocked him so she wouldn't be able to do it again." Then he turned to Kotarou. "Okay, you tell us everything that happened. You got home and Misha was waiting and…" he prompted.

Kotarou willingly told Eric everything, knowing instinctively that he could help. And Eric could.

"Wow," he said. "Hmm. Looks like Misha-san was an angel, but I don't know much about angels. I don't know if she's be coming back, and surely people would get suspicious if she's gone too long with no apparent reasons."

"What can we do?" Koboshi asked. Eric was deep in thought for a moment, and he stood up and said, "Where's the bathroom?"

Koboshi practically fell over in astonishment. "This is hardly the time, Eric." She hissed, and Eric couldn't help but laugh at her expression.

"It isn't what you think," he assured her, a wide grin consuming his face. Kotarou pointed wordlessly in the general direction of the bathroom, not wasting energy on specifics. Eric disappeared in the hallway, but suddenly, he reappeared. "It'll be okay." He said, before ducking back into the hallway.

Ten-chan was having a lot of fun. He had brought Shia to the carnival after they dropped Shino off, and he was just watching her now. Unfortunately, Shia caught him, and started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asked. Shia smiled at him brightly—Ten-chan had never seen her smile like this before—and uttered, "You look at me the way I look at you."

Immediately after she said that her eyes widened, and her smile disappeared. "I…I…."

Ten-chan felt himself soften as he looked at her, blushing furiously. "Do you mean that? Please tell me."

Without looking directly at his eyes, Shia nodded. "Yes…yes I do."

"Great," Ten-chan said enthusiastically and he cupped her chin, faced her towards him and kissed her. Surprised but willing, Shia kissed him back. The initial reason about why she had risen to Earth was forgotten, insignificant during the sweet hours that she and Ten-chan spent together.

It was dark.

It was dark, and so cold….

Misha had never, ever felt so utterly and completely alone.

Thorns surrounded her, and she couldn't move.

Not that she wanted to.

"I'll stay here…" she whispered. "Forever, until I can handle no more, and, as happens to fallen angels…. I will turn into stone." She tilted her head up, to stare at the endless abyss of darkness enveloping her.

"I will turn into stone…. willingly."

After all, what else is there to live for?

Again, pearly, translucent tears dropped from Misha's eyes.

Silence reigned between Kotarou and Koboshi, which was unusual, since Koboshi was not one to stay quiet, yet Kotarou had no energy to talk. Well, if his concern for Misha weren't as strong as it was, then he would simply collapse. Yet he still had loads of questions.

"Does he know where she is?" He whispered mournfully.

"Hopefully." Koboshi, feeling incredibly sad for her dear friend. She walked over to him and gave him a huge, friendly hug. "Eric will bring Misha back," she whispered, believing it with all of her heart.

Light, bouncy footsteps echoed in the hallway, and Kotarou immediately disentangled himself from Koboshi, eyes wide. He recognized the featherlike, blithe sounds, and shakily stood up.

"Could he have….?" He whispered almost to himself. "…already?"

The figure causing the sounds went around the corner, and the dim lamp by Kotarou's bed illuminated her face.

The face of a smiling, perky angel with light pink hair.

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