Okay so this is a little fanfic challenge off of the Dark Angel's Reflections of a BrokenWorldBoard, posted by UncleGordo and ML Fan. It's take a plot from season 2 and put it into season 1 style, limiting or without transgenics. I think I did that, it's not all Eyes Only plotish as I think they wanted because yea I beyond suck at that. Just kinda Max and Logan season one-ish (I hope). Takes place at the same time as the episode "Gill Girl," but no anniversary kiss, no dead Max, no Virus and no long haired, large glasses Logan

I hope you enjoy (and remember reviews are always nice).

Embedded and Oblivious

She pushed open the door, it was unlocked. Why was it unlocked? Fear flooded through her stronger than before, fear that had been present since Logan had cried out 'Oh, God. No!' and dropped the phone, just after telling her she needed to come over and that it was an emergency. She'd sped the entire way over, praying that she wasn't too late. She was worried she just might be as she saw his overturned chair and readied her body for an attack. She walked on to the living room where she saw his black boots sticking out from underneath a few sheets. " Logan…" she said tentatively, worried he wouldn't respond.

There was a movement and Logan's hand emerged pushing back the sheets, "Oh Max thank god" his eyes were desperate.

"Are you okay? What happened?"

"Eyes Only met his match," he said short of breath.

Just then there was another movement from underneath the sheets, "Uncle Logan," the little blonde girl whined.

Smiles crossed both of their faces, Logan thankful to have backup, Max thankful no real crisis had happened and both of them very amused by the scene.

A flurry of words followed, Brittany's attitude, followed by Max's own, which was followed by Logan's begging, which was always nice. However, it was Logan Cale holding up a Barbie doll in the end that made her cave and almost burst out laughing, she managed though to keep it at only a slight chuckle.

She let Logan get away with too much, she was sure of that, every once in awhile she put down her foot, but the sight of Logan looking so helpless with that doll…If it hadn't been for that doll she would have thought he was taking her for granted, just assuming she would cater to his every wish like he had done with Bronck and dozens of other situations, but he was truly desperate with this one.

He let out a sigh of relief as he saw the concession in he eyes, "Thanks Max. I really owe you."

"You're not kidding," she said looking back to the mess awaiting her in his living room and the she-devil she knew waited underneath it all. From the corner of her eye she noticed him walking back to his computer, "Where do you think you're going?"

He turned around and looked completely confused, "I have work."

She started to fume, he was doing it again, taking her for granted, "I don't think so" she started walking back to the door.

He chased after her and grabbed her arm, "Wait Max."

"You want me to cancel my plans, but you can't put work on hold for a few hours?"

"You're right," he said raising up his hands, "You're right. No work. Just don't leave. Please."

Max couldn't hide her laughter; she'd never seen Logan concede so easily, this kid must be a real terror. "Come on, let's go find the least pretentious food you've got."

"What about?" Logan nodded his head towards the living room, afraid to say the little girl's name for fear she'd come and tackle him as she had done earlier.

"She doesn't wanna eat, she doesn't have to. Just means more for me," Max answered in a rather childish voice, a few decibels louder than normal to get the little girl's attention.

Logan gave a small smile, "Grilled cheese?" he suggested thinking of the contents of his fridge.

"Mmm," she murmured following him into the kitchen.

She popped up on the counter as Logan started taking out the makings, thankful he'd had American cheese rather than something Max would call snooty. "I want ham in mine" she said conscious of the little girl trying to ignore them in the living room.

"You got it…Tomato?" he asked pulling out the last one in the fridge.

"Ugh," Max said making a face

He smiled to himself as he put the makings on the counter.

The smell of the grilled cheese eventually started to hit the little girl; Max and Logan both smiled as they saw the little girl tentatively looking over the counter to them.

"Mmm this is soo good" Max said taking the first bite out of her sandwich as Logan was still in front of the stove making the last one.

A blonde pigtail crept around the corner before blue eyes followed.

Max pretended to ignore her as Logan couldn't hide his smile as he flipped his sandwich.

She tugged on the bottom of Max's pants.

Max looked down, "Yes?"

"Can I have some?"

"I thought you weren't hungry?"

