Reminders: Max and Logan are at the start of a relationship (that neither are actually calling a relationship) and keep getting interrupted when things are going good (has only been going on approx. 2 weeks). Original Cindy is in a relationship with Trixie, who Max cannot stand. Bennett has been kicked out of his house and is living with Logan. Sabrina is Margo's soon to be stepdaughter.

Umm this chapter feels like punishment to make you read, but you crazy fools wanted it, so....

Chapter 38

A Morning Session with Dr. Maibaum

"I've decided I'm a horrible person," Kendra declared as she opened the door.

A crooked smiled graced Max's face, "Gonna explain that?" she asked as she walked in.

"I'm pretty much ecstatic that you hate the Ditz," Kendra explained seriously.

The Ditz, Max smiled still liking the nickname Kendra had come up with for OC's girlfriend earlier in the week since Trix apparently had no common sense. Then she paused and simply looked at her friend.

"Seriously, the people in this neighborhood are boring as all hell and I think you might have talked more in the past couple of weeks than you did the entire time we lived together."

"Been talkin' to Logan lately?" she rolled her eyes.

He stared at her after a tirade, after ten minutes of talking non-stop pausing only long enough to allow in a nod from him or an opening of his mouth which she would interpret as an agreement or disagreement to what she was saying.

"What?" she asked as he started to laugh.

"Nothing," his head shook and he tried to bite back his laugh.

"No, I get to be angry," she railed, "she's annoying. I mean she's Sketchy and Normal times ten."

"I'm sure she is," he nodded and continued to try to stop laughing.

"So what the hell's so funny," her hands went to her hips.

"Just that many words at once and the repetition," his hand circled in front of him.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It's a girl thing," he nodded and tried to explain it, pretty sure it was going to bite him in the ass.

"Yea well I am a girl if you hadn't noticed," her expression peeved.

His eyes trailed down her body, showing her he did notice.

"She annoys me," Max quickly added, annoyed with the girl for making her look like a psycho in her hatred, though everyone kept telling she was justified.

'She annoys me too and I've barely met her," Kendra consoled.

"I haven't been back in my place in 24 hours because of her," Max said moving into Kendra's kitchen.

"Letting her kick you out of your place?" Kendra's eyebrow raised.

"I hate being there when she's conscious," Max shuddered.

"So uh, where'd you spend last night?" Kendra asked walking into the kitchen heading towards the coffee she'd just put on.

"That's not important-"

Kendra turned with a wicked smile, "You spent it at Logan's," she near sing-songed it.

"Not in the manner that you're thinking," she frowned, "unfortunately," she sat down.

"Need another session with Dr. Maibaum," Kendra asked pouring her friend a cup of coffee, real coffee, she was okay with Walter occasionally veering to the Dark Side when it came to her morning joe.

"No," Max quickly retorted.

"A no that fast means yes," Kendra turned with dubious eyes.

"Only to your dates," another quick answer.

"And covering it up with a joke," she gave her friend a giant nod and an exaggerated sigh before adding a few spoonfuls of sugar to the cup.

"Kendra," Max warned.

Her eyes went innocent, "What?" She blinked a few times, as she further feigned her innocence before moving back into her normal personality, "Milk spoiled, you're taking it black," she informed handing over the cup.

"Caffeine's caffeine, Logan gave me milk this morning," she frowned.

Kendra turned back with a smirk as she went through her cabinets to see what she could offer her guest and snack on herself.

"His aunt came, we were in bed," she shook her head throughout it all.

Kendra let out a husky laugh, "Told you, you wanted to talk about it."

"Nothing to talk about," Max's eyes shifted away as she took another sip.

Kendra laughed and moved to the island, leaning over it to look at Max.

Max lifted a brow, "Something you want to tell me?" She questioned as she watched her friend press her stomach into the edge of the counter before following it up with a hand press.


Her eyes shifted down before shifting back up.

"Ugh," she shuttered, "I had the pregnant dream again. I hate the pregnant dream," her hands rapidly flared to show her unease.

"Thought you only get those when you're having some monumental moment," new potential true loves, a major gift symbolizing the trust that was placed in the relationship, by tossing that much dinero out the window.

