For everyone who likes a little Leonardo in their lives, this is for you. Enjoy this little one shot.

Fearless Leader


When did I become 'Fearless Leader'?

At first, it was a great joke. I can remember times when Raphael would say it with extreme sarcasm, like I didn't deserve such a nickname.

He was right.

I'm far from fearless, I'm fearful.

I fear for my family's lives. I fear that one day we would be exposed to the world. I fear that when that day does come we would be treated like a horrible freak show. I fear that I would fail miserably when people needed me the most. I fear that I don't deserve to be the leader because leaders always know what to do, right?

That's what my brother's think, that I have all the answers.

In truth, I don't.

I'm just a teenager, okay? I didn't ask to be born a turtle, I didn't ask to get mutated, and I didn't ask to be the frontman of a ninja clan. I'd like to be a normal kid like every other teenager in this world and enjoy all the normal things that every other teenager would.

I admit, I like ninjitsu, I love it in fact. But I'd love it more when it didn't need to be a matter of life or death, more like a hobby, like when humans take Tae Kwon Do for a sport.

I guess some things are too much to ask for, after all.

I took up the role of leader because I'll be damned if any of them does it for a change. I more than understand the circumstances in our lives, in fact it's fear that motivates me to take charge when push comes to shove.

And my brothers gladly let have that role ever since.

Great, just what I needed, more stress.

My soul feels as old as Master Splinter, I have lost my youth, my innocence. It has been raped away from me and I can never get it back.

That's the story of my life as a teenage mutant ninja turtle, I have nothing to look forward to but death.

Am I still fearless to you now?