"I'm not, just a bite"

Max struggled to keep her laughter in, she was as stubborn as Logan. "I guess I can spare a bite," she leaned down and handed the sandwich to the child.

She took a bite and looked thoughtfully at it before raising it back up to Max.

Logan had turned by this point, his sandwich resting on a plate in his hands, wondering what Max would do next.

She took back the sandwich and took another bite, well aware of the wide eyes watching her.

After a few bites and the little girl looking between her uncle who was doing nothing and the sandwich, the little girl hesitantly said, "Max?"

"Yes Brittany?" She asked looking down again.

"Can I have a sandwich?"

"But I thought you told me and your uncle that you weren't hungry?"

"I wasn't then, but I am now."

Yup stubbornness was imbedded in the Cale DNA, Max thought as she watched Logan's eyes twinkling watching this scene play out. "Can you say please?"

The little girl nodded, "Pretty Please."

"Cherry on top?"

The little girl once more nodded.

"Okay I guess you can have a sandwich then."

"Come on, let's go eat at the table," Logan said finally with the smile still lingering on his lips.

The little girl turned to him and pouted, "Can't I eat up there with Max?"

Logan's eyes raised up to Max, who nodded telling him it was okay to allow.

"Sure I guess so," he put his plate down. "Need a lift?" he asked

The pigtails bobbed once more and Logan lifted her up next to Max. He moved across from them and ate leaning up against the counter.


"Hey Logan," Max called from the couch as Logan was cleaning up the fort from earlier, "got any kid's books?"

"Uhh…" he said stepping back with the sheets in his hands, "As a matter of fact, I think I do." He walked into the office area and dropped the sheets on the chair before going through his bookcase. "This oughta do it. Hans Christian Andersen." He said pulling out a book and then opening it, "I've been looking for this stuff," he said pulling out a few papers and leaving them on the bookcase.

He handed Max the book before settling onto the couch with Brittany in the middle of them.

"Oh, look, a mermaid," Max said opening the book trying to garner the child's interest.

"There's no such thing," Brittany declared adamantly.

"How do you know that?" Logan asked

She gave a willful look to her uncle, "They're just stories."

"You wouldn't believe the stuff that's possible," he said to Brittany and then smiled looking over at Max. Part cat, part human, he heard that story and hadn't believed it until she looked up at him smiling.

Max smiled back, "Want me to read this or not?" she finally asked.

"Okay," the little girl caved.

The little girl fell asleep a few pages into the story, her head resting on Max and her legs propped up on Logan, trapping them there.

Logan's head fell back once he realized she was out and he let out a sigh. Max softly laughed causing Logan's head to raise back up to look at her, "Did I mention I owe you?"

"And I'll be sure to collect on it. So any idea how we get up without waking her?"

Logan looked down at the little girl, she reminded him of Max asleep, so angelic and innocent, you'd never believe what she was capable of, "I vote we don't risk it."

So they stayed there like that, softly talking, trading pointless stories as they'd spent so many hours doing in the past. She often wondered if they were going to run out of things to talk about, but they hadn't yet. Silence fell often between them, but it was the comfortable silence of being friends for over a year. Logan dozed off about forty minutes in and Max smiled taking in his exhausted appearance. The poor guy…His shirt was stained, his hair all disheveled or at least she thought it was disheveled, she could never tell with his hair.


The doorbell rang and they all woke up startled, Max surprised to find that she too had fallen asleep. "That'll be Bits," Logan said with a yawn, "Brit, your mom's here."

The little girl sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Can you get the door Max as I find her things?" Logan said standing.

"Sure," she nodded. "Come on," Max said extending her hand, "Let's go let your mom in."

"Mommy," the little girl cried as Max opened the door, launching herself into her mother's arms.

"Hi, I'm Max," she waved, since Bitsy's arms were now holding her daughter.

"Max?" Bitsy said with a smile, "Bennett's mentioned your name."

Max hid her frown, that sounded a little weird, but shook it off. She'd had dinner with Bennett and Marianne at Logan's twice now and once at their house and she was pretty sure the times she'd been present were the only times anyone in Logan's family had seen him in the past year. She was saved from having to say anything by Logan's arrival.

"Hey Bits," he nodded walking up to them; "You met Max?"

