Title: The Right Words
Author/Artist: Ariyana
Pairing: Hellboy/Elizabeth Sherman
Fandom: Hellboy
Theme: #2 news; letter
Disclaimer: Hellboy is owned by Mike Mignola, Dark Horse comics and a whole bunch of entities that ain't me.
Word Count: 200
Notes: This is during the movie as a matter of fact all the pieces will be in the Hellboy Movieverse instead of the Comicverse. May be slight AU. Contains humor.
Summary: The rights words seemed to elude him.

The Right Words

Dammit! Why couldn't he find the right words? He was filled with so many emotions but the means to express those emotions eluded him. Silently he berated himself as he crumpled yet another failed attempt at a love letter, and tossed it among his other failures. Shakespeare wrote whole sonnets about this kind of thing but he couldn't even manage a full sentence. Okay so he was no Shakespeare but his love wasn't any less valid. He loved Liz and not a damn thing in the world was going to change that fact.

He looked up at one of the many muted televisions around him to see some random toothpaste commercial full of couples kissing each other. This only served to further his annoyance. "What is the whole world against me?" He muttered, grabbing the remote and changing the channel. He grimaced when he saw flashes of himself on the news again. Fed up, he turned the stupid thing off and continued on with expressing his love through a letter.

"Hey it looks like some of the cats had kittens!" she exclaimed, entering his room. Quickly he jumped to his feet. Okay so maybe the letter would have to wait.