Kendra shook her head.

"You're leaving Walter and you need me to kick OC out of your room?" No that would be wrong, she loved Original Cindy, she did. "Hell you'll share my room so it's 2 against 2?"

"No such luck kiddo," Kendra smiled at her younger friend.

"You're not actually pregnant are you?"

Another husky chuckle as Kendra directly focused her attention on that, "I promise I wouldn't do that to you. We're barely keeping you out of a straight jacket in a relationship with Logan."


"No, Walter and I just decided to get married last night," Kendra threw in as she moved to rummage through her fridge.

Max snapped out of her inner rumination for that, she blinked once as she stared at her friend bent over poking through a shelf.

"Oh you know what I still have some of that Nutella we managed to score at the-"

"Did you just say you were getting married?"

"Yea, it's no big deal," she shrugged her shoulders and avoided Max's eyes.

"Not a big deal?"

"Yea," Kendra turned with a shake of her head, the platinum blonde bed-hair, moving with extra animation as she tried to prove her point, "Insurance, benefits, in case something happens to Walter."

Max bit her tongue, then thought better of it, "So does that mean I don't need to say congratulations."

Kendra laughed at her, "Whatever," she pulled out the bread, "it means I had to have the pregnancy dream because monotony, really Max?" She made a desperate face.

"You mean monogamy?" Max laughed.

"Aren't they the same?" Kendra answered with another perturbed expression.

"So just so we're clear-"

"No Wally Juniors, Max. I may be a blonde, but I'm not dumb."


"Let me ask you something," Kendra said leaning up against a counter as Max dropped cookie dough onto the sheet, hours after her arrival and a trip to the store.

She looked up, finger in mouth as she cleaned off some excess.

"What do you want?"

She looked slightly confused as she answered, "Cookies?"

"Yea," she nodded at the table Max was working at, "I got that. I meant what do you want from life Max."

She just looked at her former roommate with confused eyes.

"Max, when I met you, you-"

"When you met me I was 18," Max cut off her friend.

"Yea and 18 wasn't that long ago," she gave her young friend a pointed look. "Yet somewhere along the line you morphed into this whole new person."

"Growth," she nodded, "heard it's not too uncommon with life."

"Point is you've grown," Kendra once more nodded with a reassuring voice, "and now my question to you is what do you want?"

I want someone to promise me this is forever, something inside of her twisted. Her freedom, her life, her friends, these weren't things that made sense to a normal person, who couldn't even begin to guess…

Kendra's voice softened even further, "Max-"

"So what are you asking, hubby, station wagon, house out in the burbs, 2.5 kids, a yippy dog?" her words held bite.

Max's tone didn't deter Kendra, "Or if it's just a penthouse in the sky shared by only one other?"

"Why can't I just be happy with what I have now?"

"I'm not telling you not to be, just curious." A patronizing smile graced her face as she looked at her former roommate, "You wouldn't even admit you wanted Logan until you were with him."

"I don't even know if we're…" she shook her head. "I don't know Kendra."

"Max," she began, "it's been what a year and a half? Can you even picture your life without Logan anymore?"

Yea Manticore.

'"You spend more time at his place then you do at yours-"

"Yea well-"

"We're ignoring Trixie for the moment," Kendra shook her head, "think about it, no more phone calls, no more dinners, no more-"

Max raised her hand, "Yea got it already."

"Can you?" Kendra asked with wide eyes.

"What is it you want me to say?" Max asked starting to get annoyed.

"That you want it Max?"

Max didn't say anything.

Kendra eventually let out a long sigh, "I'm not going to push you on this Max, but I'm thinking maybe you should push yourself. You're a strong, independent female," she smirked, "remember Girls Kick Ass? It might feel safer letting Logan make all of your decisions, but I think one day you'll regret it if you don't go after what you want instead of waiting for him."

Max suddenly frowned, "I'm making him cookies aren't I?"

Another husky chuckle emerged from Kendra's lips, "You did only mention his name seventeen times while talking about the cookies."

She felt the urge to be annoyed and disgusted pass through her, an urge she now liked to call Zack, but instead of giving in to it laughter instead bubbled up, "Whatever you're getting married."