"Yea I was just about to thank her for helping with Brittany. Thank you both."

"No problem it was fun," she smiled, especially knowing that Logan would kill her if Bitsy took that as an invitation to drop her daughter off again.

"Here you go," Logan said handing over the bag and out of the corner of his eye shot Max a look that only she saw.

"See ya, sweetie," Max waved

"Kiss, Max?" the little girl still especially sweet from her nap asked.

Max smiled and leaned in to receive her kiss.

"How 'bout a kiss for Uncle Logan?" Bitsy said walking over to Logan, who too received a kiss.

She turned to Max, "We never got to finish the story."

"That's because you got all sleepyheaded. We'll finish it next time," Max smiled, she'd kinda liked the kid once her attitude had passed, once more reminding her of another member of that family.

"Did the mermaid ever get to see her family again?"

"Yup. And they all lived happily ever after," Max reassured.

"Thanks again, you guys," Bitsy said with a smile turning to leave.

"No problem," Logan replied

She turned back, "Oh, and Max, it was nice meeting you."

"You too," Max smiled genuinely, though still slightly confused.

Logan shut the door and headed into the kitchen, "I don't think that's how it ends, actually."


"The Little Mermaid. I think she falls for a prince or something, but then he blows her off for a real girl," he explained bracing himself on the counter, wow he was tired

Max immediately got offended, "What do you mean, "real"? Just because someone happens to have a tail doesn't mean they're not real."

"You know what I mean. God, it's like this exoskeleton weighs a ton."

She ignored his last comment and continued to focus on the story, "Why do writers always have to go for the tragic endings, anyway? I mean, what's wrong with a happy ending once in a while?"

"I prefer the Disney version myself. Is it hot in here?" he said fanning himself

"Are you okay?" Max immediately forgot her rant as she took in Logan's flushed appearance.

"You know, I think I might be getting a cold. Feels like I have a fever," he said with his hand on his forehead.

"Oh, my God," she said seeing welts on his wrist

"What?" he said dropping his hand, looking at her confused.

"Your wrist," she said grabbing it and pushing up the sleeve.

"Hmm, that doesn't look good."

Max looked at him in shock after hearing his uninterested words, she raised a hand up to his forehead, "Oh god."

"That doesn't sound good," he said wavering and Max held onto his arm tighter and wrapped an arm around his back, half leading him, half carrying him to a chair.

Once settled into the chair he let his head hit the table.

"Woah, Logan come on stay with me," she said pulling him back up.

"So tired," he said with his eyes closing

Max tried not to panic, but he'd just been fine, they'd been reading the story and he'd been fine. She took a deep breath moving to go get Logan's phone from his desk, she knew Carr's number was in there.

He's going to be fine Max, he's going to be fine. She kept repeating in her head.


Fifteen minutes later, Max was cursing as she tried to keep Logan upright in the chair and push it even though there were no handles, all the while reminding herself that Carr said it could be one of several things and not to worry. Of course, he'd told her not to worry right before he said to get Logan to the hospital immediately. So here she was trying to hold Logan upright as she pushed him to the car, knowing he'd never forgive her if she carried him that and she wouldn't be able to explain it to his neighbors. God she wanted Bling, Bling had always remained so calm…Why the hell had Logan gotten rid of him after getting the exo?


Max rushed into the ER after parking the car, what kind of bastards made you park your car at the ER? Did they miss the word EMERGENCY in that title? Sam had been waiting for them and he'd promised Max that Logan would be fine as he loaded him onto a gurney, though how he could promise that when he didn't know what was wrong with him…

And that's exactly what she cried as she'd reached him again as Carr along with a nurse moved frantically over Logan, "What's wrong with him!"

"Look Max," Carr said only briefly moving his attention away from Logan, "We don't know, we're running tests now and trying to bring down his temperature. Has he come in contact with or eaten anything out of the ordinary?"

"Not that I know of…He had grilled cheese like two hours ago." She looked at Logan, so weak and flushed, completely unaware of everything going on around him, "Tomato, it had tomato too."

Sam worked over Logan for another ten minutes; quietly conferring with the nurse as Max looked on, praying that Logan would be okay. Why'd he keep doing this to her? Being shot, almost being thrown off a roof, the bullet dislodging and him almost bleeding to death, being kidnapped and almost killed, he'd taken ten years off her life and she hadn't even known him two.

"Okay Max, he's on an IV drip and we've got medicine in him to hopefully bring down his temperature, I'm gonna go see how they're doing with the blood work okay?" Carr calmly said seeing how freaked out Max was, not a surprise since she'd gotten arrested to save his life last time.

"He's gonna be okay right?"

"We'll know more once we get the results back okay? Just sit with him for now. I'll be back as soon as I can."

Max shakily nodded and did as Sam said once he'd left the area. " Logan, you gotta be alright," she cried softly holding his hand, careful of the monitors attached to it.

That brought him back to consciousness when nothing else had. He turned to her, his eyelids fluttering and gathering enough strength to smile weakly at her, trying to reassure her that he'd be fine.

She smiled and threatened with glossy eyes, "You die on me, I'll kill you."

Her words brought another weak smile and he gently squeezed her hand before passing back out.

The scene brought her back in time to the last time he'd been in the hospital; her emotions were as highly charged now as they had been back then. As she'd kissed him thinking she was leaving him forever and then running back to him as she thought he was going to leave her forever. The only kiss they'd ever shared.

She'd thought they'd come close the day after their anniversary, but then Zack had shown up and interrupted them. All thoughts of stepping to the real and telling Logan that he was her true love according to OC were pushed aside as she tried to save her sister, but was too late. Then going after Manticore and losing Zack; they couldn't get inside again, it was too risky. After that everything else had just fallen to the side, losing two siblings so quickly, nothing else had mattered…

Logan met Rafer a couple weeks later at Crash. She tried to see if Original Cindy was right, if Logan really cared about her in that way, but he'd actually been nice to the guy. Told her he thought he seemed like a stand up kinda guy.

So any thoughts of her and Logan being anything else were quickly pushed to the side. He didn't feel that way about her, he loved her as a friend. She was pretty sure though, especially in moments like this that Original Cindy had been right about her, she tried to blame it on being scared, but that didn't explain all the other times…

Like Valerie or Daphne, or the other ex-girlfriends that had come out of the woodwork since word got around that Logan was walking again. He'd even gone out on a few dates, not many though and he never shared anything more with her other than it was nice. He claimed he was too busy and he couldn't risk anyone finding out about Eyes Only.

Or that annoying little Asha girl that she'd had to deal with over the summer and had made a few appearances since, she looked at Logan like he was a God. Personally it all made Max a little sick, where had these people been when he'd been in that chair and full of self-pity?

"Chicken Pox," Carr announced arriving twenty minutes later.

"But Logan…" she shook her head remembering him telling her the story of having chicken pox at Christmas.

"Yea, that's why it took me so long to figure out. He shouldn't have gotten it again, this is a pretty virulent strain though, must not have built up enough antibodies to fight it off," he said as he injected something into Logan's IV.

"So he's going to be okay?"

"I'm putting him on antivirals; he should be fine by morning. Just have him take it easy for a couple of days. Once his temp comes down you can take him home."

"Thank you," she said looking up at him with a relieved smile. God she was going to kill Logan for doing this to her…Again.


"Okay Logan what part of stay in bed did you not understand?" Max said walking into the apartment, her hands full of groceries. The makings for soup, which she knew Logan would balk about since he'd done so last summer when he'd gotten a cold. He was good at taking care of her with her ever so frequent seizures, but her taking care of him was unacceptable.

He looked up exhausted, "No rest for the weary. Got a pregnant mute girl kidnapped, her boyfriend's frantic."

"Understandable," Max said with a nod of her head putting the groceries down. "Do you know who kidnapped her?"

"Looks like it might be a government agency, she has some abilities they want for themselves. Doesn't look like Manticore though."

"If you've got a lead I'll go check it out if you promise to go back to bed," she offered sweetly knowing placating him was the only way to get him to do what she wanted.

"I'm working on a few leads, give me a half hour."

She smiled to herself as she walked back out to pick up the groceries. He was never going to change, definitely something in the Cale DNA. She'd be mad tomorrow though, right now she was just thankful he was okay.